(Still Live) My Vodafone App – Get free 100 MB 3G Data on Sign up

My Vodafone App – Get free 100 MB 3G Data on Sign up. My Vodafone app is a one-stop destination for managing your Vodafone account, bill payments, mobile recharges, buying bonus cards and checking mobile usage. It is offering free 100 MB 3G Data just on Downloading this app and signing up. So hurry up and grab this offer now. How to get this offer.?, Just follow the Steps below:-

How to Get free 100 MB 3G Data from My Vodafone App:-

1) Firstly Download and install My Vodafone App from here.

2) Now, open the app and click on “Sign Up

3) Enter all the required details and Register for yor new account.

4) Do the Mobile verification with the OTP you received on your phone.

5) That’s it. You will soon receive 100MB 3G data within 72 hours. Enjoy. 🙂


New Features of Vodafone App:-

1) Request 4G SIM on the app.

2) Exciting new featured for IPL fans.

3) Keep a track on the matches with match schedule?

4) Participate in VIVO IPL quiz and get great discounts on packs.

5) Light up the stadium with quirky screen light during the match.

6) Check usage for multiple data packs.

7) Minor Bug Fixes and performance Improvement.

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169 thoughts on “(Still Live) My Vodafone App – Get free 100 MB 3G Data on Sign up

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    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Bro.. I don’t know about Vodafone..

      Please call customer care about this..

      Airtel, idea, Telenor, BSNL allowed Data clubbed with previous Data..

      Tata Docomo allowed clubbed with 3G to 3G and 2G to 2G only..

      i don’t know about Vodafone.

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    Abhishek Pathak says:

    Bro I downloaded this app and sign up complete Messege Otp ke Saath Aya Aur Likh Tha Ki 100 m.b will be credited on your mobile no. In 72 hours

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  17. Avatar
    Somii says:

    @prashant – 100MB data will be add to the existing quota (if any) I.e. 2G data on existing 2G pack n 3G data on existing 3G pack with 3days validity
    @ Neeru ) This offer is not for existing app users , offer only applicable for 1st time Vodafone app users.
    @sree – This offer is applicable for android /ios and windows but condition is you are need to be first time user of Vodafone app.

    @unni – Validity is 3days

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    Pradeep says:

    If anyone have 2g pack than pack will be expired. If u have 3g pack than data will be added. But if u have 3g unlimited pack will be overight. And unlimited trick is working also just clear data. Everyone will be getting data as they giving data by serial mobile no

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  22. Avatar
    Pradeep says:

    hello sir please tell me a offer for 1 month which is truly unlimited i mean i want to download big files. Please tell me a offer which never reduce after a limited data. any network

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  26. Avatar
    Pradeep says:

    i mean to say if anyone have no debit card thsn freecharge can help. Firest login to freecharge than click wallet and than click go master card . Now set your PIN. After than enter your pin u will be see your card.

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    Raj says:

    App download e nahi ho raha…download pura hone ki pahle pause ho jata hai or many browser v try kiya same pblm fir se…10/15 br tak dwnld kiya…kya karu ab yaar…

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  54. Avatar
    Jishnu says:

    I have Downloaded the. Vodafone. App
    And signed up ! I have got the OTP
    And verified it

    But I didn’t have received the free 100 mb . Yet

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    Pavan says:

    Hey admin

    I installed my Vodafone app for first yesterday I waited 24 hours but I not got 100 MB free data

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    himanshu says:

    unlike other telecom cos,vofafone is fraud co doing cheating with customer. But I did a trick to get free MB from them. What I did is very simple and straight-forward, first I download the my Vodafone app(even if I have no internet pack) with a tethering& potable hotspot.This way I didn’t have to start internet pack on my SIM.

    The real twist comes here, after downloading Vodafone app I opened the app and as I expected there was no option to activate 100 MB so I sent a message for portability to select other company without telling the reason. To my expectations Vodafone send me 50 MB(even 50less) free data because the fear I would quit the company. My purpose is to give you an idea what you can do if the company cheats us

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    bariya jayesh says:

    I. god 100mb. but don ‘ t. know how to use because it is not. added. to. actual recharge so how to use. that?

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    Bruce Wayne says:

    What if I install the app and get my 100 MB then uninstall the app and do an installation again?
    Will I get 100 MB again and again every time I do the above steps?

    Please respond urgently, Mr. Admin.

    Thank You!

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    Sumit kanrar says:

    मेरा Internet pack active नेही हुया।मे Police के पास जाङुङग़ा

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