15 Internet browsing Tricks that will make your life easier


15 Internet Browsing Tricks that will make your Life easier than Before. We collect a long list of tricks you can use to navigate the web as a ninja. We hope that after reading them all your life will not be the same. Whether you have been surfing the internet for years and remember the days of Netscape and Geocities, or that just a month ago you discovered Facebook; There are always things that are overlooked , small details that can make the experience of using the Internet something much greater than it already is. Keyboard shortcuts, browser functions you did not know existed, solutions to common problems easier than you imagined, and even services you never needed until you tried them for the first time.

Although I have years of taking all possible juice to the web, it is impossible to know everything and be an expert in anything. You always discover new things, there is always a trick around here that you did not know, and a useful page over there that gets you out of a hurry. For all citizens of the Internet, here are a mere 15 tips so that when surfing the web you are happier.

15 Internet Browsing Tips

Here is 15 Internet Browsing Tips to make your Life Easier:-

1) Do a reverse lookup of any image:-

Already in Rechargetricks.in we have explained that it is the inverse search of images and how to make them, but that simple method is slow and complicated in comparison with this one. If you use Google Chrome just press the “S” key on your keyboard and right click on any image you are viewing in the browser to perform an immediate reverse search is not it great?

Do a reverse lookup of any image

Note: this same shortcut in Firefox, sets the image as wallpaper. If you want to search by the image in a single click, from this browser you can install the Search by Image for Google add-on.

2. Complete an URL by pressing 2 keys:-

From all browsers, anything you type in the address bar can be surrounded by www. And .com by simply pressing Ctrl + Enter.

3. Restore the last closed tab:-

If it happened to you like a lot, and you closed a tab by mistake, simply by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + T key combination in your browser, you restore the last tab closed immediately.

4. Copy an URL without moving the mouse pointer

If you use Google Chrome or Firefox and you want to copy the address of the page you see at the moment, or you have to make the enormous effort to move the cursor, select the text and copy it. All you need to do is press the Ctrl + L keys and this will highlight the address immediately, a simple Ctrl + C after you already have the URL in the clipboard.

5. Clear the cache in the blink of an eye

Sure more than once you have had to empty your browser cache so that some websites load well, or simply to delete temporary files and improve Chrome performance. Pressing the Ctrl + Shift + R keys automatically cleans the cache and refreshes the current page.

6. Navigate incognito:-

At this point, I imagine that most people know what it is to navigate this way. Private or incognito navigation lets you navigate freely without any of your data being stored in the browser. History accounts used, downloads, even cookies are not stored. Once closed the window is as if nothing had happened.
To start a private tab in Firefox you only need to press Ctrl + Shift + P, and Chrome is the same but change the letter at the end: Ctrl + Shift + N.

7. Know if a page is inaccessible to everyone or just me

Insurance has happened more than once, a website does not open you and you are not sure if it is completely fallen and nobody can access it, or if it is you, your Internet connection, your browser, your computer, your life, etc. The easiest way to check it is to enter in downforeveryoneorjustme.com to write the address and wait for the answer.

8. Access blocked content in your country:-

The easiest way to access content blocked by region is to use the free Hello Unblocker tool . Hello, it’s easy to use, it’s available on multiple platforms, it does not require you to set anything up, and it lets you choose from a huge list of countries to mask your identity. It not only serves to access content limited to USA but the one that is restricted to almost any other country.

You can install Hello as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Or as a standalone app for Windows and Android.

9. Access the cached version of any web page –

The cached version of a web page is a “catch” of how a site looked at a particular point in time. If it happened to you that you cannot access a site and want to know what it looked like before the “fall”, you can do so by accessing the versions stored in the Google cache, or by Archive.org for example.

From the CachedPages site, you can enter any address and choose from several options to check the cache of that web.

10. Make a GIF from a YouTube video:-

No need to install anything at all, just typing “gif” in front of “YouTube” in the URL of any video, you access the web that automatically converts everything into a GIF. You can edit it, and select which segments you want to download. Gifyoutube a ridiculously cool web.

11. Have an anonymous video call:-

Forget Skype or Hangouts or any other service to make calls online. Gruveo is a website that offers you a disposable phone number to share with whoever you want and in this way you can have an anonymous, free and secure video call. And, thanks to using WebRTC technology, you can use it from Android in the same way.

12. Create a disposable email address:-

Perfect for those cases where you are asked for an email address but you are reluctant to give it because you do not want to be filled in the SPAM inbox. From Mailinator you can create a disposable Inbox with an email address invented by you, do not need a password, or create an account, just use the tray when you need it and then forget about it.

13. Capture any part of a web and add notes

I still get surprised when I see that there are people who do not know how to take a screenshot, but there are. If you want a simple way to take a screenshot of what you see in your browser, you can use Awesome Screenshot, an extension available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari that lets you capture the entire website or just a portion. You can also add text or figures like arrows, circles or boxes to your capture, and then upload it to the web for quick sharing.

14. Save all your tabs in one click and save memory

Once we told you why OneTab was the best extension to manage your tabs, we still believe it is. It is a simple addition to your browser that saves all your tabs in a single site at the same time as it closes and retrieves all the memory that the browser consumes. But you should never worry about having to keep many tabs open so you do not lose them, just filter and always be at hand without consuming resources. OneTab is available for Firefox and Chrome.

Save all your tabs in one click and save memory

15. Send links and files between all your devices

Suppose you purchased one of the best android phone under 10000 and you are unable to synchronize it with your old smartphone and laptop. Pushbullet is an application available to all popular browsers, Android and iOS, which lets you send notes, links, files, images, or lists from one device to another, with a simple click and immediately. It even serves as an add-on that lets you have a mirror of your smartphone notifications directly on your computer screen. Once they start using it they will not be able to live without it.

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