(Updated) Airtel Mega Saver Pack – Get 1 GB 4G/3G Data at Rs 51 & 5 GB 4G/3G Data at Rs 259 Only

Airtel Mega Saver Pack – Get 1 GB 4G/3G Data at Rs 51 and 5 GB 4G/3G Data at Rs 259 Only, Airtel Mega Saver offer & Plan. Hello Friends, we are again back with an awesome and new Airtel Mega Saver pack offer for all of you. With this Airtel Mega Saver pack offer you all are going to get 1 GB 3G or 4G data at Rs 51 only and not only this, you are also getting 5 GB 3G or 4G data at Rs 259 Only, so why are you waiting for, just hurry up and grab this awesome offer. You cannot avail this offer directly, you need to recharge with Special plan to avail this offer, you need to follow some steps which are written below, so just read them and enjoy this Airtel Mega Saver pack offer !!


Again Good News:- Now Airtel is giving Instantly 5GB 3G/4G Data on Recharge of Rs 748 & 10GB 3G/4G Data on Recharge of Rs 1498. And Other things are Still same as previous.. Checkout our Updated Post.

Currently there are two plans only, here we have given the description of those plans. So hurry up and choose the plan according to your choice.

Plan 1:

You need to do a Special Recharge of Rs 748 to Activate Special plan – You will get 5GB 3G or 4G data instantly which will be valid for 28 Days only. Now for next 6 upcoming months, you will get the the 1GB 3G/4G Mobile data at Rs 99 OR 2.5 GB 3G/4G mobile Data at Rs 259 only. There is no limit of recharge during your special airtel super saver activated pack, You can do unlimited recharges at Rs 99 per GB in Next 6 months.

Plan 2:

You need to do a Special Recharge of Rs 1498 to Activate Special plan – You will get 10 GB 3G or 4G data instantly which will be valid for 28 Days only. Now for next 12 upcoming months, you will get the the 1GB 3G/4G Mobile data at Rs 51 OR 5 GB 3G/4G mobile Data at Rs 259 only. There is no limit of recharge during your special airtel super saver activated pack, You can do unlimited recharges at Rs 51 per GB in Next 12 months.

How to avail Airtel Mega Saver Pack Offer:-

1) First of all, Click here to Check Airtel Plans List

2) If this Plan is available in your Circle.

3) Visit Airtel Online Website Here

This Plan is available only on Airtel website only.

4) Now Enter your Mobile Number and amount Rs 1498 (Might be different state wise)

5) There you need to scroll down and get those two packs.

Airtel Mega Saver Pack

6) Enter your number and pay the amount with your suitable payment mode.

7) All done the offer will be activated very soon for you and you will get the confirmation message from Airtel.

Final Words:

This is a very good offer. As if you use to much data then this is going to be perfect for you. As soon you use it you will realise its importance. The best thing is there is no limit on the number of recharges during the the time that is 6 months or 12 months. If the validity or data ends then you can recharge again Rs 51 to avail the same offer again.

Airtel Mega Save pack/plans is good for haviest data users, who want to surf high internet for monthly purpose. I am also using plan in my Airtel Mobile number and its working smoothly. Due to Reliance Jio Sim we are gettin best offers from India’s largest network i.e Airtel Rs 50 per 4G/3G GB Data is really amazing we can’t get at this price out of india also.

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111 thoughts on “(Updated) Airtel Mega Saver Pack – Get 1 GB 4G/3G Data at Rs 51 & 5 GB 4G/3G Data at Rs 259 Only

  1. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      You need to activate Special tariff plan 1 or plan 2.

      Once you activate special plan after that you can avail 1GB 3G/4G data at Rs 51 or 99 depending on your selected special offer.

  2. Avatar
    Sowmya says:

    Hey I’m sowmya tell me how to get free gift cards for online shopping amzon please tell me dear I wanna do more shopping yar???????

  3. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      The packs a currently available in Delhi, and will be available across all all circles by August 31.

      can you confirm with customers care ?

  4. Avatar
    HARSH says:

    Good plan by airtel to fool users. Rs.1498+Rs.51 x 12=Rs.2110 for 12GB means Rs.176 for 1GB for 1 month LOL. How this is good offer? 2nd we need to invest big amount, Airtel need to think better to stop users moving towards Reliance.

  5. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      No.. 1498 plan gives you 1 time 1 GB data… After that you have recharge with Rs 51 to get 1 GB data unlimited times till 12 months.

  6. Avatar
  7. Avatar
  8. Avatar
  9. Avatar
  10. Avatar
    sunny gupta says:

    jio wale free 4g provide kr re h 31st dec tk to ye sb m avi faltu psa lgane ki kya jrurt so enjoy jio 4g evryone from 5th sep till 31st dec

  11. Avatar
    samisam says:

    Hey admin i sent you a message to post deal about udio 4% offer. It is still not updated is it that you dnt wnt to post it or itsnot good???

  12. Avatar
    AJAY says:

    I have tried to do recharge of 1499 for about 10 times from paytm and each time it gets failed and for one time i have done it from airtel site and amount got deducted but recharge failed. My circle is haryana. Still so much attitude left in airtel???????

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      we have posted Rs 1498 plan here (Not Rs 1499). if you are doing Special Recharge then read below:-

      May be Special recharge is not valid, this is reason for Failed recharge by Paytm as well as Airtel.

      Now you will get the refund by Airtel within 7 days to bank account.

      Can you please contact Airtel for refund query ?

  13. Avatar
    Yash says:

    After the 1498 plan is activated, if i recharge with Rs 259 then what will be the validity of that 5gb 3g/4g data, 12 months or 1 month?

  14. Avatar
  15. Avatar
  16. Avatar
    Common Man says:

    May be Airtel game plan is to stop customers changing to JIO by letting them commit for 1 year :)… But it’s not good to lure customers with such hidden terms… Airtel you completely loose the attention of the customers next time when you launch such offers :(. i mean nobody even look at your offers …………………

  17. Avatar
    dr. selvaraj MD says:

    suppose i exhaust 1 gb in two days time, can i recharge for another 1 gb by paying 51 within two days…putting in other words can i do 51 rs recharge fifteen times in a month…or 30 times in a month?

  18. Avatar
    abhisek says:

    I am from jharkhand and i have done the recharge of 1499.
    recharge is successful and got the message.
    now how to recharge with 51, or 97, or 251?
    these plans are not displayed on the app of airtel.
    pls help

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Can you please contact Airtel customer care.

      i think we should do directly Rs 51, But Rs 51 is also a valid plan in Delhi Circle.

  19. Avatar
    badri says:

    Yashveer arya i am trying to recharge the plan 2-1498 one, i have tried recharging through airtel aap and airtel website , it is saying technical problem please try after some time , i have tried multiple times still it says the same, what is the problem here?

  20. Avatar
    M Kithan says:


    I have activated Rs 1498 Plan for which I got 1Gb immediately. Now I’m looking for the option to recharge for 5 Gb for Rs 259 from my Airtel App. But in App, the option is still showing 1Gb for rs 259 for 28 days. So, where now do I go to recharge the Rs 259/5 Gb?


    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      it will show Rs 259 for 1GB in Airtel App.

      BUT if you recharge on your airtel number then you will get the extra data 4GB + 1GB !!

  21. Avatar
    adhesh says:


    I have activated 1498Rs plan and got 1gb. Now i want to recharge another 1gb/53Rs (MH circle). But there is no option for 53Rs recharge. How to recharge another 1gb?


  22. Avatar
  23. Avatar
    ROHAN says:

    this plan works only on 3g handset ?? because cc says this plans only works on 4g enabled handset….any body got this benefits….. on to 3g handset ….via airtel app rc mode…

  24. Avatar
    Jonty says:

    I recharged with 1496 through my airtel app and got my first GB, and used it. Now i want to recharge it with 53 rs to get 1gb data more, but there is no such recharge option in airtel app. how do you recharge with 53rs to get 1gb. where is that recharge option in airtel mobile app or online airtel login.

  25. Avatar
    Anshul says:

    On airtel.in site which link you have given is showing 6gb data instantly… Is this 1Gb or 6gb?? And can we use this as family net share plan ?…

  26. Avatar
    Satish says:


    I checked with the customer care they say for 749 plan instant data of 6 GB valid for 6 months and for 1499 plan 10GB data for 12 months. And there is no need to recharge monthly am from karnataka circle but in airtel.in website they have updated differently, don’t know which is correct? Any idea pls?

  27. Avatar
    Sanjeev says:

    We can’t share net through my family after recharging with these packs. This is as told by the cc team
    Do anyone has trick to share net through my family?
    Also as per cc team recharge is mandatory from airtel app/website/retailer. Has anyone tried from Paytm , Mobikwik etc ?

  28. Avatar
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  31. Avatar
  32. Avatar
    harish says:

    Sir mene 1498 ka recharge my airtel app se kiya mujhe 6 gb instant mil gya lekin ab 54 rs ke recharge pe 1gb my airtel app or airtel ki site pe 54 rs m 1gb 3g nahi dikha rahe h na hi koi ussd code h toh m apne main balance se 54 ka recharge kese karu ki mujhe 1 gb mile pls tell

  33. Avatar
  34. Avatar
    Kamalesh Prabu says:

    Fooling Customer by Airtel.. It is waste Plan.. Why i required to activate the Special Plan ? They are giving 3 GB for 748 , but the Validity is 28 Days Only. . Lets wait till JIO Comes with their Tariff

  35. Avatar
    Ashis says:

    If i do recharge with 1498 i get 6 gb instant for 1 month After that for one year 54/ gb for 28 days. Is it means plan is valid for 13 months?

  36. Avatar
  37. Avatar
    Ankit Singh says:

    If I do the first plan (I have still not done it) – it’s 1499 in Gujarat – I’ll get 6gb 4g data instantly (update in the pack) and also further benefits as stated but what I want to ask is whether that initial recharge of 1499 will increase by account balance ? (That is will it increase my talk time balance or just give me the instant 6gb data usage ?)

  38. Avatar
  39. Avatar
    Bijaya Rout says:

    Now airtel give 50 Minute free call airtel to airtel on my airtel app

    please admin tag me in this post because i am notifying about this offer.

  40. Avatar
  41. Avatar
    mohammed faisal says:

    Hi, i have done the recharge of 1499, and its activated already before a month
    can you please send me the link for how to recharge second time which is 51 rs per 1 GB

  42. Avatar
  43. Avatar
    Sanjay says:

    According to this New revised plan recharge with 51 u get 1 GB 3g and 99 is for 2GB 3g but I got 350 local Airtel calls after recharging 99 and I have 1498 plan is this now u guys cheat us. I have talked of the executive that asshole says 96 is the recharge for 2gb data I asked why on internet it says other he says thanks for calling Airtel and ask something else
    Is there no one to help me out and Airtel I want u guys explain cheaters…

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Bro amount is Specific for each circle/state/region..

      Rs 99 plan is mostly available in maximum states but not all..

      Rs 99 is already a valid plan in your Circle that’s why they make Rs 96 as 2GB plan in your circle.

  44. Avatar
    Nyichak says:

    I recharge my phone with 1499 and I got 6 gb, and now my 6gb is finished and when I try to recharge again with Rs 51, it’s not there in my offer list, so how I can recharge that? Do I need to wait for complet one month from recharge of Rs 1499 or what?

  45. Avatar
  46. Avatar
  47. Avatar
  48. Avatar
  49. Avatar
  50. Avatar
  51. Avatar
    Mac says:

    Hi … i m from mumbai andmy validity of 1499 will end tonight… i have still 5 gb balance with me. Will it get carried forward in my next recharge.

  52. Avatar
    Sudharshan shetty says:

    Hey man it’s not like that plan as u think still I am a prepaid user and I am to using Airtel 4G hotspot user or router that small one. This plan is best one if u compare ur other wifi bill with good speed of net like tikona ; or hatway cable net they charge u RS 3000 to 5000 for yearly data plan for good speed. But Airtel is charging only 1499 + 51 x12 = 1499+ 648= 2047 RS yearly for 3G /4G plan. And it is 11GB unlimited 3G/4G plan . It means when ur 11GB one month data fineshed pay RS 51 next month get 11Gb again like only RS 51 for 12 month to get 11Gb unlimited data plan of3G/4G buy paying RS 1499 only once a year. So now u decide which one is better normal router plan or Airtel plan.

  53. Avatar
    Akash1000 says:

    Suppose after plan activation, I first recharged with 51/- for 1GB, next month shall I have to continue with 51/- ….. or If I recharge with 96/-, will benefit be retained.

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