37 thoughts on “Airtel Money Transfer To Bank Account At 0% Charges [Full Guide]

  1. Buvanasivaguru Shanmugam says:

    I’m unable to transfer the money.
    It shows ” you can transfer RS.163 only as of now”. I want to transfer RS. 1000 😔

  2. Sarath says:

    what is the monthly limit to transfer from airtel digi bank to another bank account without any charges? wherger I need to wait 48 hours to transfer or immediately will allow ?

  3. Anshul Lowanshi says:

    20 RS transaction amount is applicable when you withdrawal money to bank.Ex when I tried to transfer 500 it said no but when I tried to transfer 480, the transaction was successful and 20 was taken as convinience charge so only 480Rs was yransfered to bank and 500Rs got deducted.

  4. Sindhu says:

    Money not transferred from Airtel payments bank to other bank.i loaded 5000 but no use.it says you can only transfer 18.rs as of now.wat is this.and it charges 100 rs extra.and not asking IFSC code of transferd account please suggest me.

  5. Sindhu says:

    It Is cheating for 10 rs transaction they charge 2 rs extra.but mentioned above upto 1000 they are not charged.waste of money.

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