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As you all know, we started our journey for almost a month ago and we constantly provides you the offers and deals for various categories. At this point, our realization leads to a quick conclusion: “We need help from some Talented Professional Authors!” So now it’s the time to expand our service to a new level. We are now in search of some New Authors for our team who are talented professional writers and most importantly are trusted. We know this might seem like searching a UNICORN.

But we are sure that this awesome hunt will lead us to some Highly Talented Authors and Post Content Writers for our Team. And we will be conducting search from all over India just to make sure no one is left behind.

If you feel you are one of them, then c’mon don’t just sit back. JOIN US.
How to become Dealscoupon Author :-

We are now going to discuss the step by step procedure for being an Author for DealsCoupon. But before that let us tell you the qualities and attributes which we are looking for in our authors.

8 Attributes We Need in Our Authors:-

1) Curiosity We need the guys who are curious for this job and not the ones who will consider it for time pass. We need our Authors to post atleast 3-5 deals each day.

2) Creative We want the guys who can create post content with the magic of their words. We need our authors to be creative enough. But Copy-paste content from other website is strictly not allowed because it will become duplicate content and you know Google knows everything. They will easily understand that its a duplicate content, because of which Google won’t give Higher-ranking in Google search result.

3) Experienced We want the guys who are experienced and knows every basic thing about Posting and creating contents, HTML & WordPress, etc.

4) Knowledgeable We need the guys who are intelligent and well-informed about Deals, Offers, Online Shopping, Loot Deals, Offers, etc. We’ll not accept any kind of crap being posted on our site.

5) English Perfection We need authors to be perfect in English and can use the best words to describe the posts in their own words. Hence, our authors must have a perfect command on their Grammar.

6) Trust We need the guys who are trust-worthy. Vice-versa, we need our authors to trust us.

7) Punctual & Fast We need our authors to be punctual and fast in posting any offer or loot offer before anyone else. We will not accept your laziness. Also, there is no need for you to fill up SEO section and this will be done by the Admin. So this will save your time and you can make the posts much more faster.

7) SEO – There is no need for SEO, but copy-paste from other website is not acceptable, because copy-paste hurt our website ranking in Search Result, Thankyou!

MOST IMPORTANT THING – TIME plays a important role in being an Author. So apply for this job only if you have enough time for posting and writing contents. We don’t want those authors who can’t even contribute daily to our site.

So if you have these attributes and want to become an author, then obviously “YOU’RE THE ONE WE ARE SEARCHING FOR.”
Procedure for Joining Us :-

For being an author at, you will need to go through the given procedure as mentioned below. (You need to submit these details on Google Forms not in website comment field.)

  1. Your Name:-
  2. Age:-
  3. Your Number (Must be available on whatsApp):-
  4. Have you ever work for any other website? If yes then please Mention else type “No”
  5. What is your Timings to contribute ?
  6. What are you doing in your study ?
  7. Please Type a Good Post Here (i would like if you submit with color headings etc)
  8. Can you tell me about How you Find deals, coupons etc (Please Explain with full explanation)
  9. Why should we Select you for Author ? Explain your qualities


NOTE:- Please Submit the Form carefully with Good Explaination in detail. Please do not submit short answers because we will ignore short answers entries. So before submit check everything.

1) First of all, Visit Google Forms Page Here ( Please Submit a Post also of your choice no matter its expired or live we want to check your writing skills only.)

Note:- Please Read this Full Post 2 times before submit this Google forms Thankyou!

2) Here you will get various questions and you need to follow them with Good Explaination.

Note:- Please Submit the Form carefully with Good Explaination in detail. Please do not submit short answers because we will ignore short answers entries. So before submit check everything.
What will you get being an Author?

IF YOU’RE GOOD AT SOMETHING DON’T DO IT FREE. Yes, and we believe if you are working for us and devoting your time for our site then you deserved to be paid for your work. So you will be paid a Specified Amount for every post. It means we will be paying Rs 20-30 PER POST made by You.

Also, there will be a contest for our authors every month in which they have opportunity to win Free Rs 500 Paytm Cash/ Gift voucher or Money in Bank account for his choice.

Example:- we have already run contest on Rechargetricks where Daksh Earn Rs 500 of that month and in 15-april to 30th April contest of Rs 300 win by Dhruv.

These all details will be sent to you after you get selected.


Some Question & Answer:-

Can i use Mobile Phone instead of Laptop ?

Yes, you can do Posting via Chrome browser, but you must know what we are doing and How.

Can i join for just Time Pass ?

No, we have 1-2 worst authors and he is removed now and there is no place for Time pass peoples, if you really free then search on Google I am Free “Kya karu”.

What about Payment etc.

we are Paying money on 15 days basis, for example – 1-15 days post money get done 16th.

I am not Selecting on Previous forms what should id do?

You don’t have knowledge in this field or you are not submit form with details, you can Fill forms again but with Full information only.

Is Posting a deal is necessary in Google forms ?

Yes. you should submit with color codings, so we will take desicion How much knowledge you have

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    • > bah bhai baccho ko 500 dekar bhula deta hai

      What ? We are Providing upto Rs 30 per Post and we will give every month contest where you can earn Rs 500 if you have Power.

      > stop making fool ppl

      don’t use this type of words, if you don’t have knowledge and what is available in this Post…

      Better to ignore this Post.

  1. I hav submitted my form. i hav contacted u befor 5 months also. plzz add me as an author bro. plzz contact me asap.

  2. sorry bro…i cannot apply for this recruitment because i am already preparing for SSC CGL EXAM 2016… lol 🙂

    but i have a trick to earn Rs.20 paytm cash from taskbucks for old and new both accounts.

      • for rooted mobiles only…

        in taskbucks, go to in ‘offer’ section, here you will see myntra offer, download it and sign up and place an order with cash on delivery with any fake address…. and now wait for 10-15 minutes… Rs.20 will be added in taskbucks wallet… now simply transfer this amount in your paytm wallet… and at last cancel that order on myntra..

        now uninstall the taskbucks and myntra app.. and now use device emulator on taskbucks and repeat the process above :-

        i looted Rs.500 paytm cash in one day..

        thank you 🙂

  3. Yash Broo. I want to work with u.
    I am perfect in English as I read from CBSE. I will be punctual and post fast from others if I got some great loot deals.
    I didn’t Tell u lie that I am too good or I have too much experience. I tell u truth that I don’t work in any other website and don’t have any experience.
    My motto is only to get “Free Mobile Recharge”
    *I wants to learn with u can u give me opportunity??

    • Please fill up the form..

      Note:- we are looking for our website not

      So before apply you must have good knowledge about online shopping.

    • Till now.. we have received 48 request…and All are waste and short entries, not explaination, even how they find deals, coupons etc not available..

      So there is no result, if we find good author then we will them directly on their whatsapp number.

  4. OK Yash Broo I Fill the Form.
    But as I said u I didn’t work in any website so I don’t have any experience.
    But I promise to post as quickly as possible.
    Yaa definitely I have a knowledge about Online shopping and other deals.
    But Firstly I want too learn all the things which u will do.
    I think I can do it if U , Daksh, Dhruv, Mr Rajput and other admin helps mee.

  5. As you have mentioned above that you felt all the responses were short and waste. Seeing to it I would repeat here that I am having six months experience and as far as sources of deals are concerned they are hike , wechat , whasapp, facebook, twitter, email , televisions marketings and much more small sources.

    I think am best suited to it and I am highly confident with that too. I had not received anything from you and hence am mentioning it here

    I told you to check my posts on my website XXXXXxXX but if you still feel that you need a sample post you can reply to this comment

  6. Hello yash bhaI, and yash bhai …I am a regular visitor of The relationship is from since last 1.5 yrs. what the offers extreamly good.that may be of paytm kitkat 20 coupon 3 times used a single code or free25 or payzapp 50on 50 , ask me loot , Amazon loot really sir I appreciate your experience and your loot deals. This is became just my habit. minimum 10 to 15 times i checked out your posts every day .I was earned more than 2 to 3 lacs by your post only. really team I am so much thankful to you guys u so much from the buttom of my heart.
    Thanks team good going keep it up.
    I am praying to god may give long live to you and also to
    Thanks again to yash sir and daksh.

    keep looting

  7. So what kind of offer source is allowed : Regular direct visits on main shopping website.
    Searching for loot deals or errors.
    Can you pm me on my whatsapp number please . Because there we may converse better.

    Do you still need a sample post?


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