(Loot) Paytm – Get Rs 1000 Cashback on doing 100 UPI Transfer of Rs 10000 Each

(Loot) Paytm 10 Pe 100 UPI Offer – Get Rs 100 Cashback on doing 10 UPI Transfer of Rs 10000 Each (10 Times – All users). Paytm has come up with an awesome deal for those who Loves to do UPI Transactions on Paytm. Now Do your UPI transaction of Rs 10,000 or more to Activate this offer. You can avail this offer a maximum of 10 times during the campaign validity i.e 21st JULY 2018. So Hurry up and avail this offer now !!

Alert:- Please Read Full Post Carefully !! Please don’t claim Rs 50 Cashback UPI offer. Valid for old users too. If you have Availed Paytm 5 pe 250 Offer, Paytm 7 pe 70 upi, Paytm 100 pe 50 UPI Offer  You can avail this offer too πŸ™‚ .

How to Get Rs 1000 Cashback on doing 100 UPI Transfer of Rs 10,000 each at Paytm App:-

1. First of all, Download Paytm App Here

2. Install and Open the Paytm App.

3. Login/Sign up your Paytm account.

Alert:- Please claim Only 10 Pe 100 UPI offer.

4. Now Goto Menu and click on “Cashback Offers“.

5. You will see “Paytm 10 Pe 100 UPI Offer” ” Get guaranteed ₹100 cashback by making 10 money transfers using Paytm UPI address within 1 months” .

6. Make sure you have Rs 10000 in your @Paytm upi linked bank account.

7. Now Again Goto “Cashback Offers” and Start the offer.

8. Do your 1st Transaction of ₹10000. Send the Rs 10000 to your another bank upi id.

9. After your first money transfer using Paytm upi address through Paytm App, you will get an SMS and Push notification to claim Rs. 50 cashback on your first upi transaction or participate in “10 pe 100 UPI Offer” cashback offer to get Rs. 100

Please don’t claim Rs 50 cashback upi offer else you will not be eligible for 10 Pe 100 UPI Offer.

10. Now you will unlock the offer of ₹100.

11. Now Complete your 10 Transactions of Rs 10000 each to different UPI Address/Same Upi id to recieve Rs 100 Cashback instantly in your Paytm wallet.

12. You can avail this offer 10 time only to Get Rs 1000 Paytm cash. We will update this Post with more details soon.

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Paytm 10 Pe 100 UPI offer

Offer details:-

Get guaranteed Rs 100 cashback by making 10 money transfers using Paytm UPI address within 1 months.

Terms & Conditions:-

Get Rs 100 cashback after 10 money transfers. Earn upto Rs 1000.

Terms and Conditions:-

* After your first money transfer of Rs 10,000 or more, you can unlock the 10pe1 00 offer to get Rs 100 cashback after 10 UPI transactions.

* You will get a notification and SMS to participate in 10pe100 UPI Cashback offer.

* If you didn’t get notification, go to “Cashback Offers” from your “Profile” section & Click on the 10pe1 00 offer to participate.

* If you do not participate in the offer, your transactions will not get linked in the offer.

* After participating in the offer, complete 9 more money transfers of Rs 10,000 or more to be eligible for cashback.

* On your 10th money transfer, you become eligible for Rs 100 cashback if you participated in this offer.

* You can avail this offer a maximum of 10 times during the campaign validity. If you fail to participate in the offer, your offer will be expired. All expired offers will be included in the maximum limit stated.

* Cashback will be credited to your Paytm Wallet within 2 working days after you are eligible for cashback.

* One UPI transaction will be counted in only one Cashback offer at any given point in time.

* This campaign is valid till 21st July,2018.

* Get your KYC done to receive the cashback. Ignore if KYC is done.

* Offer applicable in Android and iOS app version 7.0.0 and

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125 thoughts on “(Loot) Paytm – Get Rs 1000 Cashback on doing 100 UPI Transfer of Rs 10000 Each

  1. Avatar
    Sahil Malik says:

    What is the UPI transaction limits on Paytm and is there any ban issue to transfer Rs.300000 in bank accounts for these 30 transactions??

  2. Avatar
  3. Avatar
    Galaxy says:

    Itne upi transfers karenge to koi problem nhi aay gi kya, can bank ask question where amd why you are transferring???

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      No issue bro..

      Income Tax issue can only be happen if you have more than 10 Lakh balance in your Bank account (Not Transactions). Or if you earned more than 3 Lakh in an Financial Year (Not Transactions).

      Yup, Some bank may ask question (Only for Review Purpose).

  4. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      No issue bro..

      Income Tax issue can only be happen if you have more than 10 Lakh balance in your Bank account (Not Transactions). Or if you earned more than 3 Lakh in an Financial Year (Not Transactions).

  5. Avatar
    Shantanu says:

    After making 5 upi transaction, i cannot send money and transaction is getting failed for you have exceeded maximum no. Of allowed transaction. What can be done now for doing more transaction today?

  6. Avatar
  7. Avatar
  8. Avatar
  9. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      No issue.. Income tax can apply to those who earn income of 3 Lakh. (transactions are different thing).

  10. Avatar
    rahul says:

    We have to do transactions worth 3 lac for 300 cashback will there be any income tax problem as it is huge amount

  11. Avatar
  12. Avatar
    Ak says:

    Is there any problem with huge amount of transaction? and transaction cannot complete. it shows that maximum upi transactions… Why?????

  13. Avatar
  14. Avatar
  15. Avatar
  16. Avatar
    Ganesh says:

    Bro transaction successful show kar raha he lekin 10000 dusare bank me ni aaya…paytm me call karke 1 hour wait kiya lekin call connect ni hua…kya karu complain karna jaruri he ya apane aap money aa jayega???

  17. Avatar
    akshay bhai says:

    hello sir i have done txn between my two upi id with same bank account then i done 3 lakh more txn can i problem with income tax

  18. Avatar
    Satish says:

    Bro I used Phonepe upi ID and transferred my money and set Paytm BANK as primary bank in both the apps and done transactions and earned cashback. Now again transacted but one transaction is pending and my money is deducted. There is no money in my account

  19. Avatar
  20. Avatar
    Snehasish shee says:

    In utube I am said not to do above 3lakh transaction,else I will not be able to transfer the money for 1 year.please give me right information.i will be thankful to you.

  21. Avatar
  22. Avatar
    Amit says:

    Hi Yashveer/All,

    Could you please tell why ICICI has a limit of 25k only per day for UPI transactions? Can it be increased?

  23. Avatar
  24. Avatar
    Satish says:

    Bro,This offer is now extended for 30 times that means 30 lakhs
    Oh my goodness😱
    Shall I participate in this offer?

  25. Avatar
  26. Avatar
    Deepak says:

    Yash bro, can i do 10 transactions to the same upi address and get cashback..or it should be different for each transaction for this offer.

  27. Avatar
    Mangaldip says:

    Yaa paytm bala ab sabko marbayagi kaya..!!!30 times.. 😱😱.. Bro I have only 1 question.. It’s safe or not.. Police or income tax ki chakar may.. Parna nahi parageto..???

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      You are not doing anything wrong!! Keep doing upi transactions.

      But Bank will surely call you to verify transaction details/Reason.

  28. Avatar
  29. Avatar
  30. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Tell them, You are doing UPi Transactions because an Offer running on Paytm..

      They(Bank) just need reason of txns, Tell them truth.. That’s it.

  31. Avatar
    Parminder singh says:

    Are bhai apne hi bank se apne hi bank mein daal rahe hai, is mein koi dikkat nai ayegi. Try to send on the same bank account.

  32. Avatar
    Nur says:

    Vai… Bht log… YouTube bale bol raha hain…. Transaction ki v limit hota hain… Jada transactions hoga to tax dena padega….!!! But actually truth kis k pass hain???

  33. Avatar
  34. Avatar
  35. Avatar
  36. Avatar
    pradeep says:

    we use same account to transfer 30lakhs (paytm bank) and same account to receive 30lakhs(phone pe or tez) is there any income tax problem ???

  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
    Yuwayne says:

    is there any limit on daily basis to transfer money through upi. i can only transfer 10,000 these times
    Paytm Bank: upto 10 times
    SBI : upto 10 times
    Kotak 811 :upto 5 times
    Airtel Bank : upto 10 times

    after that i get message you have exceeded daily limit set by your bank.
    is there anyway to increase limit or these are for everyone?

  39. Avatar
  40. Avatar
  41. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Contact Paytm then, There was a Bug in this offer by Transaction failed.

      So everything is in pending and even this offer was removed yesterday for couple of hours.

  42. Avatar
  43. Avatar
    RAMESH KUMAR says:

    Bhai maine 300 Transaction complete kr liye pr cashback to mila nhi hr baar 10 Transaction pure hote hi massage bi aaya hai congress your cashback added 24 hours. Kisi ko mila hai kya cashback

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Paytm is not giving cashback for this offer.. Hope they will clear all the pending cashback to all users soon.

      Kindly keep patience.

      • Avatar
        Saurav says:

        Bhai to 10 tho complete karne pad message q aa raha h ki cashback mil jaayega….agar message kiya hai to cashback dega hi….aur offer abhi bhi live hai shaayad??

  44. Avatar
    Ajay Kumar Sharma says:

    Sir I have completed 15 transfers of 10pe 100 but still no cash back….4 din ho gye…. What’s the reason

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Cashback problem comes after a Bug in this offer (Failed UPI Trick).

      Paytm is also deducted amount if some users..

      Hope, They will credit Cashback to all eligible users as soon as possible.

  45. Avatar
  46. Avatar
    RAMESH KUMAR says:

    Bhai offer change ho gya hai maximum 1000 kr diya. Maine to phle hi 30 bar 10 pe 100 done kr liya cashback mile ga ya nhi

  47. Avatar
    Jagvir Singh says:

    I have been used this offer 3 times. However, I haven’t received any cashback till now and the time is up which given by paytm . Afterwards, I took a queries related to my issue they said the amount of 300 has credit to my pytm wallet.
    I got my all cashback except this..
    Totally fake. According to my view don’t waist your time while using this offer..

  48. Avatar
    Shiva says:

    Bro I complete 10 txns amount of 10000 using paytm upi.but I try next 10txns i can’t .it failed every time

  49. Avatar
  50. Avatar
    Senthil says:

    I have done 50 transactions and eligible for cash back of 500 but the cash back not credited to my wallet even after 3 days.

  51. Avatar
    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Cashback problem comes after a Bug in this offer (Upi txn failed trick)…

      Hope pending cashback will credit to our account as soon as possible.

  52. Avatar
    Amit says:

    The offer is expired now. It was till 3rd July 9 pm only.

    Now, the new offer(10 pe 100 UPI Offer) of cashback upto Rs 1000(10 times) is there.

    Please update the post.

  53. Avatar
    Saurav says:

    Bhai aaj 200 rs cashback aaya hai….
    Offer change ho gaya hai…..to kya 28th june-2nd july tak ka cashback dega ki nahi degaaa???

  54. Avatar
    Ashok says:

    Yash bhai jin logo ne paytm ki bug wali problem mein unsuccessful transfer karke offer complete kara tha un logo ko koi cash back nahi milega aur jin logo ne successful money transfer karke offer complete kiya tha sirf un logo ko hi paytm cash back dega. Aur hum is offer ko total sirf 10 bar hi use kar sakte hai matlab jin logo ne 3 baar pehle hi use kar liya tha jab upto 300 cash back tha vo ab 7 baar aur apply kar sakte hai maine aaj hi paytm customer care walo se poocha hai.

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Yes. Because we participate in 30 times offer (So we are eligible for 30 times)

      While New Participants can use max 10 times.

  55. Avatar
    Varun says:

    Yeah bhai mra paytm in person verified nhi hai kya mai khud apna aadhar Dalke iss offer mai participate kr skte hu?? Yaa in person verification finger print vla compulsory hai?

  56. Avatar
    MGR says:

    Bro Today SBI Bank associate called me and said that “Im under screening for for doing this kind of transaction by Anti money laundering ” .What should I do next Im a student only

  57. Avatar
  58. Avatar
    Avinash kumar says:

    I have completed my offer but i havent recieved my ashback yet……and cashback history shows my offer is expired…..will i get my cashback???

  59. Avatar
  60. Avatar
  61. Avatar
  62. Avatar

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