Buy Kurkure/ Lays/ Uncle Chips Pack of 20 Pack and Get Rs 500 MakeMytrip Bonus Cash


Buy Kurkure/ Lays/ Uncle Chips Pack of 20 Pack and Get Rs 500 MakeMytrip Bonus Cash. Makemytrip Kurkure Offer, Lays, Uncle Chips, Doritos Offer. Now Get Rs 500 MakemyTrip Bonus cash on purchase of Kurkure (Rs 20 pack), Kurkure namkeens (Rs 35 pack), Lay’s (Rs 20 pack), Lay’s Maxx (Rs 20 pack), Doritos (Rs 25 pack), Uncle chips (Rs 20 pack).

How to Get Rs 500 MakemyTrip Bonus Cash from Kurkure, Kurkure Namkeens, Lay’s, Lay’s Maxx, Doritos, Uncle chips:-

1. First of all, Visit on your Nearest General Store and purchase any pack of Kurkure (Rs 20 pack), Kurkure namkeens (Rs 35 pack), Lay’s (Rs 20 pack), Lay’s Maxx (Rs 20 pack), Doritos (Rs 25 pack), Uncle chips (Rs 20 pack).

2. You will get the Coupon inside pack.

3. Now we are going to use it on Makemytrip App.

4. Now Download MakeMyTrip App from Here

5. Install and Open the Makemytrip App.

6. Login/Sign up your Makemytrip account.

7. Now Go to “My” tab on the MMT App home page & select “Redeem Coupon” option; (You will get the Coupon inside Kurkure/ Lays /Uncle Chips/Doritos Pack ).

8. Enter the MMT Code in the text box and click Apply; The MMT Code would thus get applied and amount will be credited to the Participant’s MakeMyTrip MyWallet balance as Bonus Cash.

Terms & Conditions of the Offer:-

  • The ‘Bada Pack Bada Dhamaka’ promotion (‘Promo’) is being jointly organized by PepsiCo India Holdings Private Limited (“PIH”) and MakeMyTrip (India) Private Limited (“MMT”) (collectively “Organizers”). Promo is valid only on the purchase of following products, hereinafter referred to as ‘Products‘:
    1. ‘Kurkure’ and its variants, of MRP INR 20/- (Indian Rupees Twenty only) and above (excluding INR. 25 variant)
    2. ‘Kurkure’ namkeens category of MRP INR 35/- (Indian Rupees Thirty Five only)
    3. ‘Lay’s’ (excluding Crispz & Twistz) of MRP INR 20/- (Indian Rupees Twenty only) and above (excluding INR. 25 variant)
    4. ‘Lay’s Maxx’ and its variants, of MRP INR 20/- (Indian Rupees twenty) and above
    5. ‘Doritos’ and its variants, of MRP INR 25/- (Indian Rupees Twenty Five only) and above
    6. ‘Uncle Chipps’ and its variants, of MRP INR 20/- (Indian Rupees Twenty only) and above.
    7. *MRP inclusive of all taxes.
  • Promo is valid from 1st June, 2018 to 31stJanuary, 2019, both dates inclusive, or till stocks last, whichever is earlier (‘Promotion Period‘), in the territory of India. The offer for Bonus Prize (as defined below) is not applicable in the State of Tamil Nadu.
  • Participation is optional. Product may also be available without this offer for limited period, subject to availability of stock.
  • Promo is open to all Indian citizens residing in India, above 18 years of age (‘Participant’). The Promo is not open to (a) the employees of Organizers, (b) their respective family members, employees of Organizers’ respective associate companies, bottlers, partners, alliances, JV partners, co-packers, distributors, agents, advertising and promotional agencies and auditors and their associate companies, (c) persons who are not “competent to contract” within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.
  • The Promo is conducted under the supervision of an independent auditor.
    1. The Participant will need to purchase any Product (as defined above) to participate in the Promo, the Participant has to look on the inner wall inside the pack of the purchased Product, where he/she will find a 16 digit code (“MMT Code”)
    2. The Participant (recognized by his/her MMT account ID) can receive Assured Prize under Promo maximum two times only, through use of two different codes by purchase of two different Product packs. Participant (recognized by MMT account ID) shall not be eligible to receive the Assured Prize on subsequent purchases of Products. Any participation without the MMT Code or with a fake code, will be considered invalid.
    3. Participant shall, after obtaining the MMT Code by purchasing the Product, log on to the mobile application of ‘MakeMyTrip’ available on Android and iOS smartphones (“MMT App”), log into his/her account (or create an account if he/she does not already have an account) and follow the following steps:
      • Go to “My” tab on the MMT App home page & select “Redeem Coupon” option;
      • Enter the MMT Code in the text box and click Apply; The MMT Code would thus get applied and amount will be credited to the Participant’s MakeMyTrip MyWallet balance as Bonus Cash.
    1. Participation and applying the MMT Code on the MMT App, as per these terms and conditions, will entitle such participant to receive MakeMyTrip MyWallet bonus cash of INR 500/- (Indian Rupees Five Hundred only) in his/her MakeMyTrip account (“Assured Prize” / “Bonus Cash”). Participants can avail the Assured Prize a maximum of two times. Therefore, Participants can receive a maximum amount of INR 1,000/- (Indian Rupees One Thousand only) as MakeMyTrip MyWallet bonus cash under this Promo.
    1. The usage of this wallet amount would be governed by terms and conditions as mentioned at the following link:, including the following:
      1. ‘Bonus’ amount can be used in bookings done on Android or iOS mobile apps of MMT and website through same MMT Account ID
      2. Limit of ‘Bonus’ amount which may be redeemed in each booking (amounts are inclusive of any balance and accumulations in participant’s MMT account) is mentioned in the table provided at above mentioned web link.
      3. Depending on the total booking amount, Participant may or may not be able to redeem the entire Assured Prize of Rs. 500/- in one booking. Participant may need to make multiple bookings to redeem the entire Assured Prize amount.
    2. Participant may redeem the MyWallet Bonus Cash earned during this Promo on subsequent bookings made for flights, hotels, bus, cabs and holidays on MakeMyTrip.
    3. The Assured Prize credited through this Promo is valid for usage for 90 (ninety) days from the date of credit. If unutilized, it will cease to exist and will not be renewed under any circumstances.
    4. In case the Bonus Cash is not credited to your MakeMyTrip Wallet, after following the steps of code redemption as detailed in 6 (iii) Participant must write to
      • The MMT Code can be redeemed only till 23:59 hours IST on January 31, 2019.
      • The MMT Code is valid for redemption only on latest MMT’s Android and iOS App, and not through any other mode. Please update your app to the latest version before availing this offer. Version 7.1.1 and above for Android, and Version 5.8.5 and above for iOS
      • The MMT Code is for one-time usage only and can be applied only once per MakeMyTrip Account ID on or before the above time line.
      • Only two MMT Codes from this Promo’s list of codes can be clubbed per MakeMyTripAccount ID.
      • When a Participant makes a booking using their MyWallet Bonus Cash received as Assured Prize, in the event of cancellation of the booking, the Bonus Cash used shall be credited back to his/her MakeMyTrip MyWallet.
      • Assured Prize of MyWallet Bonus Cash cannot be transferred to any bank account. Additionally, Bonus Cash across multiple MakeMyTrip accounts cannot be combined into a single account.
      • Usage conditions of MyWallet Bonus Cash may change at the discretion of MakeMyTrip, at any point in time, without any notice or obligation to the Participant.
      • The device on which Participant downloads the MMT App to claim the MyWallet Bonus Cash should not be rooted or jail-broken.
      • MMT App should not be installed using App runtime for Chrome, emulators or simulators.
    1. For following periods, MMT shall collate the entries of the Participants who have availed the Assured Prize from MMT during the said periods, and put all such entries in a randomizer software within the dates mentioned below basis which the following no. of winners would be selected:
      1ST JUNE , 2018 – 30TH SEPTEMBER , 2018 15th October, 2018 50,000
      1ST JUNE, 2018 – 30TH NOVEMBER , 2018 15th December , 2018 50,000
      1ST JUNE , 2018 – 31ST JANUARY , 2019 15th February , 2019 1,00,000
    2. It is clarified that the Participants who have been selected as the winners in any of the periods mentioned above, will not be considered for the randomizer entry in any subsequent period. As mentioned in the table above, a total of 2,00,000 (two lacs) entries will be selected via the randomizer software who will be entitled to win the following:
      1. Hotels Gift Card worth INR 750/- (Rupees Seven Hundred and Fifty only) valid on hotel bookings on MMT.
      2. Domestic Flight Coupon Code(discount code): INR 750/- (Rupees Seven Hundred and Fifty only) valid on round trip flight bookings on MMT, minimum booking condition at INR 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only)
    3. The Hotels Gift Card and Domestic Flight Coupon Code shall collectively be referred to as “Bonus Prize”. Prize would be in the form of e-coupons, with discount codes printed on them which would be given by or on behalf of MMT, via email to selected winners as per column 3 above. Bonus Prize can be used only to book hotels/round trip flights from the MMT App or website.
      1. The Hotels Gift Card is valid for redemption till 3 (three) months from the day of receipt, for any travel date in future.
      2. Hotels Gift Cards will be valid only on purchase made at MakeMyTrip website and on Android/iOS app of MakeMyTrip.
      3. The Hotels Gift Card is valid for purchases made on Hotels only
      4. The value of the Hotels Gift Card is INR 750/-. Participants can check their available balance at the following link
      5. The Hotels Gift Card cannot be clubbed with any other ongoing offer discount/cash back/promotion run by MMT.
      6. Redemption process for Hotels Gift Cards:
        • Can be redeemed online at or on MMT App. Please follow the steps listed below:
        • Select your hotel and fill required details till you reach the payment page.
        • On MMT website, click on “More options” and Select “Gift Card” as your Payment Mode. On MMT App, choose “Gift Card” as the payment option
        • Enter your Hotels Gift Card/ Card No. (16 Digit) and 6 Digit Pin No. This pin is required to be entered along with the Gift Card number to redeem the Hotel Gift Card.
        • Click on “Make Payment” and pay the balance amount (if any) using other payment modes listed
        • Hotels Gift Card is not redeemable at MakeMyTrip offline offices.
      7. The Hotels Gift card is not valid on any bookings other than hotels, such as flights, holidays, bus, cabs and rail bookings.
      8. Participant must enter the correct Hotels Gift Card code and Pin at the time of online booking to redeem the Hotels Gift Card.
      9. The Hotels Gift Card is valid for partial redemption. Balance would remain in the gift card till the validity period and can be reused for multiple transactions.
      10. Only one Gift Card can be used per transaction and multiple gift cards cannot be combined in a single transaction
      11. In case of transaction failures after Hotels Gift Card is applied, amount would be automatically refunded to the same cards within 24 hours.
      12. For any queries, please write to:
      13. Services are subject to availability.
      14. The Hotel Gift Card cannot be cancelled or exchanged for cash.
      15. The Hotel Gift Card validity cannot be extended under any circumstances.
      16. In case of cancellation of bookings made using the Hotel Gift Card within the validity period, the amount will be reversed to the same card as used at the time of booking.
      17. Participants are required to save the Hotel Gift Card number and PIN to utilize this refunded amount as Organizers will not be able to reset the PIN or reissue a new gift card number.
      18. In case of cancellations where the Hotel Gift Card validity has expired, no refund will be processed for the amount paid by the Hotel Gift Card.
      19. Organizers are not responsible if the gift card is lost, stolen or used without permission.
      20. Organizers are s the final authority on the interpretation of these terms and conditions.
      21. Organizers reserve the right to deny accepting any Hotel Gift Card if it suspects that there is duplicity of cards.
      22. In no event the liability of Organizers for any claims shall exceed the value of the Hotel Gift Card.
      23. User Agreement and Privacy Policy at MakeMyTrip website shall apply.
      1. The minimum booking amount for domestic flights should be excluding convenience fee and any ancillaries purchased e.g: meals, insurance etc.
      2. To redeem the Domestic Flight Coupon Code, Participant must enter the unique e-coupon code received via email from MakeMyTrip in the e-coupon field before making the payment on the MMT website/ MMT App.
      3. The Domestic Flight Coupon Code can be redeemed only on bookings made within 90 (ninety) days from date of receipt of Domestic Flight Coupon Code
      4. The Domestic Flight Coupon Code can be applied only once per email ID on or before the above time line i.e. maximum of one booking under domestic flights.
      5. The Domestic Flight Coupon Code is valid for bookings made on MMT’s website, MMT App and MMT mobile site only.
      6. Offer is not applicable on payments made through My Wallet (MakeMyTrip Wallet – bonus amount), 3rd party wallets, loyalty cards and gift card. This it to clarify that Assured Prize and Bonus Prize cannot be used together while making bookings on MMT platform.
      7. My Wallet cash usage shall be governed by the terms provided at
      8. This offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer of MakeMyTrip
      9. Conditions in case of cancellation
        • If the Customer cancels the Domestic Flight booking where the Coupon Code has been used, MakeMyTrip will process the refund net of card paid amount only, post incorporating the cancellation/rescheduling charges
  • MMT is responsible for providing the Assured Prize and the Bonus Prize to the Participants/winners.
  • It is clarified that in case the Participant wins a prize, the Organizers may at their sole discretion ask the claimant to mandatorily produce documentary evidence to prove that the participant bought the Product. In case, the claimant is unable to provide any such document to the satisfaction of the Organizer, the Organizer will have the sole discretion to either forfeit the prize or pass it on to the next winner claimant.
  • Any attempt to participate in the Promo without purchasing a Product plying this Promo or with a fake code, will be considered invalid.
  • This entering of the MMT Code will be considered as the entry of the Participant. Entries are deemed to be submitted at the time of receipt of the MMT Code into MMT’s database, and not at the time of transmission by the participants. Organizers do not guarantee submission of MMT Code(s) on the MMT’s website and are not responsible in case the MMT Code does not get submitted due to any reason, including network problem. The database of MMT Codes maintained by MMT shall be considered final and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.
  • Assured Prize and Bonus Prize must be redeemed within 3 (three) months from receipt.
  • It is clarified that in addition to these terms and conditions, the Participant shall at all times be bound by the terms and conditions as imposed by MMT on usage of its websites, microsites, applications, purchase of services, usage of vouchers etc.
  • PIH shall not be responsible for failure of MMT to provide the Assured Prize or the Bonus Prize to the Participant(s) or any downtime on the services, caused due to technical or other factors attributable at the end of MMT that may occur for reasons including but not limited to failure of hardware equipment, configuration issue, decisions, change in marketing plans and / or changes in regulations that are carried out by any judicial or quasi-judicial or regulatory body.
  • Participant agrees that participation in this Promo is at its sole risk. PIH, MMT and their respective affiliates, and their officers, directors, employees, and agents disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability, availability, and fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.
  • The prizes are non-transferable, non-returnable, non-refundable and non-negotiable. No requests for transfer or assignment or redemption of the benefits shall be entertained.
  • The offers under this Promo cannot be clubbed with any other offer.
  • The decision of Organizers shall be final with respect to all matters relating to this Promo and the result of this Promo and shall not be subject to review or appeal by any customer or by any third party.
  • The authorized subscriber of the e-mail account used to enter the Promo at the actual time of entry will be deemed to be the participant and must comply with these terms & conditions in the event of a dispute as to entries submitted by multiple users having the same e-mail account. The authorized account holder is deemed to be the natural person who is assigned to an e-mail address by an Internet access provider, service provider, or other online organization that is responsible for assigning e-mail addresses for the domain associated with the submitted e-mail address.
  • Entry will be void if it is incomplete or if customer uses robotic, automatic, programmed or similar entry methods.
  • Organizers shall not be liable for:
    1. any incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate information, whether caused by website users, or by any equipment or programming associated with or utilized in this Promo and assume no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, or delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or tampering with website;
    2. any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the Promo, injury or damage to the Participan or any other computer or mobile resulting from downloading any materials in connection with the Promo
    3. any increase or decrease in the market value of the Assures Prize/Bonus Prize.
  • All MMT service related complaints/queries etc. shall be directly taken up by the participants with MMT at, and not with PIH in any circumstances whatsoever.
    1. It is clarified that pursuant to the Bonus Prize, when the winners undertake domestic or international travel, thus, the winner shall be responsible for complying with all travel related requirements, and Organizers shall not be responsible for assisting or fulfilling any such requirements for the winner.
    2. The Organizers or their agencies are not required to entertain/respond to/comply with any communication/request/claim requiring the Organizer to provide any proof to any Participant or any other party, with respect to details of other Participants, prize won by other Participants etc. Such information will be strictly confidential and shall not be shared with any Participant or any other third party, except as considered necessary in the sole discretion of PIH.
    3. One participant with an email ID can win 1 (one) Bonus Prize only. Therefore, a Participant who has participated in the Promo using two different email IDs, and in case both his/her email IDs are selected through the randomizer, then he/she will be entitled to claim only 1(one) Bonus Prize, which was selected first in time.
    4. Presentation of such identity proof, email id ownership proof may be required by the Organizers at their sole discretion. Participants must provide such proofs to Organizers to claim their prize.
    5. The Bonus Prize winner would receive the Bonus Prize to his email ID as registered with MMT.
    6. Organizers assume no responsibility with respect to the hotel/lodging/travel formalities.
    7. No request for change or up-gradation of the prize shall be entertained by the Organizer.
    8. If any Bonus Prize winner(s) fails to take the flight or hotel under the Bonus Prize, even after utilizing the Bonus Prize for making hotel/flight bookings, the Organizers would not be responsible for compensating such winner(s).
    9. Organizers shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or any other liability to the winners, arising out of the stay at the hotel/flight to the location booked by utilizing Bonus Prize, for which the Bonus Prize winners may be required to sign an indemnity in favour of Organizers.
    10. Organizers shall not be liable for any cancellations and/or delays including but not limited to the transport arrangements, due to any reason including but not limited to force majeure and/or logistical problems. The Bonus Prize winner shall not have any claim against Organizers for the same. Organizers shall not be responsible for any such eventuality and the Bonus Prize winners undertake not to claim any compensation from Organizers for the same.
    11. Only the person in whose name the email ID (through which the Participant has logged into MMT platform) is registered, shall be eligible to be the claimant of the Bonus Prize.
    12. The Bonus Prize once sent to winner’s email ID cannot be replaced under any circumstances.
    13. By participating in the Promo the participants waive the conditions of the DND directory and the participants acknowledge that the Organizers can contact the participants for future promotions.
    14. All complaints related to guarantee/warranty/defects/merchantability/price/service of the products/services purchased/availed by the Assured Prize or Bonus Prize winners shall be directly taken up with the product manufacturer/distributor/service provider. The Organizers make no representation or warranty of any kind, either express or implied, with respect to any products purchased by the Assured Prize / Bonus Prize winners.
    15. Organizers reserve the right to cancel, modify, extend or withdraw the Promo at its sole and absolute discretion. Organizers reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice.
    16. Charges and expenses borne by any participant for participating in the Promo, for example, purchase of Product, internet charges for submitting the MMT Code etc. shall not be claimed from the Organizers and the participants shall continue to be liable for them.
    17. Decision of the Organizers will be final and binding with regard to Promo and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
    18. By participating in this Promo, it is deemed that the Participant has read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions, and that the Participant unconditionally and irrevocably accepts and agrees to be bound by all these terms and conditions as stated herein. In the event that any person is found to be ineligible or in breach of these terms and conditions, then Organizer shall have the right, but not the obligation to disqualify such person from the Promo forthwith, with no obligation to compensate such person in any manner.
    19. Prize is not transferable and no cash payment in lieu of the Prize will be made.
    20. In the event of a death of the winner of Prize, no claim from his/her nominees or legal heirs will be entertained for receiving the Prize.
    21. This Promo cannot be clubbed with any other promotion/offer/discounts which may be applicable on the products of PIH or products/services sold/provided via the MMT platform.
    22. In case a customer finds a Product pack with a defective label which does not carry an MMT Code (due to technical reasons) and files a complaint for the same or approaches the Organizers with this complaint, the Organizers’ liability would be limited to providing the complainant with a new pack of the Product to enable him/her to participate in the Promo as per T&C. The complainant cannot demand any monetary or other compensation for the same.
    23. At the Organizer’s request, winner of prizes must participate in all promotional activity (such as publicity and photography) surrounding the winning of the prize, free of charge, and they consent to the Organizers using their name, likeness, image and/or voice in the event they are a winner (including photograph, film and/or recording of the same) in promotional material or in any media for an unlimited period without remuneration for the purpose of promoting this Promo (including any outcome), and promoting any products manufactured, distributed and/or supplied by the Organizer.
    24. The pictures of product(s) on which prize is redeemable, or the prizes themselves depicted on the press ads/ posters/ trade letters etc. are only representative and the actual product(s) or prize may vary from the depictions.
    25. Other than the costs expressly and unconditionally agreed herein to be borne by the Organizers, Participants will have to bear incidental costs, if any, that may arise for redemption of the Prize.
    26. Organizers shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or any other liability arising out of the Promo.
    27. Organizers shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to Act of God, Governmental actions, other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for any such loss.
    28. Participants shall comply with these terms and conditions and waives any right to claim ambiguity in these terms and conditions and release, indemnify and hold harmless Organizers and their respective affiliates, advertising and promotion agencies, and their respective owners, agents, auditors, representatives, officers, directors and employees from and against any injuries, losses, damages, claims, actions, or any liability of any kind relating to, resulting from or arising from this Promo or any product or prize provided in connection therewith.
    29. Organizer shall not be liable for any loss of prize due to loss of Product pack/Product label or incorrect information provided by the Participant.
    30. Nothing in the Promo or in the advertising/promotional material relating to the Promo or on the MMT platform shall be deemed to be a permission to use or claim any right or interest in the respective intellectual property rights of the Organizers.
    31. All applicable taxes/levies and charges (including but not limited to gift tax, registration charges, insurance etc. where applicable) on Prize will be the responsibility of the participant.
    32. The submission of false, incorrect, misleading or fraudulent documentation/ information may result in disqualification from this Promo by the Organizers. It may further attract legal action as deemed fit by the Organizers.
    33. All disputes relating to this Promo shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at New Delhi only.
    34. Organizer reserves the right to change its products available for the Promo.
    35. Promo is valid till stocks of Products last or the end of Promotion Period, whichever is earlier.
    36. At the end of the Promotion Period, all of Organizer’s obligations in regard to the Promo shall terminate.
    37. Organizers hold the exclusive right at their sole discretion to refuse, or withdraw, deny and/or alter the Promo to any customer.
    38. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant from the benefits of the Promo, if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out by the participant for the purpose of availing the benefits under the Promo or otherwise by use of the MMT platforms.
    39. For any debit or credit card related issues including net banking or such other modes of payment, the participant shall approach the authorized Bank and Organizers shall not entertain any such claims.
    40. In the event of any misuse or abuse of the Promo by the participant or travel agent, Organizers reserve the right to disqualify the participant from participating in this Promo.
    41. In no event the entire liability of Organizers under this Promo shall exceed the amount of promotional cashback under this Promo.
    42. Organizers shall not be liable to for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the Promo.
    43. User Agreement and Privacy Policy available at MMT website shall apply, which are available at
    44. Participants, who are travel agents by occupation, are barred from making bookings for their customers and Organizers reserve the right to deny the offer against such bookings or to cancel such bookings. For such cases, MMT shall not refund the booking amount.


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