Complete Paytm Full Kyc By Video Call Method


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As You Know That In Our Website Daily I Come With A New And Interesting Offer Today In This Post I Will Tell You How You Can Complete Paytm Full Kyc Method By Video Call Method Many Of The Paytm User Who Dont Created Paytm Full Kyc Account Then This Blog Post For You If You Already Created Your Full Kyc Account Then You Want To Use Alternative Paytm Account Then Read This Post Atleast 2 Minutes So Lets Explore This Post A To Z

Last Year Many Of The User Created Full Kyc Account By Customer Support Only You Have To Send Your Details Document To The Customer And Paytm Will Verify Your Account But Some Reason Occur Some Errors Then Paytm Have Stopped This Service

Paytm Video Kyc :-

In 2020 Due To Covid 19 Paytm Has Started Video Call Kyc Method Many Of The Paytm Agent Work From Started So That Time  Paytm Has Started To Complete Customer Full Kyc Using Video Call Method

This Opportunity For All  Non Kyc User Many Of The User Paytm Non Kyc User Got Options In Paytm Account To Complete Full Kyc By Video Call Method

Paytm Mini Kyc :-

  • You Cant pay to 12 Million+ Merchants who accept Paytm
  • Can pay online on any app/website
  • Maintain balance up to ₹10,000 per month
  • Cannot send money to a friend’s wallet
  • Cannot transfer money to the bank
  • Cannot keep the balance of up to ₹1,00,000
  • Cannot open Savings Account

Paytm Full Kyc Verified Account:-

  • You can Pay to Any Merchants
  • Pay online on any app/ website
  • You Can Get A Free Virtual Card
  • Send money to friends Send money to any bank
  • Keep balance up to 1 Lakh in your Wallet Open
  • The amount of money you can hold in your wallet gets upgraded from ₹10,000 to ₹1,00,000
  • No spending limit on your wallet account
  • You can transfer money to any other wallet or bank account
  • You become eligible to open Paytm Payments Bank Savings Account

Requirements To Complete Full Kyc:-

  • Adhar Card/Pan Card
  • Paytm Account
  • Paytm App
  • Sim Card
  • Internet Connection

Steps To Complete Paytm Full Kyc Account By Video Call Method:-

1.First Of Download Paytm App If You Already Download Then Update The App From Play Store

2.Then Create Account Or Login Into Paytm Account

3. Then Click On Top Left Corner Profile Section

4.Then Go To Settings Secton

5.Then Click On Upgrade Your Account And Unlock Benefits

6.Then Paytm Will Show You Benefits Of Upgrading Account So Click On Upgrade Your Account Now

7.After You Will See A Video Kyc Method To Complete Kyc Then Paytm Will Show You Keep Ready Your Documents And Get Ready For Video Kyc

8. Then Click On Video Kyc

9. Then Enter Your Adhar Card Card Details

10. After Entering Your Adhard Card Details Then your call will be automatically sent to the Paytm agent

11. If Paytm Agent Is Busy Then Paytm Agent Call You Back

12. If The Call Is Received Then The Paytm Agent Passes, Then Give All Your Details Correctly And Your aAccount Will Be Created In 5 Minutes.

Paytm Full Kyc General Terms And Conditions:-

  • You hereby agree and understand that the following terms pertaining to KYC as displayed below shall be applicable in respect of the KYC process undertaken by Paytm Payments Bank Limited and the same shall be read in conjunction
  • You hereby understand and agree that necessary “Know Your Customer” checks/customer due diligence (“KYC”) in accordance with the applicable laws/regulations shall be required to be undertaken by Paytm Payments Bank Limited (PPBL) for you prior to commencement of any account based and/or transactional relationship with PPBL.
  • You understand and agree that PPBL may at its sole discretion and in accordance with applicable laws, undertake manual/physical KYC process or e-KYC process of UIDAI including bio-metric or OTP authentication in respect of you.
  • You understand that under biometric e-KYC process, your biometric information will not be stored and will be submitted to Central Identities Data Repository for authentication.
  • You hereby explicitly consent to PPBL authenticating your KYC information by way of the above mentioned KYC process, either through its partners, agents or by itself, with the relevant statutory authorities for fulfilling KYC requirements.
  • You understand that Permanent Account Number (PAN) submitted by you shall be required for under-taking certain transactions under the Income Tax regulations.
  • You hereby agree and undertake to submit Form 60 to PPBL, in the event of you not having a PAN and that the information mentioned therein shall be applicable to all accounts held by you.
  • You further agree and understand that any person making a false statement/declaration in the said Form 60 shall be liable to prosecution under section 277 of the Income-tax Act, 1961. You further declare that in case of you not having a
  • Permanent Account Number, your estimated total income (including income of spouse, minor child etc. as per section 64 of Income-tax Act, 1961) computed in accordance with the provisions of Income-tax Act, 1961 for the financial year in which the above transaction is held will be less than maximum amount not chargeable to tax.
  • You agree and understand that your account related information may be shared as required under applicable laws/regulation.
  • You declare that you are an Indian Citizen, you are an Indian resident and Tax resident of India and of no other country. You agree to submit new details within 30 days if any of the above information has undergone changes.
  • You hereby declare that the details furnished above and /or submitted by way of documents/information to PPBL are true, correct and complete in all respects and that the copies of POI (Proof of Identity) and POA (Proof of Address) being submitted by you during the non-video KYC verification process are true copies of the originals, and PPBL shall be kept indemnified and held harmless by you with regard to any misrepresentations, errors, discrepancies etc. in the information as provided by you.
  • You hereby declare that no other bank account has been opened by you nor will be opened by you using OTP based authentication either with PPBL or with any other banks.
  • You hereby understand and agree that in case of minor accounts, PPBL shall be entitled to undertake the KYC of the minor as per the processes contemplated under clause 2 of these KYC Terms and Conditions along the fulfillment of other formalities required for the opening and maintenance of such accounts with PPBL.
  • You hereby agree and confirm that PPBL either through its agents, partners and/or by itself shall be entitled to undertake enhanced due diligence procedures in accordance with applicable RBI guidelines.
  • You hereby expressly consent that PPBL can disclose such information to its partners for such purposes.
  • You do hereby declare that what is stated above is true to the best of your knowledge and belief.
  • You hereby agree, that all disputes relating to and/or arising out of the information/documents provided pursuant to this KYC Form/Terms, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of a court of competent jurisdiction in one of the following cities:

– New Delhi – for all KYC Forms filled out in the northern states;

– Mumbai – for all KYC Forms filled out in the western states;

– Kolkata – for all KYC Forms filled out in the eastern states; and

– Bengaluru – for all KYC Forms filled out in the southern states.

  • Any intimation to you may be provided to you electronically, either through PPBL’s mobile application or PPBL’s website or on the addresses as provided by you herewith.
  • You hereby agreed and understand that your KYC details may be shared with Central KYC Registry and hereby further consent for accessing your KYC information including downloading and updating your profile and the related documents in respect thereto from Central KYC Registry and also to receiving information from Central KYC Registry/PPBL through SMS/Email on my registered mobile number/email address. You hereby agree and understand that PPBL shall use this information for verifying or updating your profile and updating PPBL’s records.
  • You hereby agree and understand that PPBL reserves the sole discretion to close your Account, if it comes to the knowledge of PPBL that you have furnished wrong, incomplete, false and misleading information and/or failed to furnish necessary information as requested by PPBL from time to time in respect of the KYC documents.
  • You understand that Video based Customer Identification Process (hereinafter referred to as “video KYC”) is a method of identification by an employee of PPBL, by undertaking seamless, secure, real-time, consent based audio-visual interaction with you to obtain identification information including the documents required for your due diligence purpose, and to ascertain the veracity of the information furnished by you.
  • You understand that for undertaking and completing video KYC you have to have in your possession the original PAN card. Any photocopy/ true copy/ certified copy etc. will not be acceptable and the video KYC process will not be completed.
  • You agree and acknowledge that during the video KYC process, your location shall be captured and photo for the purposes of identification and the photo of your PAN card shall be clicked by the employee of PPBL and the complete video call shall be recorded and stored by PPBL.
  • You hereby expressly consent for such recording and storing of the video call, your location and the above mentioned photos by PPBL.
  • You understand that for completion of the video KYC process, you will be requested to answer certain questions by the PPBL employee.
  • You understand and agree that if the answers given by you are not matching with or are inconsistent with the documents provided by you or are unsatisfactory in nature, then your video KYC may be rejected by PPBL at its sole discretion.
  • The initiation of the video KYC process can be facilitated either by you or through an authorized representative of PPBL, however, the video KYC process shall be solely completed by you basis your interaction with the PPBL employee and due assessment by PPBL.
  • You agree and understand that PPBL may at its sole discretion reject such completed video KYC if the same does not meet the quality parameters of PPBL and/or is found in violation of PPBL regulatory policies and guidelines and/or is found to be spoofed or subject to fraudulent manipulations.
  • You agree and understand that during the video KYC process, you shall be expected to carefully and correctly follow PPBL’s instructions/ directions to proceed further for fulfillment of all stages of the video KYC process.
  • You understand and acknowledge that PPBL at its sole discretion, reserves the right to dis-allow you to commence the video KYC process, basis its internal policies and guidelines.
  • Paytm Payments Bank account can be opened only by a Resident Indian.
  • Paytm Payments Bank is allowed to hold a maximum balance of Rs.100,000/- per individual customer at the end of the day i.e. the combined balance of the customer’s wallet, savings and current accounts should not exceed Rs.100,000/-at the end of the day.
  • There is no minimum balance requirement to open an account with Paytm Payments Bank. Hence, customer can open an account with Paytm Payments Bank even with zero balance.
  • The Customer hereby agrees and understands that upon opening of a savings bank account with Paytm Payments Bank Limited, a UPI virtual payment address (“UPI VPA”) shall be created.
  • The Customer shall be able to access the said generated UPI VPA in the Money Transfer section of the Paytm App and prior to activation of the same, shall only be in a position to use this UPI VPA for receipt of funds in the linked PPBL account.
  • The Customer hereby agrees and understands that the completion of the entire device binding and the PIN/Passcode setting process as required by PPBL is an essential condition for activation and usage of the full functionality of the UPI facility.
  • Paytm Payments Bank is not permitted to offer loans, overdrafts/advances against customer deposits, credit cards, term deposits, recurring deposits, PPF accounts, demat accounts etc.
  • In case Paytm Payments Bank offers such products, the same will be in collaboration with the partner institutions.
    Nomination facility is available for all deposit accounts.

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