Subscribe to our WhatsApp broadcast alert and get Loot deals alerts

Hi, Friends Today we are Launching our WhatsApp broadcast Service, Here we will Notify you Loot deals & Short times deals. Now-a-days lots of Posts getting Out of stock (oos) within 30 minutes or 1 hours, So we will provide you whatsapp alert for Loot deals. was started on 12 December 2014 with a motive to Provide you guys with the Amazing Free Recharge Tricks and Loot Deals so that you Never need to Pay the Complete amount for the Recharges and you can save unlimited amount of money which you can use for other things.
WhatsApp broadcast alerts

So Hurry up and join our Whatsapp broadcast Alert & Also Ask your friends to Join WhatsApp alerts πŸ™‚

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How to Subscriber for our WhatsApp Broadcast Alert:-


1) Firstly Save this number to your Contact list Currently not recieving as “”.

2) Now goto WhatsApp and refresh your contact and search our Name and Send us Message “SUB Your Name”.

Note:- Please dont message again & again Because you get in Top of whatsApp while we will starting adding from Down to Up.

Also Note This is a Broadcast Service number not for your Help. If you send messages us then we will Banned you. But don’t worry our Website comment box is always available for your Help πŸ™‚

3) That’s it you get added within 3 working days of our WhatsApp broadcast.. (Please Note that we will send you Alert for Loot deal or Short time deal only Not all deals).

Important Note:-

1) We will send WhatsApp Alerts for Loot deals and short time deals only.

2) We will send WhatsApp alert when we post new deal. However sometime alert get delay if Posted by Daksh or Shahil Rajput(Mr. Rajput) and Yashveer Arya is not online that time (but Mostly i am Online till:- 01:00am Night).

3) Almost 80% of users know about How broadcast works but we will tell other 20% users. WhatsApp broadcast alerts works like “A Friend send you message so other people can’t see that message or Number.. So your Number is Safe with us !!

4) Important Note:- We will not reply to your query on whatsApp However “Website comment Field are always welcome”. (Dont try to send many SMS on whatsApp it may lead to permanently banned from broadcast).

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60 thoughts on “Subscribe to our WhatsApp broadcast alert and get Loot deals alerts

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Welcome πŸ™‚

      But only Loot deal we provide.. you need to visit on site daily, otherwise you miss some Good deals.

  1. Rahul Thakur says:

    bro please help me i don’t know much about groupon and i just purchase a food item worth rs 300 for free using your referral code but i got a voucher from groupon can you tell me how to use this voucher



  2. Adil says:

    Hi sir please help me subscribe whatsapp alert
    Subscribe to our WhatsApp broadcast alert and get Loot deals alerts
    Provide your deal whatsApp number
    Thank you !

  3. Rahul Jain says:

    Bro you’re saying Firstly Save this number to your Contact list. But which number to save from contact. Give me what’sup number…

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      We will visible to our number after 1 day..

      We have received too much requests.. So it will take 1 day time to complete.

  4. Akash Aggarwal says:

    Bhai i generally miss the tricks and see them late.. this way i have missed your broadcast number too.. now you have removed the number.. please either mail me or make it visible.. I want broadcasts too ,, πŸ™‚

  5. Nilesh Patel says:

    Mr. Yashveer,

    Can you Please Change youe Whatsapp Name as Recharge Tricks only.

    Because when ever any msg comes its shawing from yashveer on my iphone, makes me confused sometimes when i am busy…. Hope you can understand. I your regular member of site.

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      you need to Change in your Contact List.

      We have already said save our broadcast service number as “” or whatever you want.

  6. akshay says:

    it would be better if you could create group,
    coz can make discussions, share tricks, help each other…
    a good suggestion from me

    • Yashveer Arya
      Yashveer Arya says:

      Bro.. We are facing very Hang Problem in WhatsApp that’s why it get too much delay. Dont worry we will add all peoples in next 4-5 hours.. + you can also receive the confirmation message.

        • Yashveer Arya
          Yashveer Arya says:

          No.. Its problem from your end.

          May be you have Deleted our nunber in your Contact list…

          If you want messages then please add again 8439945857 in your contact list

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