Amazon Incredible India Quiz Answer and Win Rs.15,000


Amazon Incredible India Quiz Answer And Win Rs.15,000 | Win 15000 Amazon pay balance, Amazon Incredible India Quiz Answer, Amazon Incredible India Quiz Answers today :-Hello friends, I keep taking deals in a lot of things, but in the deals that I have brought today, you just have to answer some questions and you can Win 15,000 | Winners Amazon pay balance.

Amazon incredible India Quiz Answers And Win 15000

today the name of the offer I am talking about is the Amazon Incredible India Quiz Answer And Win Rs.15,000 , in this you just have to answer their questions and if the answer to your question is correct, then you get to win the free prize by winning 15000 Amazon pay balance. You can comfortably win up to ₹15,000 Amazon pay balance and I will tell you in my friends that I will help you in winning, I will bring these answers to your questions for you and you just have to participate in that contest. You have to win by giving my answer there.

How to Play Amazon Incredible India Quiz Answer and Win Rs.15,000

  • First of all you have to download amazon app in your mobile from PlayStore
  • If you have already downloaded, then you have to keep your app updated only then you will see the Amazon Incredible India Quiz Answer – Play & Win ₹15,000
  • Then you have to scroll open your app and go to Funzone.
  • Then you will see the Amazon Incredible India Quiz Answer and Win Rs.15,000 banner there and click on it
  • Then you have to click on the start button
  • Answer a Question Correctly to confirm your win.

Correct Amazon Incredible India Quiz Answer and Win Rs.15,000

Question 1. This form of ancient Indian martial art originated in which state?
Answer: Kerala

Question 2. Name this musical instrument.
Answer: Ghatam

Question 3. These wooden toys are a speciality of which Indian state?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh

Question 4. Where did the Mauryan emperor Ashoka build this Great Stupa which is believed to house ashes of the Buddha?
Answer: Sanchi

Question 5. Lucknow is famous for this form of stiching on clothes. What is it called?
Answer: Chikan-kari

  • Congratulations! You are Eligible to Win Rs.15,000 | As Amazon Pay Balance

Winners will be announced by 21st August 2020

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