(Expired) Lime App Trick – Convert your Rs 500 to Rs 550 in Bank account

Hi Friends I am Sharing a Trick where you can convert your Rs 500 to Rs 550 to your Bank account or your Paytm account. This is a Completely Safe Trick, you can also use this Trick Unlimited times if you have some knownledge. Some of our Visitors already know about this Trick but this Post is only for who don’t know about this. How to get this offer.?, Just follow the Steps below:-

Update:- May be FreeCharge understand what we are doing then Some peoples getting Problems So Please Contact FreeCharge on Facebook about refund Problem and Please don’t use this offer Anymore !!

How to Convert your Rs 500 to Rs 550 to your Bank account:-


Note:- This post is posted only for Experience Peoples, Please don’t Try if you don’t have Experience

1) Firstly Complete Lime offer “ Rs 50 Cashback on adding Rs 500 which is mentioned in this Post

2) After using this you have Rs 550 in your Lime wallet.

3) Now goto Lime App >> Menu >> Shopping >> Here you will get your Lime Debit card >> Find the 16 digit number, Expiry date, CVV Number.

4) Now goto Updated version of FreeCharge App (which support bank transfer) or goto FreeCharge website

5) Initiated a Recharge of Rs 550+

6) Enter the Wrong Operator, and wrong Circle.

7) Pay the amount using your Lime debit card which you got the Step No.3.

8) Once the Payment is complete your Recharge get in Pending Status for 15 minutes after that Failed and you will get the Refund in your FreeCharge wallet as a General balance which you can transfer to your Bank account instantly using FreeCharge Balance Transfer Trick Here we Explain How to Transfer your FreeCharge Balance to Bank account  

Example:- We doing Rs 10 Recharge with wrong opertor & circle and got the Refund as a General Balance

9) So Hurry up Guys !! ๐Ÿ™‚

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230 thoughts on “(Expired) Lime App Trick – Convert your Rs 500 to Rs 550 in Bank account

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    jeetu says:

    Ek mobile pe multiple account bna sakte hai kyaa lime ke ?? Jaise icici poket phone validate krtaa hai vaise to nhi hai na lime mai ??

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    Chaklesh says:

    Yashveer bhai agar hum recharge na karke money debit card se citrus wallet me add Kar le to direct bank mein transfer ho jayega reply is this possible

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    raj says:

    Yes. Ye lime bhi pocket ki tarah phone validate karta hai aur bina sim card ke use nahi kar sakte.. Isliye isko bluestack se bhi use nahi kar sakte.

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    vivek singh says:

    Freecharge se 2000 bank me transfer kiye but 1900 hi show kr rha h…why…??
    What is the minumum amount where bank charge not debited..??

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Get your debit from Lime App >> Goto Lime app >> Menu >> Shopping card Here you will get your debit card.

      If you can’t able see. So try after few minutes or hour.

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    Habib Khan says:

    Hey admin,I am using another trick which I convert my Rs500 to Rs1000 in bank account & also Rs60 mobile recharge.
    Just follow the step____
    1.create 11 lime account
    2.add rs500 money ur first lime account with PROMO CODE LOAD50 u will get Rs 550 instantly in ur lime account.
    3.now send rs50 from ur main lime account to others 10
    4.create new 11 mobikwik account
    5.u have 11 lime debit card am I right?Right.
    6.go to mobikwik app & add money Rs50 using PROMO code NEW50.
    7.U will get rs100 in ur mobikwik wallet
    8.do process others account
    9.now all ur mobikwik money to send one account. Do u have rs1100 mobikwik balance
    10.now u can simply send ur mobikwik money bank account
    (Rs500 with processing fee rs20 so if want to send 1000 then 1040rs debited from ur mobikwik account also u have rs60 ,u can use for recharge) HURRY

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    Rishad says:

    what is the need off making recharge failure. ..
    -add lime money directly into fc wallet
    -then withdraw money from fc to bank account

    there is non need of fake recharge. ..is it possible?

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Goto Lime app >> Menu >> Shopping card Here you will get your debit card.

      If you can’t able see. So try after few minutes or hour.

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Goto Lime app >> Menu >> Shopping card Here you will get your debit card.

      If you can’t able see. So try after few minutes or hour.

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    Santhosh says:

    Bro i tried 2 times but the transaction has failed.. Coupon is applied successfully but it shows that try again with right credentials.. But the money has not been deducted from my card.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    What would be the problem? Should i add money more than 500 to wallet? Plz rpy

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    jay jp says:

    hello sir working…

    mene 500 add kiya or 550 ho gya or mene freecharge se bank me v transfer kr lia..thanks..

    but yaar ek bar hi kr paya …yash lime pe unlimited time kaise account banaye? verify nahi ho raha h..help
    kya aapne lime pe or v account banaye h? with same device

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      you will get the Cashback within 1 hour.. Please contact lime team if takes too much time..

      Goto >> Lime App >> Menu >> chat >> contact them

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Its Not Possible bro. Recharge can’t be processed without Correct operator. Anyways FreeCharge can’t revert your money once your Recharge is successful. + you can also enter the wrong amount of Recharge instead of Top-up. So here is also another chance to get your recharge failed. ๐Ÿ™

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    Sagar says:

    Bro whenever i am using the lime card details either for wrong recharge or add cash to the free charge account, even after verifying rhe otp, i get the message of authentication failed by bank.
    How can i use the lime wallet to convert to free charge

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      you are using in FreeCharge App or website.. Can you try again with Latest version of FreeCharge App.?

      you can also take the help of oxigen wallet at 3%.

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    Guna says:

    What do u mean by “unlimited times”….. Do I get 50 Cashback on adding 500rs everytime in a single lime account????? Otherwise should i create multiple accounts????

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    Shahabuddin says:

    I have loaded Rs. 500 and successfully get 50 Rs within 5 minutes, but i am unable to use lime wallet card on freecharge or paytm it shows that details are incorrect, should i have to click on “Get Now” button in lime app to activate the card, whenever i click on “Get Now” it says “Stay Tuned” “Coming Soon”. What will I do? please suggest me.

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    Raviraj says:

    Kya 1 hi freechrge account se baar baar hm kr skte h ya har baar new freechrge account chaiye to transfer lime money to freschrge wallet

  70. Avatar
    surendra kumar says:

    Admin sir maine free charge me kal recharge kiya unsuccessful to hua lekin balance a/c me credit nahi hua .
    Please help sir

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    Pijus says:

    When Transacting at freecharge with Lime wallet debit card, it says can not complete payment,
    Tried in Paytm it says technical error..

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    Priya Malik says:

    I got it 6 times but now transactions is going failed by lime cards on freecharge,citrus cash and paytm apps.
    Is Lime blocked their transaction systems?
    Please reply me fast.

  78. Avatar
    dillip says:

    tried to recharge with wrong operator and circle in freecharge for rs 550,payment failed but money not deducted from lime account, showing try to recharge using another method.
    what to do?kindly reply anyone

  79. Avatar
    Vicky says:

    hey admin bro. I hv a offer for u my pytm wallet money is 550 so can we convert and exchange I mean I gev u my paytm money and u gev me ur Mobikwik money only 520 . can u except ths offer ???? yes then msg me on my whts app n. 823963****
    and any one like this offer and deal wth me thn msg me .

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  82. Avatar

    admin in this time paytm not acceptd this card and not add money in wallet i am so sad i have more accounts and more 550 u have any solutions for PAYTM

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    rahul says:

    ola money payment is back in planhoundโ€ฆ hurryโ€ฆ do invalid or wrong recharge.. and transfer ola money as recharge points in planhound

  88. Avatar
    paramesh says:

    Bro recharge failed at freecharge yeatrday at 9pm but till now dint get my refund, I have even mailed freecharge, but no response, what shall I do

  89. Avatar
    Rohith says:

    By using this trick multiple times on different free charge accounts can we each time transfer them to the same bank account?

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    Deepak says:

    they said 550 will be revert in your bank account 5-7 days…..what to do bhai….its not a good way to do recharge fail.because freecharge now creating problem in giving money in wallet.

  97. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      I don’t know where is your comment now.

      May be you sharing your number, email, referral link/code Hence we deleted your comment.

      Can you write again your comment if deleted by mistake.?

  98. Avatar
    Pranjal says:

    I have added Rs.500 with Promocode LOAD50 and got only Rs.500 where is my Rs.50 Extra..
    Customer Care is Not picking call even after waiting for 30 Minutes.
    what to do now..?

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    Shahabuddin says:

    Yashveer sir, as you said to wait 1-2 hours to be activated of lime wallet card, but it is almost 12 hours but it is not activated. what to do? Please help.

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      First tell me you get your debut card details or not

      16digit number, cvv, expiry date.?

      If Yes.. Then your card is activated.

      May be some problem from FreeCharge etc.

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      FreeCharge if not work then oxigen

      Now Oxigen works perfectly because you will get your money instantly but freecharge facing some problems now.

  108. Avatar
    nitin says:

    Successfully transferred Rs. 1100 from two accounts to my bank account.
    Thanks admin for wonderful trick..but there is a update as freecharge knew what is going so they are taking 3 days to credit the bank account. Don’t use this trick now. It is expired.

  109. Avatar
    Kalish says:

    To all:
    I have got 50rs within 1hr(30 min) successful without any habitations at 5:30pm on 16-11-15 follow below:

    Used code : LM1Y***
    FREECHARGE : I have selected videocon , haryana state while doing wrong recharge to get refund instead of originals(UNINOR,ANDHRA)
    N got withdrawn money in few minutes also.

    I was satisfied so that iam posting this

  110. Avatar
    Yogesh Sharma says:

    Yashveer bro mne oxign se try kiya tha
    but transation failed ho gyi
    and money add nhi hue
    and Lime account se deduct ho gye

    what i do now plz help

  111. Avatar
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    Kaushik says:

    Money deducted from lime but not added in freecharge credit. How to explain this to freecharge? They are saying wait for 5-7 days if money deducted

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      If your transaction is failed on Payment gateway then you will get the refund within 5-7 days automatically to your Lime wallet.. If your transaction is done and you get succesful screen on FreeCharge with order I’d. That’s means you need to contact FreeCharge.

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    bikash says:

    all the tricks are woking fine or not? (if any one tries as of now 16-11-2015 , 7:15pm)
    create limeroad ac>>add500 >>apply LOAD50>>get 550>>get lime card>> use it in oxicash payment n fail recharge via oxigen site at 3%charge>>> so total benifit in bank ac 50-16.5=33.5rs.

    am i ri8 yash?
    is the above process working ri8 nw?

  115. Avatar
    Ashish Bhowmick says:

    Friends you Can i use the default withdrawl to bank option of lime app to withdrawl yoyr money to bank. To find this option go to lime app>pay>send to account

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Bro.. Add the money to your FreeCharge account, oxigen wallet, Mobikwik, citrus and other transfer app and transfer your money.

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    ajit says:

    Firstly download lime and add Rs.500 (LOAD50) from one account, wait for some time and U will get extra 50= total 550, now in that same account go to refer n earn section copy your referral code.. now the trick begins

    1) take the backup (.apk file) of lime app
    2) uninstall the lime app
    3) again install from backup taken.
    4) add Rs. 500 in this using refral code (LM1PB156)
    5) Now you will get rs.550 in this ac and 50 in main ac from which you are referring.
    6) once you get 550 here, send it to main account from which you are referring
    Total Will be=600

    This trick will work only on reinstall again n again …

  125. Avatar
    Shahabuddin says:

    My lime wallet balance is reduced to zero,
    firstly automatically 500 deducted then I see that rs. 50 is also deducted what to do?

  126. Avatar
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    hasan ali says:

    Yashveer bro mne oxign se try kiya tha
    but transation failed ho gyi
    and money add nhi hue
    and Lime account se deduct ho gye

    what i do now plz help

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    ashish says:

    sir lime app ka custmor care ka koi number hai ?? freecharge me balance transfer krte tym mera 5000rs lime me fass gya hai..abbi 24hrs ho gyeโ€ฆ.ar sir jitne bhi custmor care hai lime ke koi bhi lg ni rheโ€ฆ.sir please koi solution btaiyeโ€ฆ..plz help me sir..plese

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      No…. Why you to too much Long transaction. Also we have Market this Post as Expired + also written don’t use if you don’t have any experience.

  130. Avatar
    ashish says:

    sir mujhe lga ki freecharge me 1-2hrs me paise aajyenge…but ni aaye…
    sir abb kya krna chiye..?? freecharge me mail kia to unhone kaha 5-7 days me aajyenge…
    sir ye piase aajyenge na??

  131. Avatar
    Riju Sk says:

    I tried to load money in citrus, but after entering OTP, transaction was failed and my 1000 rs were deducted from lime wallet but showing zero balance in Mobikwik, Freecharge and etc. Wallet What should I do now? Please Reply me. My Email ID is nasirahamed2011@gmail.com

  132. Avatar
  133. Avatar
    raj says:

    Now these crooks have introduced new version of Lime in which there is No Load money offers, No bill pay 20% cashback, No bank withdrawal option, No option to transfer to another lime user. They are very smart they have removed all these features except virtual card, so user whose money got stuck in lime has only option to withdraw is through this card and when you use this card then Boom! Your money is gone because their virtual card transactions never get successful anywhere you use it.

    My 2000 rs were stuck in lime but i was lucky to get it out before this new version through bank withdrawal.

    *CAUTION* -Do not use Lime.

  134. Avatar
    subha says:

    how by bank withdrawl?who ever send money to bank its got lien amount means freeze.MOST 3RD CLASS APP.HOW THEY PERFORM CHIT OPENLY?

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