How to Activate FreeCharge Go MasterCard virtual debit card [Full Guide]

FreeCharge Go MasterCard :- FreeCharge Introducing “Go MasterCard” Virtual debit card for Online Shopping in India. The FreeCharge Go MasterCard is your secure virtual card linked to your FreeCharge Balance, which you can use to shop and pay online anywhere in India. Its a Better to use this Virtual debit card for Shopping instead of your own Debit card. How to get your own Go MasterCard virtual debit card.? just follow the Steps below:-

Note:- They introduce this Go MasterCard virtual card before 1 months But only for 30 minutes and Last Night is also Opening this feature till morning then Stop. Now Its Working Fine. So Hurry up and get your own Virtual card from FreeCharge

How to Get your own Go MasterCard Virtual card from FreeCharge:-


1) Firstly login your FreeCharge account Here

This Option is Available for Desktop Version of FreeCharge website only (not for Mobile Site), Also They take upto 10 minutes to Generate your Debit card

2) Then Goto >> Accounts >> and Click on “View your Go MasterCard card”

Or goto Directly FreeCharge Go MasterCard Page

3) Now Set your 4 digit MPin.

4) Now Enter your MPin to view your debit card detail.

5) Thats’it Now use that Go MasterCard virtual debit card on Any website in India for your Shopping.
FreeCharge Go MasterCard debit card

Note:- Now its a Best time to Convert our FreeCharge Cashback credits to Bank account with the Help of Oxigen wallet at Free of Cost πŸ™‚

How to use this Go MasterCard for Online Shopping:-

Step 1: Select the “Credit Card” option on the checkout page of your favourite website/app.

Step 2: Copy and use the FreeCharge Go MasterCard number, valid till date and CVV and proceed to checkout.

Step 3: You will receive the OTP for verifying the transaction on your FreeCharge registered mobile number.

Step 4: Enter the OTP and you are done!


What is the FreeCharge Go MasterCard ?
It is an entirely digital card that you can use just like a regular card for paying online.

How do I apply for the FreeCharge Go MasterCard ?

You can apply for the card from your FreeCharge account on the mobile app or website. You will be required to set an MPIN for added security, and you will need to enter the MPIN to view the card details.

What is MPIN?

MPIN is an added layer of security for your FreeCharge account. You would have set your MPIN when you created your FreeCharge Go Mastercard. You will need to enter the same MPIN to view the card details like card number and CVV.

How do I use my FreeCharge Go MasterCard ?

Use it just like a regular card on any online payment gateway that supports MasterCard.

1. Copy the 16 digit card number and other details as required from your FreeCharge account and enter in the “Credit Card” option on the checkout page of your favourite Indian shopping website or mobile app.

2. Enter the OTP which will be sent to your FreeCharge registered mobile number to verify the transaction.

What is the balance assigned to my FreeCharge Go MasterCard ?

It is linked to your FreeCharge Balance.
Where can I use my FreeCharge Go MasterCard?

You can use the card on all Indian websites and mobile apps.

How do I block my card? – FreeCharge Go MasterCard

You can do so by writing to us at with the subject “Block my Go card”. Please make sure this is sent from your FreeCharge registered email ID.

How do I reset my MPIN? – FreeCharge Go MasterCard

You can update the MPIN from your FreeCharge account. View your card and click on “Update MPIN”.

Where can I see the transactions that I have made using the card?

The transactions made with the card will be visible in your transaction history in your FreeCharge account.

I am not able to use my card with a particular merchant, what do I do?

Please verify that the merchant supports transactions in Indian rupees (INR). If you still face any issues, do write to us at and we will be happy to help.

Money is debited from my FreeCharge Balance but merchant is refusing the same, What do I do?

In such cases, we suggest you to follow these steps:

1. Talk to the merchant directly and if you are able to find a resolution, nothing like it.

2. We at FreeCharge do provide you a platform to resolve the issue with the merchant. All you need to do is to raise a request at
Just be assured, your money is safe with us and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you get it back.

What if a transaction using the FreeCharge Go MasterCard fails or is rejected? What happens to my money?

A recharge or shopping transaction could be unsuccessful because of a number of reasons. The good part is that you will always get your money back. Your money will be instantly credited back to your FreeCharge Balance. Please check your account balance in case of failed transactions. If you do not see the money credited back, please let us know immediately by write to us at

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200 thoughts on “How to Activate FreeCharge Go MasterCard virtual debit card [Full Guide]

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Firstly get your Virtual card from FreeCharge desktop version.

      Now Download Oxigen wallet App and Add Money from the FreeCharge Virtual card and then Transfer Oxigen wallet to Bank account.

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    vidyasagar says:

    Not available in my computer google crome browser desktop website what to do if i click on your link of freecharge go master card page the page is blank nothing is in it.

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    shekh says:

    now not getting any option for getting freecharge virtual debit card and oxigen also charge 3% to transfer to bank ..its better to transfer through citrus cash app they transfer free of cost.

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    shubham says:

    But we can transfer money using Freecharge app itself.
    Just do failed recharge via Oxigen wallet as payment source on Freecharge mobile site & you will get refund in Freecharge itself & you can transfer to bank again.

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    Rahul says:

    best trick to transfer is wrong recharge in another FC using freecharge virtual refunded money can be transferred to bank easily.

  33. Avatar
    Rahul says:

    I have done it
    ..and I had 6-7 FC accounts where I had offers of 50 casback twice using code re5050, I just spent rs100 and got recharge of 600..

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    Amit says:

    Bhai i can’t see anything after clicking this link. Only two words… Freecharge Account in the header and menu option in left….bas nothing on page… (In chrome browser)

  45. Avatar
    Harsh says:

    The virtual card from one account of freecharge can also be used for payments on another freecharge account. I have tested it.

  46. Avatar
    Bharat says:

    Brother can I load this freecharge go master card money in pockets by icici? Pockets by icici is free of costs to send money in bank.

  47. Avatar
    farootty says:

    Got it. Thanks. btw can I use it for applying promo codes in freecharge? or can I use it for transfer amount from one FC account to another one hence having unlimited validity of FC cash?

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Can’t say About promo code work or not with FreeCharge virtual card.

      And Yes use virtual card for add money to other FreeCharge account for unlimited validity or use it for Bank transfer.

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    kumar says:

    i have money in oxigen wallet . while, i requesed to transfer money to bank.but oxigen wallet says First time money transfer to another wallet or bank is allowed only after 3 days Inconvenience caused is regretted. so kindly please help me ? how to transfer my amount to bank anybody please help me

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    Pradeep says:

    Bro oxigen wallet 3% charge kr rha h… Bank me transfer krne ke liye… App me bhi or site me bhi… Aap ne jo link di h oxigen wallet ki comment me wo bhi work nhi kr rhi… Thank you bro

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    abhishek mishra says:

    admin i use for HELLO75 RE5050 RT5050 OR C50 OR FC75 to virtual card? OR promo code not working for virtual card?

    without oxigen wallet send money your bank as wrong opreter wrong circel and use your virtual card and u send your money your bank. SO EASY SO FAST

  55. Avatar
    abhishek mishra says:

    You can buy gift card (like Axis bank) on paytm & then use your axis bank card to load money at Freecharge.

    admin its working or not ? please

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Why All Peoples Ignoring My Oxigen Free Transfer Trick?

      I have transferred 5500 Balance Yesterday using that Trick.?

      Use this link for Free Transfer Here SSL problem but you entering your debit card detail (you can change your oxigen wallet password if feel uncomfortable) otherwise no need for that.

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Yes.. Problem in SSL certificate.

      But we are Not Entering our debit/credit card detail. You can change your Password (if you feel uncomfortable) Otherwise No need for this.

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    Dev says:

    Admin solve my problem..
    Oxigen wallet is accepting freecharge go master card but citrus cash not accepting. Pocket by icici has no option of credit card. And when I try to boost my facebook page post using freecharge go credit card then it says card declined. Also oxigin wallet charging 3% even after error showing

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Facebook is a International Website they accept International debit/credits cards.

      Use it on Pockets by using “Debit card” column (not sure but might work 100%).

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    Kanhu says:

    Hy bro Hike bypass tricks is not working. I uninstall hike for last one month but did not working, havy transaction volume, help me

  63. Avatar
    NILU says:

    I used this debit card on oxigenwallet app. But transaction failed continuously. I thought it’s server problem and leaved it. But at night about 11:40PM my freecharge account got charged for same amount for recharge of TataSky No. 1068714987.
    I sent email about that to freecharge and waiting for their reply. Can you further suggest me about what to do?

  64. Avatar
    Rajesh says:

    Bro freecharge master card kisi app me money load nahi ho raha hai .maine pockets ;oxigen;paytm har app me try kar liye. It shows bank denied.

  65. Avatar
    Pradeep singh says:

    I have 216 Freecharge credit and also generated go master card but in Oxigen wallet my transaction was declined why? . While i received otp to my mobile and i entered in payment page successfully but it say payment declined by issuer.
    Why this happened

  66. Avatar
    Arpit says:

    I am also facing the same issue. Hope it is payment gateway issue and the payment method is not blocked πŸ˜€

    We are sorry but the transaction failed.

    Reason for failure: Transaction declined by the issuer

    Retry transaction with corrected card details. Alternatively, retry the transaction using another means of payments.

    Try Again
    or, Go back to

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      No Trick.. Its Just a Error on Payment page “which approved payment without help of password” by Yes Bank. But Now Payment Page asking OTP for every transaction. πŸ™

  70. Avatar
    kamlesh sharma says:

    I have other trick to transfer money freecharge account to other freecharge account.. via Freecharge Debit/Credit card

  71. Avatar
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    Jagadeesh kumar says:

    I am also facing the same problem, night about 11:27PM my freecharge account got charged for same amount for recharge of TataSky No. 1068714987.
    I sent email about that to freecharge and waiting for their reply. Can you further suggest me about what to do?

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Please change your FreeCharge account password & Email I’d Password.

      May be Someone hacked your FreeCharge account with the Help of “Phishing”.

  73. Avatar
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    Sanatan says:

    freecharge go master card is not working properly. ..After giving otp at payment page
    it returns to the previous page

  75. Avatar
    Amul says:

    Admin is there any other trick to transfer that money to bank?… Oxigen app is not working and also the way u say is not working…so tell me plz

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      So.. add money to Pockets by icici and add bank details (wait 24hourd) then transfer it to Bank Instantly at Free of Cost.

  76. Avatar
    Kanhu says:

    What is the miniings of Bank denied Or problem by the issuer.I have tried to load my freecharge money to oxygen throug my generated freecharge cradit card,it get failed plz replay soon

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    raj says:

    Aree bhai koi batayega ki Freecharge walone yeh go mastercard kyu nikala hai jab ki yeh card kahi bhi nahi chalta…
    Not working at Paytm, Mobikwik, Pockets, Payzapp, Citrus, Oxygen, Lime.

  80. Avatar
    Sankara says:

    Bro , can one use one freeCharge acc. card in other freeCharge acc and use the old trick wid recharging invalid no. and once the money get refunded then send it to our bank acc. free of cost. ??

  81. Avatar
    Sanatan says:

    Yash bhai ye card Kam nahin kar Raha Hai… main jab otp deta hoon to ye wapis otp page Aa jata hai transaction progress nahin ho raha Hai…chq Karke rply do

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    vikram says:

    sir i am trying my master go card on qoi wallet app for adding money but every time payent got decline…and show payment got decline by the issuer .plz help

  86. Avatar
    Sanjay says:

    Hi ,Promo Code options is not showing in updated Version.. for my Rooted mobile Admin please help me.. How to Loot ??

    Suggest me what to do ..

  87. Avatar
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    Torendo says:

    Hello everyone the freecharge mastercard can work on bookmyshow app very easily and never payment failed . You can add your payment to bookmyshow app then you can send the money to your bank account easily but minimum redemption is Rs 100 .

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    sandy says:

    Sir ye caseback ka kya matlb he…ye acc…me bi nhi aate orr mere freerecharge wallet me bi nhi aaye mene uss me jo aap ne copen code bataye the na FC50 vaala to mane vo kiya pr vaaps acc me pase nhi aayeee ….plz plz plz sir tell me …….

  93. Avatar
    sandy says:

    Sir nhi mane phali baar hi use kiya he…or acc bi new hi he mera freecharge pr …..or sir ye caseback aaye gaa to kha aaye gaa wallet me ya fir mere bank acc…plz sir ya orr bata dena please sir………

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  98. Avatar
    Dhaman Trivedi HINDU says:

    How does my freecharge master go card get recharged? Does my gocard get recharged if I use freecharge ? If yes then what percentage?

  99. Avatar
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  101. Avatar
    Pavithran says:

    I want to use frecharge go card in Mobikwik wallet,but it is not worked,he say card blocked by zaakpay,What reason?

  102. Avatar
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  104. Avatar
    swapnil shrishrimal says:

    Is it possible to shop on EMI using freecharge go card from sites like ebay, flipkart and other…?

  105. Avatar
    Karan says:

    I have 10000 fc cash in master go card , when tried to do transaction in paytm using mastergo card its showing bank refusing transaction.can you help me on this
    Thank you

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      1) Firstly paytm, oxigen, udio, citrus etc websites is banned by freecharge for add money.

      2) Secondly Voucher balance can’t be used using Freecharge Go Master Card.

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