26 thoughts on “Airtel Money Transfer To Bank Account At 0% Charges [Full Guide]

  1. Buvanasivaguru Shanmugam says:

    I’m unable to transfer the money.
    It shows ” you can transfer RS.163 only as of now”. I want to transfer RS. 1000 😔

  2. Sarath says:

    what is the monthly limit to transfer from airtel digi bank to another bank account without any charges? wherger I need to wait 48 hours to transfer or immediately will allow ?

  3. Anshul Lowanshi says:

    20 RS transaction amount is applicable when you withdrawal money to bank.Ex when I tried to transfer 500 it said no but when I tried to transfer 480, the transaction was successful and 20 was taken as convinience charge so only 480Rs was yransfered to bank and 500Rs got deducted.

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