(Last day) Oxigen wallet offer – Gift Rs 21 and Get Rs 51 Cashback instant ( Added T&C* )

Oxigen wallet is offering a loot offer where you will get Rs. 51 cashback on gifting Rs. 21 from your oxigen wallet. This means you just have to send Rs. 21 from your Oxigen wallet to friend oxigen wallet and in return you will get Rs. 51 back in your Oxigen wallet. Cashback is instant.  Isnt it a very loot offer. Just follow steps below to get Rs. 51 cashback on Gifting Rs. 21 from your oxigen wallet. You can also Transfer this Rs 51 to bank using Convert Oxigen Wallet to FreeCharge balance

You will get Rs. 51 cashback in within 48 hours now-

How to get Rs 51 Cashback on Sending Rs 21 From Your Oxigen Wallet:-


1) Firstly download Oxigen wallet app

2) Register / Login to your Oxigen wallet.

3) Now goto send money and send Rs 21 to your Friends.

4) Hurray! Cashback Of Rs 51 credited to your Oxigen wallet within 24 hours.

Terms & Conditions

1. Customer needs to do a Peer to Peer ”Send Money” transaction
(“Transaction”) of Rs.21 & above to get Rs.51 Cash back through the Oxigen Wallet App.

2. This offer is valid from 30th October 2015 to 13th November 2015.

3. The Peer to Peer send money transaction can be done across all channels including contact to contact, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email.

4. Any Transaction of less than Rs.21 shall not be eligible for the cash back.

5. Customer is eligible to receive the cash back once during the offer period. The first eligible transaction during the offer period shall receive the cash back.

6. To be eligible for the cash back, the sender and receiver must be an Oxigen Wallet customer. In case the receiver is not an Oxigen Wallet user he/she must open an Oxigen wallet account and accept the money.

7. If the receiver does not open an Oxigen Wallet within 7 days from the date of 1st eligible send Money Transaction (during the campaign), the money will be returned to the sender in their account and shall not be eligible for any cashback.

8. Cash back will be processed within 48 hours from the time of a successful transaction.

9. In the event the cashback is not processed within 48 hours, customer may write to care@oxigenwallet.com within 1 week from the date of transaction. Claims after this period shall not be entertained by Oxigen.

10. Cashback offer is not valid if the receiver sends money back to the sender.

11. Received cashback amount cannot be used for money transfer activities such as Ask Money, Send Money, Money Transfer to bank.

12. Oxigen reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of the offer at anytime without prior notice to its customers.

13. Oxigen wallet reserves the right to deny the offer to any customer who is not eligible.

14. This offer is subject to force majeure terms.

15. In no event the aggregate liability of Oxigen arising under this offer shall exceed the value of cashback a customer is entitled to receive under this offer.

16. Parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of New Delhi.

17. In addition to the above Wallet terms and conditions at https://www.oxigenwallet.com/terms-conditions shall be applicable.

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176 thoughts on “(Last day) Oxigen wallet offer – Gift Rs 21 and Get Rs 51 Cashback instant ( Added T&C* )

  1. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      We got Oxigen wallet offer via SMS.

      And this is working offer because someone already got Rs 51 Cashback Yesterday.

      May be its 1 time per user.

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  3. Avatar
    Jo says:

    Bro after getting cash back in oxigen wallet. Can we add money on freecharge account then transfer to bank from freecharge?. Please check and update bro I wanna create oxigen wallet…

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  16. Avatar
    Bhai says:

    Freecharge 400% Cashback code Namkeenwale valid till 1st Nov


    Grabe it..

  17. Avatar
    ayush says:

    Hello sir 21 rs hum gift karinge to 51 milega usmese hum 21 dusre oxgien wallet account bejej denge usme se 21 dusre oxgien wallet me bhejeing ge to milega

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  27. Avatar
    Rutvik says:

    I send 21 rs as a gift to my friend. But I didn’t received 51 rs. This offers is on send money or gift talktime? Inform me. Also my friend didn’t received 21 rs in his account.

  28. Avatar
    ABHISHEK says:

    admin, can u please send me rs. 21 i don’t have any balance in oxigen wallet.
    if you wish i can give u paytm cash instead of this oxigen cash Please !

  29. Avatar
  30. Avatar
    ravi says:

    Oxigen wallet PR 21 send krne PR 51 cash back offer chal raha hai ya nai? And I’m new user in oxigen wallet . if any offer for me plz tell me.

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  36. Avatar
    raj says:

    Yashveer bhai, how to transfer 51 rs cashback to another account ? I think its not counting cashback in transfer balance. Can you please check.

  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
    ayush says:

    Hello, sir jab 21 rs send kardeaye toh nofication mai kya ayega you will get 51rs cashback ya direct balance aye kya offer smapt hogaya kya

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  42. Avatar
    ayush says:

    Hello sir send money ya gift talktime samjh nahi arahai kaise kare msg aya tha gift karne kelaye aur app kha rahe rahe send money kelaye help me

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  45. Avatar
    jagjeet says:

    I have load money rs 21 from bank account but this money is not send to my same oxigen wallet account as per you said that

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    Raj Karan says:

    I’ve sent Rs. 21 to a friend , received the money but i didnt get any cashback. i sent the money yesterday at 9 pm. should i wait or contact oxigen wallet care ?

  59. Avatar
    sahil says:

    new user ke liye h he offer or 13 Nov. tak valid h … or. 21 Send. money karna h
    . Gift nhi karna .. ok ..
    loot lo oxigen ko … Send money ke liye Oxigen app use kar or new id par bhej do fhir wo no.register karna… .. New reg. ke liye .. oxigen site use karna 21 creadit ho jayega… after 5 mint in new Account ant .. again login old account jis se bheja tha money …app. me login karte hi ushme bhi mil jayenge. 51 .. wo 21 ko. other ac me bhejna … 51 aaya jo send nhi hoga …

    .. enjoy .. ek hi phone se ho jayega ….

    Be happy always friends

    • Avatar
      bikash says:

      how u did it. tell me.
      1st i sent 21 rs from old account to 2nd old account via app and then logged in
      web to receive it. bt there is no notifiacation ,already account me add ho gya. and i didnt receive cash back in 1st account.
      tell me wht to do?should i send it to new ac and register in web? whts the trick plz clarify. thnx

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    • Avatar
      bikash says:

      how u did it. tell me.
      1st i sent 21 rs from old account to 2nd old account via app and then logged in
      web to receive it. bt there is no notifiacation ,already account me add ho gya. and i didnt receive cash back in 1st account.
      tell me wht to do?should i send it to new ac and register in web? whts the trick plz clarify. thnx

  63. Avatar
    bikashh says:

    1st i sent 21 rs from old account to 2nd old account via app and then logged in
    web to receive it. bt there is no notifiacation ,already account me add ho gya. and i didnt receive cash back in 1st account.
    tell me wht to do?should i send it to new ac and register in web? whts the trick plz clarify. thnx

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    Raju says:

    Hello admin I have small query regarding this offer u can please this, I have only one phone with right now and I have 4 accounts for me . First I added the money to the wallet Rs.21 to my 1st number and send the 2nd number again if send again the money to 2 number to 1 St number is now my eligible for the 51 cash back in 2 accounts please explain

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    Kalpana Bilwal says:

    Hey guys did you know that Uber cabs is offering its first ride free this Diwali up to worth Rs. 500!!!

    All you need to do is download the app, register and apply the code chettankue in promotions tab.
    But remember this will work only for first time users meaning those who haven’t registered on Uber from their phone yet.

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    eric says:

    they are tracking phone Id . In one mobile only 1 number can get 51cb or we can do unlimited time in 1 mobile …plz admin answer fast….. help me.. they are tracking or not..

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  80. Avatar
    Rishad says:

    Bro plz explain about all aps
    .which helps to make virtual cards like pocket, lime, payzapp..any otger apps exist..to create many no.of virtual cards

  81. Avatar
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    Jo says:

    I don’t know y you guys are facing problems. This loot is working wonderful on my windows phone. Till now I have earned β‚Ή1100 so far. Now i have no new Sims to create account. I am posting simple steps what i have done in below comment it may useful to u guys.

  84. Avatar
    Jo says:

    1.first create oxigen wallets with your sim cards as many as you have.
    2. Now load β‚Ή21 on one account.
    3.then transfer β‚Ή21 to another account.
    4.keep on transfer that same β‚Ή21 to one account to another. And final account to first account

    That’s it you will get β‚Ή 51 in all your accounts WITH JUST β‚Ή21 all amount can be transferred to bank using above trick mentioned in post .
    This is bumper super loot guys don’t miss it. You can earn β‚Ή51 per sim free of cost.
    Bro approve this comment quickly

  85. Avatar
    Rishad says:

    Which way I transfer to get cash backmoney plz add screen shot if possible.i sended 21 to another number but I didn’t get any cashback

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  96. Avatar
    Murthy says:

    I have loaded my oxygen wallet with 21 rupees but I didn’t get and money got debited from my bank account. What should I do now? How can I get back my money?

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  108. Avatar
    raj says:

    Yashveer bhai, aapki website mein kuch problem aa gayi hai. Agar Kisi ki comment ko reply karne jaate hai to home page aa jata hai. Please check.

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      thanks for notify… this problem come up from our last few changes.. we will fix this problem soon it will take upto 7 days..

  109. Avatar
    rahul says:

    bro I sent rs 21 to my frnd at exactly 11:53 pm on 13th November…. will I get cashback….as it was said valid till 13 Nov..

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    Gourav says:

    Yaar yash bhai maine apna money oxigen wallet se dusre oxigen wallet me send kiya par bLance kat gya oxigen se par dusre aacount me balance nahi aaya… Kya problem hai .. Kya koi recive ka option hota hai isme

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