Buy Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair colour worth Rs 30 or Rs 35 and Get Rs 20 Free Paytm Cash

Godrej is offering an amazing offer where you will get free Rs. 20 paytm cash on buying of Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair colour pack of worth Rs. 30 or Rs. 35. Nowadays many company are offering free paytm cash offer. This is one of such offer offered by godrej. Just follow below steps to get free Rs. 20 paytm cash on buying of Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair colour pack :-

Paytm Godrej offer

How to Get Free Rs 20 Paytm cash from Godrej Expert Rich Crème:-


1) Firstly buy Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair colour pack worth Rs. 30 or Rs. 35 from any nearby store.
( Pack is of latest date and paytm offer is mentioned on it just like above pack see upper screenshot How Paytm offer Mentioned on Pack )

2) Now get the unique code printed on the pack.

3) Now go to Paytm Godrej offer

4) Just give simple question answer in Yes or No and proceed

5) Now add Rs 20 in your paytm wallet and apply that unique code which you will get from above pack

6) Hurray! 20 paytm cash will get credited to your paytm wallet.

Terms & Conditions

1) This Offer is valid in India from Sep 1 to 31st Dec 2015(‘Offer Period’) on purchase of Godrej Expert Rs 30 and 35 packs referred to as “Products” and on limited stocks only.

2) On successful application of the Code a onetime addition of respective denomination (Rs 20) to user’s Paytm wallet will be added.

3) Each code is unique and for onetime use only.

4) A single user account can avail the offer once.

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191 thoughts on “Buy Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair colour worth Rs 30 or Rs 35 and Get Rs 20 Free Paytm Cash

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    Nisha says:

    Site is not working on my phone..i don’t knw what do to…whnevr I go to this link ‘’ ,,, it alwyz like cannot GET godrejexpert… Plz tell me what shud I do ???

    • Yashveer Arya
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      Animesh Mitra says:

      you just try once more but not your cell phone you just use pc or laptop and i sure you get 20 rs. in your wallet, its my experience i already get 20 rs. recharge in my cell phone.. your unknown but caring friend animesh if you give a thanks you only msg my whats app my no. is 960825**** or not interest so don’t worry i alright thank u and sorry

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    Alok says:

    Tried this Paytm Godrej Hair Colour offer on 30/10/15. It’s not working and after entering code the page says that offer is expired now

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    rupali says:

    I go to link. From chome. But after entering code. And then they asked for yes or no q .i entered yes n proceed but even answering they said that select any one option

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    Anubhav das says:

    Sir I will follow your steps but when I answer in yes and press the presses botten .then the reply is ‘ please select a option’.. So what I can do

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    poonam says:

    it is very bad service which is they are provided …i buy that product and go though all term condition but i not get recharge of rs… it not provided service…

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    halima shaik says:

    Maine jab se godrej expert crème hair colour use ki ho tabse mujhe ab bar bar koi bhi color use nai karna padata hai mai har kisi ko godreg expert ki hi sala dungi

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    halima shaik says:

    Maine jab se godrej expert lagana shuro ki ho tab se mujhe koi bhi color lagana nai pasta hai mai har kisi ko godrej expert color ki hi sala dungi

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    Vansh says:

    You r just fake peoples and only misguide people by give them this offer which is not valid.when we proceed after clicking yes tharmt your product is a hair colour which is a very stupid ques and then hmit still ask to click an answer.Totally fake and please don’t use this fake offer.Bullshit

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    sourabh Sobti says:

    Dear sir,
    I have an ac. With paytm.
    But when I try to redeem 20rs. Cash back ,its not succeeded..
    I text code in text box and given answer of question but when I click on proceed then it says “pls select on option”.
    Pls tell me –abt process for redeem 20rs. Cash back.

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    Lolman says:

    If you have buyed a godrej expert rich creme hair colour you will get a code inside it through which you can get 20Rs. paytm cash. ~ this site doubles the money with a single cash code try it i have got 40Rs. instead of 20Rs. when i have put the code in it. Try it and loot.

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    anil arora says:

    godrej छिछोरी कपंनी है पैसे मिले नही इससे जादा डेटा खरच करा दिया।

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    suresh pawar says:

    Godrej expert is nice colour cream.
    I always use this.
    this time,I got Rs. 20 for mobile recharge.
    And I want to win prize of Rs.1 lakh

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    Bhupinder Singh says:

    “Godrej Expert” Hair Creame – sign in and get Rs.20/- cash back is totally wastage of time
    as it is not sign in. However quality of Hair Creame is excellent.

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    kuldeep singh says:

    sir there is a ambigutiy as in the pouch it is written offer is valid till 31st january 2016.
    but here it is seen till 31 dec 2015. why it is so.

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Hi.. I have applied your coupon and it get applied successful..

      So please send me your Paytm number. So i will transfer you Rs 20.. Thanks..

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    shyam says:

    Code to packet ke ander mil gaya hai lekin recharg nahi ho raha ye to sirf apne products ki sells badane ke liye diya gaya hai

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