Bharat QR Code – Here Everything You Need to Know

Bharat QR Code, Digital India Bharat QR Code, What Is Bharat QR Code, Bharat QR Code How It Work, Bharat QR Code is a common Quick Response (QR) code standard supporting Visa, MasterCard and Rupay cards. Bharat QR code enables merchants to accept electronic payments without the need for a EDC machine. Bharat QR code based payment allows customers of any bank to use their smartphones to make payments through the Pockets app using their ICICI Bank Debit Card or Pockets Prepaid Card. This new facility allows customers to use their smartphone to scan Bharat Quick QR code at the merchant outlet. The transaction is completed with enhanced security and speed and the card details remain in control of the customer.

Note:- Bharat QR Code Now only Works in Only HDFC Bank Payzapp App & ICICI Bank Pocket App as of Now !!

How to make payments using Bharat QR code?

Now, Only ICICI Bank Pocket App & HDFC Bank Payzapp App Allow this features.

1). First of all Download Payzapp App From Here & Pocket App From Here. Continue reading