How to Transfer Your FreeCharge wallet Balance to Bank account (very Easily)

FreeCharge wallet balance to Bank account Transfer, Freecharge Cash to Bank account. Launched a New Option “Transfer to Bank account”, Yes Now you can Transfer your FreeCharge Credits to your Bank account instantly without Any Charges.

Also There is No Minimumt amount limit, You can transfer minimum Rs 10 to a maximum of Rs. 5,000 to your bank account in a single transaction. In addition, the limit on withdrawal to your account per month is Rs 25,000 for All User no matter you are KYC user or not. How to Transfer FreeCharge Balance to Bank account.?, Just follow the Steps below:-

How to Transfer FreeCharge Balance to Bank account:-

1) Firstly goto FreeCharge Website Here

2) Login your FreeCharge account.

3) After Login they ask you To Upgrade your Account and Enter your Mobile Number & Verify with OTP ( One Time Password ).

4) After Verify Click on “Add Money to FreeCharge balance

In this way you can Transfer your General balance to Bank (not Cashback money). If you want to Transfer your Freecharge Cashback balance to Bank then Try this Article Have a Look:- How to Transfer Freecharge Cashback balance to Bank account

Also See:- Flipkart Big Billion Day Offers (Live 2016).

5) Your Old FreeCharge Credits will  Transfer to Your FreeCharge Balance instantly.

6) Now Goto Wallet to Bank Transfer Page

7) Click on “Menu” >> “Banks” >> Enter your Bank account number, IFSC code, Payee Name, Bank Name.

8) Now Goto “Menu” >> “Cash” >> Click on “Withdrawn Money To Bank

9) Now Select your Bank account and Generate OTP and verify your Number with OTP and Click on “Submit“.

10) That’s it, Your FreeCharge balance will get Credited to your Bank account by FreeCharge instantly without any Charges.

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Please keep in mind three things:-

1) Money that was added less than 24 hours ago cannot be withdrawn for security reasons

2) Promotional cash given out by merchants cannot be withdrawn to bank

3) You can transfer a maximum of Rs. 5,000 to your bank account in a single transaction. In addition, the limit on withdrawal to your account per month is Rs 25,000.

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281 thoughts on “How to Transfer Your FreeCharge wallet Balance to Bank account (very Easily)

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    noor says:

    Admin…ji main do account se try karraha hu aj subha se…lekin ek main v bank me transfer nehi kar saka everytime dikha raha hain k u cannot add money to bank now..why?? Plzz help admin bro..

  6. Avatar
    janish says:

    Bro SD cash not possible to transfer in bank via freecharge ? And my SD cash is in free charge now what all I can do with that money in freecharge ?

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      We have already told in upper comments, This article have wrong information.. You can’t transfer your SD balance to FreeCharge and then to your Bank account….

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    Bharathirajan says:


    23-09-2015 10.30am i added some money to freecharge wallet today (24-09-2015) evening 6.00pm i am tried to WITHDRAW MONEY TO BANK but message shown like this (You cannot withdraw any amount to bank as of now) what can i do ? i want sent to other bank so please help me Bro

  9. Avatar
    ankur says:

    Although only 2 acs can be added but simply add bank ac in 2 fc acs then after transferring change any random details to old ac and then again add bank account details to third ac….

    Like this u can keep on transferring money to same bank account again n again …..

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    BASAK says:

    Can i transfer to bank account Cashback of Rs.50 on recharge of Rs.50 ?
    Please reply as soon as possible.
    Note: Cashback Rs.50 will get in the form of EGV.

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    kartik says:

    can i get my money in bank account from snapdeal.I have sent one curier in snapdeal so they give me freecharge balance so can i send money to my bank account?

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    dipankar says:

    Mayne 500 rupees add kiya freecharge account pe . But mera rupees avi tak add nahi hoya , bank se rupees kat gia pleces halp me sir

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    Thathiyabhai says:

    I add some money at 26/10/2015 at 12.30 pm to my freecharge account.but now i want to transfer my money to bank but option of withdraw money to bank is not working so wat i have to do

  27. Avatar
    Rohit Bhatia says:

    I Have tried to recharge 50 but it not recharge that after sometime it shows in the free recharge account then i tried to transfer to my account but still it has not credited

    Email ID: rohit19****


    Rohit Bhatia

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    arman says:

    The freecharge account saying that ifsc code is invalid what to do ? pls help me . the ifsc code is correct as this is wrote in my bank passbook

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    Aman chawla says:

    Can i recharge another no. with my no. registered so that the OTP is generated on my no only…bcoz it is very difficult to call and ask the person again again for the OTP.

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    Vikas says:

    Bhai Maine apni bank detail fill kr Dï but jab main cash me ja Ke widral to bank krta hu much bhi show nhi kr RHA just ye likha as RHA hai you can not wirthdral to bank bus help me Bhai

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      You can transfer only your added money or Recharge Failed money. (Not cashback).

      And you can transfer your money to Bank after 7 days of adding money.

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    Saurabh says:

    i had done a bill payment however transaction failed and my money was added to wallet, now can that money be transfer to Credit Card account or needs to be transferred to saving account.

    Also are there any charges for money transfer to bank account.

  39. Avatar
    harjot says:

    I have withdrawn free charge balance to transfer in my bank a/c, the amount has been deducted from freecharge balance but not yet received any confirmation message regarding this !

  40. Avatar
    tanmay says:

    i recharged few 5 hours ago using coupon of 50 rs cash back. is it possible to transfer 50 rs to my account now(after 5 hours of recharge).

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    amar says:

    Saturday mujhe Tata Docomo Rs 300 ka bill payment karte samay transaction failed aaya. Aur abhi tak money transfer nhi hua hai mere account main.

  43. Avatar
    DBMANDRU says:

    if we transfer money from credit card to freecharge account, is bank applied any interest for transfer amount? If not applied any interest what is the transfer limit?

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      You can transfer a maximum of Rs. 5,000 to your bank account in a single transaction. In addition, the limit on withdrawal to your account per month is Rs. 25,000.

  44. Avatar
    Naresh Desai says:

    I have trying to add a bank. But it continuously showing “IFSC is not a valid IFSC code”
    I have also mail to freecharge with a screen short but not any solution for that.
    What I have to do?

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    yash says:

    Guys here is a trick to add the same bank a/c to any number of freecharge accounts to withdraw money.
    Step1…Go to banks

    Step2…Add bank a/c details but while typing a/c number put a wrong number(change some 2 or 3 digits in a/c number)
    Ex:original number 107234500037001
    But type like this 107234500037881

    Step3…complete this process and add the details .

    Step4…Then edit the bank a/c details and put your original bank account number.

    Like this u can add your bank account to any number of accounts

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    nandan says:

    mera 3acc h hm do mai bank ko add kr diye …tesra mai bal h usko bank mai dalna h …bt bol raha h u hv used 2 times …aur WO acc se WO detail dlt bhi ni ho raha h ….wht should I do plzzz help mee

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    sk shafi says:

    . I can’t login my wallet..i have money in my freecharge wallet…i am trying to login my account but it’s said”email id doesn’t exist our system”. I sent mails to our team but nobody doesn’t Respond properly….how to get my money it possible or not…? please help me

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    javed says:

    sir mera ek acount hai usme 2 bank add hai magr main kisi aur acc maim money send krna chahata hu bt acc na hi add ho raha na hi edit ho raha na hi koi rechrge ho raha error msg show ho raha help me

  56. Avatar
    Vishesh says:

    Sir, Can I transfer my gift card balance to freecharge wallet and then will it allow me to transfer this cash to my bank account??

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    shantanu sharma says:

    i did my postpaid bill payment of tata docmomo recently using freecharge app, but don’t know why that transaction went unsuccessful and the amount was added back in my wallet(why??), why this amount kept on hold in wallet as it was a unsuccessful transaction?

  64. Avatar
    kunal rawat says:

    while withdrawing money in my bank account it shows “you cannot withdraw any money as of now “, and i have more than 200 bugs in my wallet what should i do ?? admin…

  65. Avatar
  66. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Use FreeCharge virtual card on Oxigen wallet, Paytm, Pockets by ICiCI or use Other FreeCharge App for adding Money to Bank.

      Then Transfer it to your Bank account.

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    gajeswari a says:

    Hi there is any charges for freecharge to bank account transfer

    please anyone tell me?

    what is the charges for that? if i transfer Rs.5000 to my bank account

  71. Avatar
    N R NAYAK says:

    I have just transferred Rs. 1000 from free charge to HDFC bank account. Not credited to account. However well debited from free charge account instantly. How long it will take to credit in my bank account. It should be instant I believe. Is there any processing time?

  72. Avatar
    waves says:

    Tell which wallet app are best to transfer to bank account.
    which are all the wallets allowing to transfer to bank account?

  73. Avatar
    hemant says:

    sir agar hum freecharge master card se snapdeal par koi product order karke phir use cancel kar de to kya hum use phir bank me transfer kar sakte hai ?

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    kalaiselvan says:

    am having 9000 rupees in my mobile balance. so tell me the web site which help to transfer that mobile balance amount to the bank account. waiting for your reply. thankyou

  82. Avatar
    Emmanuel Leorn says:

    Hi ,

    I made a Payment of rs 10000 to my Freecharge Account using my Credit Card , when i try to withdraw it to my bank Account it states this :

    Keeping money in your account is absolutely secure and convenient but if you still wish to transfer money into your bank account
    – Login to your account and click on “Withdraw Money”
    – Enter your bank account details.
    – The money will reflect in your bank account instantly.

    Please keep in mind three things
    1. Money that was added less than 7 days back cannot be withdrawn for security reasons
    2. Promotional cash given out by merchants cannot be withdrawn to bank
    3. You can transfer a maximum of Rs. 5,000 and minimum of Rs. 10 to your bank account in a single transaction. In addition, the limit on withdrawal to your account per month is Rs. 25,000.

    Are you sure its only 24 hours because I need to transfer around rs 40000 to my bank Account …..

    Please advise…..

  83. Avatar
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    waswani satish says:

    Sir maine sd se dress parchese kiya cash dilevry se per pasand nai aaya,pement vapas kaise magvai,mera freecharje a/c kaon sa hai

  85. Avatar
    Raja says:

    I with draw money from free charge to bank account…but its pending …how much time it will take…and if it will failed so ??

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  93. Avatar
    Ani says:

    Hi Yeshveer,

    I have requested for a refund from Snapdeal. Will the amount be credited to the Freecharge wallet or as the SD cash?


  94. Avatar
    prakash says:

    how to transfer amount from freecharge account to bank account. ?? I tried from withdraw to bank icon, but it’s not happening (web and app). I have verified email, mobile number and money was added 10 days ago… Pls guide..

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    junaid says:

    Sir I had ordered a phone from snapdeal and they refunded me In freecharge how to transfer money from freecharge to bank j&k of Kashmir

  104. Avatar
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  107. Avatar
    Jothi says:

    Hi admin,
    I have recharged for Wii airtel 3g pack on April 2 and it is still not processed and also no response from free recharge team .
    Please help to get that deducted amount credited in my account

  108. Avatar
  109. Avatar
    azad ahmad dar says:

    yr company full failed .no any kind of good pure items / pagal campany .i hv being problem to trsfer my a/cc

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    Priyanka says:

    I want to transfer Free charge amount to my bank account. Its time limit or whenever I can transfer this tell me pls

  113. Avatar
    Priyanka says:

    I want to transfer Free charge amount to my bank account. Today only my amount added to free charge account so I will transfer free charge balance to back account in 24 hours only or I can transfer after 1 week is possible or not

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    vikasssoni says:

    Sir freecharge se maine videocon D2 h id no 56090400 vikesh soni ke naam se kiya tha mere mobile se kiya tha or internet ke dawara bank of barodra mai se 241 rs kat gaye or wapis nahi mile h na hi video con mai aaye h so aap mera balance dal ne ki kripiya kare

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    vijas says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.sir freecharge se paytm ya aur kaisi website per paisa transfer nahi ho raha hai.freecharge bing offer se Maine 400 rs kamaya.ab ye bank me kaise transfer karu.plz sir koi trick email I’dvg160****

  123. Avatar
    AMIT says:

    Hi ,
    Please confirm that is any fund transfer charges applicable on fund transfer from freecharge wallet to saving bank a/c.


  124. Avatar
  125. Avatar
    naziya khan says:

    hi mere freecharge account se money bank account me kaise transfer karu nhi to rha h 7 days ho gya h sd cash delivery se order kiya tha plz help yr

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      If you paid using Bank account, then your balance get transferred to your Bank account..

      Please wait 2 hours more and try to transfer to bank else contact at Freecharge.

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  127. Avatar
    krishna says:

    Hi Admin,

    Please send me details of all(freecharge, mobikwik,oxigen and any others) wallet to bank transfer charges and withdrawal time from wallet to bank.

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    Pradeep says:

    As there is no trick to trsnsfer freecharge balance to bank. I have an idea. If anybody have money in freecharge account and send to bank than it is true that you are wanting to change that money in real cash. So ask your friends for recharge and you can convert this money from your freecharge money to real money.

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    Aditya says:

    Please send me details of all(freecharge, mobikwik,oxigen and any others) wallet to bank transfer charges and withdrawal time from wallet to bank.

    Please share the details Admin.

    Which wallet are not charging anything for transfer

  136. Avatar
    Aahana Soni says:

    hi i am transferring my freechrge balance to my bank account But its showing that withdrawal amount Limit is exceeded but i have transferring only 1000 to my account please suggest me how to i do

  137. Avatar
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  140. Avatar
    Sahin says:

    Hi Yashveer,
    I opened a new Freecharge Account and associated my credit card to it. I have also associated one bank account to it.

    Then I added INR 500/- as my Freecharge balance from my credit card. Hence my Freecharge balance became INR 500/-

    Now, is it possible to withdraw this balance to my bank account? If yes, then I’m wondering as I’d be able to borrow cash from credit card without any cash advance fee and high interest!!

    I’m asking this as I couldn’t try it since I have just added the bank account and it will require some time to get set go. I’m too curious and found your article. Will that be possible once my bank account is fully registered?

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Yes.. its possible to withdrawn after 7 days of add money…

      Actually its not a Good way to transfer credit card balance to Bank account.

      You should choose Paytm KYC verified account for this purpose.


      1) Instant transfer
      2) Safe & Secure (no account blocking)
      3) Only 1% charges (which is good for credit card users)
      4) Fast Twitter support !!

  141. Avatar
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  143. Avatar
    Rajeev Kushwaha says:

    Sir hamne 25-08-2016 ko freechrge app me 9000 rs add kiya ab hm use bank me transfer kar rhe hai to nhi ja rha Sir help me

  144. Avatar
    Hasan Raja Sk says:

    Sir I send money to bank account from FreeCharge cash (04/09/16) but not credited to my bank account.even I given bank account correctly.what can I do?

  145. Avatar
    soumen says:

    Hello admin sir today i send money to bank ac from freecharge deducated freecharge wallet but not credit to bank.kya karu plz help me?

  146. Avatar
    Yashwanth says:

    Can I get 100% cash back on my 1st recharge frm freecharge through snapdeal??? Is der any limit to get 100% cash back??? I want to recharge 295…can I get my 295 money back cz it’s my 1st recharge frm my account

  147. Avatar
    soumen says:

    Hello admin today i transfer money to bank account. Bank mai transfer nehi hua aur money wallet se cut liya. Mmujhe sms mila ki pending hai. Kitna tima lagta hai?

  148. Avatar
    soumen says:

    Hello admin 30 hrs ho gaya abhitak na wallet mai na bank mai balance aya. Freecharge walo ne ans nehi diya. Kya karu plz help me admin

  149. Avatar
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  154. Avatar
    vrushabh borude says:

    i want to order a watch from snapdeal so i want to withdraw money from my cbi account but it say that invaid ifsc but it is ready i also try ifsc number in small letter and also in capital letter but it is not happeningplz help me

  155. Avatar
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  157. Avatar
    ROHIT ANAND says:

    hey i have added an amount of rs. 1000 at freecharge using promocode GET50 in which i got a cashback of rs. 50 can i transfer it in my bank account after 7 days??

  158. Avatar
    Subhbh says:

    I need to delete one account that has been added for transfer. But am not getting any option for it. Please admin tell me the procedure to deleting an account.

  159. Avatar
    Bakshi says:

    Dear admin,
    Can I add money from my credit card to FreeCharge wallet and then transfer to bank account, buy doing this I can use my purchase limit of credit card as a cash, and I can get Cashback from FreeCharge and also I will get rewards points. From my bank.thanks

  160. Avatar
  161. Avatar
    jaroslav says:

    hey bro i want to sing up to freecharge but thereaskin for number but i can put 0 just 10 number and i not get otp plss help admin

  162. Avatar
    Swapneel Kamat says:

    i have a freecharge account. if i accept money from my customers via freecharge and later if i transfer the amount (minimum or maximum as per your company’s conditions ) to my bank account how much will i be charged by freecharge for the transactions done and for the transfer. Please help….

  163. Avatar
    Ashutosh says:

    क्या किसी दूसरे app या अन्य स्रोत से FreeRecharge app में balance प्राप्त किया जा सकता है ?

  164. Avatar
    shubham shinde says:

    i am enter 5000 Rs for transfer into my bank account
    But, it says minimum transaction is 100 Rs.

    But 5000>100 na yaar

  165. Avatar
    shubham shinde says:

    Hey yashveer bro,
    i added 15000 in my wallet 5 days ago.
    Now i want to transfer this balancr in my bank account which is added 2 days ago.
    i got error–( please enter more than 100.minimum money requires 100 Rs for transfer)
    But yashveer i enter 5000 Rs . So why this notification comes?

  166. Avatar
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  168. Avatar
    smita singh says:

    Ticket # 467877 – Withdrawl Amount not reflect in my Bank Account.–Urgent Please(2)

    13-Dec-2016 11 AM I have withdrawn 20000/- (4 times 5000 /-) from my freecharge account but still its not reflect in my bank account….but its deducted from my freecharge account….please assit me….such type of things give me a wrong immpression

  169. Avatar
    Sunny singh says:

    I want to tansfer my freecharge balance to my bank account . Balance is refund by snapdeal today for my product return in my freecharge account. Please help me for this acts

  170. Avatar
    hemanth says:

    Is there any charges applicable if i transfer wallet money to bank account? if yes, what are charges applicable ? please help me with this

  171. Avatar
  172. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Verified account can’t be deleted, For example if you send money to any bank account and you recived successfully, then it will called “Verified Account”.

  173. Avatar
    sandeep says:

    i want to tranfer my money to my bank a/c form my freecharge a/c but when i enter my otp the show ” something wrong please try after some time ” this problem is from last 3 to 4 days.
    please do the needful, so i can withdrow my money

  174. Avatar
  175. Avatar
    shekhar basu says:

    Admin Bro, please let me know as early as possible that how I transfer my wallet money to other person’s bank account ?

  176. Avatar
  177. Avatar
  178. Avatar
  179. Avatar
  180. Avatar
  181. Avatar
    abdul samad says:

    I have deposited some money, and freecharge has put a stop to it and its not paying me back. and asking me to wait for 30 days
    freecharge is a scam … dont use it

  182. Avatar
    Miki says:

    Bhai freecharge kitna charges leta hai agar bank mein paise daalne ho.
    Mobikwik to bhai 5000 pe 200 rs leta hai. Mujhe lga hai. jra btana agar possible ho to

  183. Avatar
    dharaninadh says:

    I am not able to transfer money 8000+ INR to my bank account at all. It’s been 5 days and I don’t understand what the issue stopping me to transfer to my bank. Even the customer care doesn’t revert back.

    • Avatar
      HARSH says:

      They have officially suspended withdraw feature from last 1-2 months. Contact them, they will refund you in source account.

  184. Avatar
    Shivkant Sariyam says:

    Hello,sir ji wallet many ko mere account Return kar di jiye many transfer nhi ho pa rha please……

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