(Expired) Dominos Spin & Win – Get a chance to win upto Rs 150 Gift Voucher


Dominos Spin & Win – Get a chance to win upto Rs 150 Gift Voucher, Dominos Spin & Win offer. Dominos has come up with Chrismas offer where you have to Spin the wheel and you will get a chance to discount Vouchers or Gift cards. So Hurry up and Try your Chance !!

Latest Update :- Permantently Expired.

How to Play Dominos Spin & Win Christmas offer:-

1) First of all, Visit Here for Offer Page

2) Once page is loaded then Click on Spin & Win Wheel.

3) Now it will spin the wheel for few seconds and Stop.

4) If you are Lucky you will get the Best Coupon or Free Gift Voucher.

5) A Pop-up will appear on your Screen then Enter the number and Submit it.

6) You will get the Voucher via SMS Soon.

7) Enjoy !!

Dominos Free Gift Voucher Script:-

1) For 150 Dominos pizza voucher:


2) For Rs 100 Dominos pizza voucher:


Usage:- Copy the url and just replace xxxxxxxxx with your Mobile number amd hit enter in your Chrome browser, You will get the Dominos Free Rs 150/100 Gift Voucher in just 2 minutes, Checkout below Redeemption method.

Frequently Asked Problems-

1) Coupon is showing invalid what should i do?

Answers:- Firstly these Rs 150 & Rs 100 are E-Gift Vouchers not Coupon code, So it will be applicable only on E-Gift Voucher field. Which is available in Payment page.

2) I am using your Link and replacing xxxxxxxxx with mobile number, But its not Opening So what should i do?

Answer:- Hi, We know that their server is very busy, Thousands of users are hutting this link to get Rs 150 Gift Voucher. So kindly wait and you will get Voucher Surely.

3) I am getting Generate Token Error what should i do?

Answer:- Please use Desktop version only for order. This error is available in their Mobile site.

4) I am not getting Pizza nearly Rs 150 or ordering coke and other things which are less than Rs 150 the Its showing minimum order Rs 350.

Answer:- So in this Case i am suggest you to buy Spicy triple tango Regular pizza it will cost you Rs 155 + Tax Or You can Choose Pickup option instead of delivery to order less than Rs 350. (I have a Trick to Get Home Delivery of Pick up order 🙂 read it below ?


Find in “Side” option then checkout-

1. Spicy Triple Tango (delivery)

2. Garlic bread + coke + veg parcel (Choose pickup only for nearly Rs 150 else otherwise they need Rs 350 for delivery)

3. pizza mania 99 waale pizza + coke/veg parcel 150 something (Choose pickup only for nearly Rs 150 else otherwise they need Rs 350 for delivery)

4. 4 veg parcel + 1 coke. (Choose pickup only for nearly Rs 150 else otherwise they need Rs 350 for delivery)

5. coke + coke + veg parcel (Choose pickup only for nearly Rs 150 else otherwise they need Rs 350 for delivery)

Note:- I am not a Expert in Dominos or Taste of these product, These Suggestions are give by Daksh (Author) which has good experiance in Dominos or Dominos Loot.

5. How to Get Home Delivery of Pick-up orders?

Answer:- This is personally verified by me as well as Daksh. In this Trick Open your Chrome browser (1 Tab) + 1 Tab in Incognito mode. Now Place Delivery order and Stop at Gift Voucher Page and Now at Incognito Tab choose pick-up order and add product and stop at Gift Voucher page. Now Apply 1 Gift voucher at Simple Tab and 2nd Gift voucher at Incognito Tab, Also you can place 1 more pick-up order at Incognito Tab by Applying 1 more Gift Voucher. In next 2-3 minutes you will get call for Home delivery order So ask them i have placed 2 more pick-up order So please come up with it. Also you will get call from pick-up orders as well, So ask them Please do delivery with my Existing Home Delivery order. That’s it. Please Become Fast !!

Trick Credits:- Thankyou Daksh bro. 🙂


dominos proof

How to use Dominos Gift Voucher:-

1) First of all, Visit Dominos Website Here (use desktop version only) voucher might not work on m-site/mobile site.

2) Select the City and enter Your Address and Submit.

3) Choose the Pizza

4) Login/Sign up.

5) Don’t enter Gift Voucher in Coupon Field.

6) Click on Place order.

7) On Payment Page Choose “Gift Voucher” >> Apply Voucher >> Done !!

8) You will get Call from Dominos Store soon to confirm your address.

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  2. Website is not taking online orders..
    Getting this error after applying coupon…
    “Oops! We are unable to place your order to the kitchen due to some technical reason. We sincerely regret the inconvenience”.

    Tried 10 times but everytime getting this error.
    Anyone got successful in placing online order ??

  3. “U will receive your coupon shortly”.
    Lost of time gone.
    Hours gone.
    Minutes gone.
    Seconds gone.
    Fraction of second gone.
    But I did not get voucher.

  4. Bhai maine 3 pizza 2 burger pizza order kiya.. aur ek rs b ni dena pda… choose for pick up option.. usme 350 ka limit ni h.. aur 150rs k andr ka kuch b order kr lo free of cost

  5. Finally they have end the game. But they discontinued voucher also. I thought i’ll be using after office at dinner. But dominos showing invalid e voucher… Any trick to use that?


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