How to Link Aadhaar Card to Your Mobile Number to Continued Services

How to Link Aadhaar Card to Your Mobile Number to Continued services, Link your Aadhaar card to Your Mobile Number online & Offline, Aadhaar Card linking to your Mobile Number. As per New Government rules and regulation DOT, Government prescribed all telecom operators to re-verify all SIM card by Aadhaar card, As of now only Airtel & Idea starting this process. Telecom operators like Airtel & Idea now re-verify our all customer with Aadhaar Card, Otherwise they will discounted service those who have not linking their Aadhaar card to SIM Card. So readers, Here we will added all procedure, How you can Re-verify your SIM Card using Aadhar Card, Aadhar Card Online/Offline.

How to Link Aadhaar Card to Continue Mobile Services:-

As of now Only Airtel & Idea company starts Link Aadhaar Card facilities to all of its users and Re-verify all Number.

#1) Link Aadhar Card: For Airtel
  1. First of all, Visit your Nearest Airtel retailers or Airtel outlets.
  2. Ask him for Airtel Aadhaar Upgradation for existing user.
  3. Tell him your Mobile number & Aadhaar card number for verification.
  4. Now verify your fingerprint in biometric scanner.
  5. That’s it, You will shortly receive a message from Airtel that you have successfully verify your Airtel Sim.Link Aadhar Card

Sarkari Nirdeshanusar , Apke Airtel Mobile Number Ko Aadhar Card Se Jodna Aavashyak Hai. Aadhaar Link karne ke Liye , Nazdeeki Airtel Retailer se Sampark Karein’.

#2) Link Aadhar Card: For Idea

  1. First of all, Visit your Nearest Idea retailers or Idea outlets.
  2. Ask him for Idea Aadhaar Upgradation for existing user.
  3. Tell him your Idea Mobile number & your Aadhaar card number for verification.
  4. Now verify your fingerprint in biometric scanner.
  5. That’s it, You will shortly receive a message from Idea that you have successfully verify your Idea Aadhar Card

Link Aadhar Card to Your Mobile Number: Why is it Necessary?

As per New Government Rules & Regulation (DOT), Government prescribed all the telecom operators to re-verify all SIM card by Aadhaar Card, Otherwise telecom companies will discounted all SIM Card those who have not verify, This rules will banned all frauder those who have kept many SIM card for making fraud call.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1) What is last date to link aadhar with SIM card or link aadhar card to Mobile number?

You can link your aadhar card with your number till February​ 2018. So you have enough time, nothing to panic.

2) Is it mandatory to link aadhar with SIM card?

Yes it’s mandatory to do. If you are unavailable to do then you can do it later, as last date is not so near, it’s February 2018.

3) Can I link it (Link aadhaar card to mobile number) online without visiting retailer?

Since it goes through biometric verification so you can’t do it online from home.

4) Can I link my Aadhar to multiple SIM cards?

Yes, you can link to multiple SIM cards. However, there is limit of maximum 5 connection per user.

5) Is there any fees for it?

No, there is no fee for it. If someone asks for money then complain Customer Care about it.

6) What if I am less then 18 year old?

Maybe, it will work for you, try and tell us as well.

So guys this is a step toward a safer and more secure verification of SIM cards so we recommend you to link aadhar card with mobile number sim. Idea and Airtel has started it already as it will surely help in decreasing the number of frauds and usage of SIM cards with others or fake documents.

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80 thoughts on “How to Link Aadhaar Card to Your Mobile Number to Continued Services

  1. Avatar
    Appilesh says:

    When I am trying for biometric verification it is not accepting my any of my finger print what to do… How to get updated my finger print….

  2. Avatar
    Arun says:

    Now Airtel taking advantage of this verification and creating Airtel banking accounts. Users those who don’t want such kind of things strictly tell them use your e-KYC only for sim card verification 🙂

  3. Avatar
    HARSH says:

    (1) need to visit their stores or i can do in any outlet where we get respective sim?, (2) Is it necessary to provide same Aadhar from which we took sim connection? (3) What if someone does not done using aadhar means who took connection using bank account or from any other documents?

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    • Avatar
      Kumar Deepak says:

      Now, Telecom Company Airtel & Idea only started this features, So in the mean time it will be sure, They will verify also your Tata Docomo sim card as per new Government Rules & Regulation.

  9. Avatar
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  12. Avatar
    Indrajeet Kumar says:

    I am in maharashtra and my aadhar address is of jharkhand state..why retailer is refusing to accept aadhar number of jharkhand.

    Is aadhar is not acceptable out side of home state?

    Very embarrassing.

    • Yashveer Arya
    • Avatar
      ratnakar says:

      iam also in gujarat but my aadhar card is form odisha state, same thing is with me the retailer is refusing to link the aadhar
      it is very embarassing

  13. Avatar
    Ashwini Singh says:

    IS it safe to link phone number to Aadhar card? as phone numbers are very important for all economic transactions. are we not exposing ourselves to external cheaters?. is Indian Government will assure us safety on this?

  14. Avatar
    shivani roy says:

    Is it acceptable in foeign countries……if…yes soo plss….and if no..then also tell me?

  15. Avatar
    karthik says:

    I bought my number with my friend’s id proof. Now he is in abroad. How can I verify his finger print. I can able to give his aadhar copy but not his finger print. What can I do in this case??

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    Lancy Quadros says:

    Dear Sir it’s good system, but they are collecting 50 Rupees from us for each mobile update, it’s should be free of charge,

  19. Avatar
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  21. Avatar
    Ritesh Ramesh Sambherao says:

    How do this process linked Adhara Card with my mobile number plz explain


    Ritesh Sambherao
    (P.A. to MLA-Mandatai Mhatre-BJP-Vidhan Bhavan)

  22. Avatar
    L.Khupchong says:

    I booked my airtel sim card in Mizoram and vodafone sim card in west bengal.I was trying to link my vodafone and airtel sim card with adhaar number,but it couldn’t process further that and message coming and said that ‘you seems to out of circle/state..etc’, so that the retailer told me to do in my home place because my adhaar card is from Mizoram,isn’t my adhaar card acceptable in other state…?

  23. Avatar
    Om Prakash says:

    I am Idea sim user but mobile No given in Adhar card is different i.e. Vodaphone. Is there any problem for linking Adhar card.

  24. Avatar
    SN says:

    The phone number i have with me now is in my husbands name and my sim is roaming with my husband abroad.His next vacation is in april 2018.So how can we do it.He is in Dubai.

  25. Avatar
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  27. Avatar
    Amar Chand Kaswan says:

    मेरी एयरटेल की सिम मेरे बड़े भाई के नाम से 2007 में ली हुयी है | क्या अब मैं उसमे मेरा आधार कार्ड लिंक करवा सकता हूँ

  28. Avatar
    Jagadish Prasad B says:

    I am Using Docomo Sim, How to do it. Please help me how to link my mobile with Aadhaar. Thanks for the support.

  29. Avatar
    Gajanan Bhagwat. says:

    I am having Airtel sim in my mobile. In the messaging I am asked to link Aadhar No. to my sim card. However, I am residing here at Kudal, Dist : Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. Here no retailers give response to link with it. What can I do ? May I link it online at my residence ?

  30. Avatar
    Gajanan Bhagwat says:

    My wife is sick in bed. She is using Airtel Mobile. It is not possible to visit Airtel suppliers personally.
    May I try to link her Aadhar no. with the Mobile sim online at my residence. Pl. let me know which biometric devise is necessary to link online .

  31. Avatar
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  33. Avatar
    Ayyappan says:

    I am now in saudi.i can come there after two years can i do that from here.i am doing my all transactions with that no only.what can i do .

  34. Avatar
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    • Avatar
      Kumar Deepak says:

      No, at this time there is no way to link your Aadhaar card online. The only one way, You could visit your nearest Telecomm Outlets to Link Your Aadhaar card.

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  39. Avatar
    Jeri says:

    Is the government helping or torturing the people.I know it’s good but they should think of the poor people like me.they can give orders to their servants and let their servants do it for them.but think about a poor person staying in village who will have the tension of going to field and on the other hand go to office for the new rules and regulations.and imagine if the office is close when the poor fellow visit.why the government don’t sent agents house to house and door to door if they want to put this new rules.dear govt think before you speak and act if you are working for the welfare of your country people equally whether rich or poor.I am commenting this on behalf of the poor people like me.thank you.

  40. Avatar
    Keerthan says:

    i had girl friend she was a cheater and she has been continuously changing her mobile number…later i came to know she is a fraud girl. Thanks god its good plan linking adhar card number to mobile number so that we can elimanate such kind of activities and keep the track of her all information.

  41. Avatar
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    दीपा says:

    मेरे हसबेंड का देहान्त 2011 में हो चुका है और मेरी एयरटेल की सिम मेरे हसबेंड के नाम से ली हुयी थी तो क्या अब मैं मेरे हसबेंड के नाम से ली हुयी सिम में मेरा आधार कार्ड लिंक करवा सकती हूँ I

    • Yashveer Arya
    • Avatar
      Alok says:

      पिछली बातों पर मिट्टी डालो । इस समय जो भी यूज़ कर रहा है । मतलब कर्रेंट यूजर अपने आधार से लिंक करा सकता है ।

  43. Avatar
  44. Avatar
    akhilesh says:

    dear all,
    Currently i am in Abroad, and my plan to return in India next yaer march, while the last date is feb 2018, what can i do for same.

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Talk with Sushmita swaraj on Twiiter page, she is foreign minister and helping pakistanis. You are a Indian so chances are very less of any help.

  45. Avatar
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  47. Avatar
    Sangeeta Bhattacharya says:

    My vodafone postpaid connection is in my name. But by mistake got linked to my husband’s adhaar number recently. In whose name will the next bill come?

  48. Avatar
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    amar singh says:



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