Don’t Take Cloudera Certification Exams for Granted!


Cloudera certifications mostly deal with big data. The knowledge of big data nowadays is of high demand in the business industry.Cloudera certifications are intended to validate that individuals have the ability to convert raw data into utilitarian information. Cloudera certifications are very essential to individuals who want to work as data administrators, data analysts, data engineers and data scientists among other highly rank titles.The professionals who have achieved any Cloudera certification have a high chance of securing a high-paying job in business companies which deals with big data. The professionals who have attained Cloudera certifications are very reliable in matters relating to technology as well as innovation in the big data market. These certificationsare actually aimed to take an individual’s career in business field to the next level.Cloudera certifications have gained popularity all over the world due to the fact that they produce professionals who have the ability to perform a wide range of tasks concerning big data effectively.

Cloudera certification exam can be taken anywhere as long as the individual has a computer, internet connection, a webcam and chrome/chromium browser.

Cloudera Certifications

Cloudera certifications are currently divided into two distinct levels which include Cloudera certified associate (CCA) and Cloudera certified professional (CCP). The scholars will begin by earning CCA certifications then proceed to CCP certifications.
CCA certifications are three. They include CCA data analyst, CCA spark and Hadoop developer, and CCA administrator. CCP certification includes CCP data engineer only.

Exam Necessary to Pass in Order to Earn Cloudera Certifications

There are several exams an individual must pass in order to earn each of the Cloudera certifications. The exams include the following:
CCA175 Exam: This exam is intended to test individual’s ability to code, maintain, and optimize Apache Hadoop projects. Successful candidates earn CCA spark and developer certification.
CCA131 Exam: This exam measures whether an individual has the potential to plan, configure, install, administer and secure Cloudera enterprise clusters used in production or other functions of the enterprise. Candidates who attain the pass mark achieve CCA administrator certification.
CCA159 Exam: The test examines whether an individual has potential to query databases. It also tests whether a person is capable of utilizing Impala and Hive within CDH environment of Cloudera to generate reports. The successful candidates earn CCA data analyst certification.
DE575 Exam: This a practical exam which is designed to test the knowledge and technical expertise essential for any person who aspires to become a successful data engineer. It tests individual’s capabilities to perform tasks related to data analysis, conversion of data values, workflow, and data transfer among others.

Details of Cloudera Certification Exams

All the Cloudera certification exams are offered online with the aid of webcam. Each certification requires a single test. All Cloudera certification exams are supervised by a remote proctor. The remote proctor keeps an eye on an individual through the webcam. Each Cloudera certification exam usually comprises from five to twelve questions which present various customer questions as well as business scenarios. The only difference in Cloudera certification exams is the time to be taken to complete a test. DE575 certification exam should be completed within 240 minutes while CCA159, CCA131,and CCA175 certification exams should be done with a duration of 120 minutes.
Why become Cloudera Certified
Since Cloudera is among the highly-ranked players in the world of data science and big data, earning a Cloudera certification should never be seen as a mistake that an individual should be very anxious about. Becoming Cloudera certified will put an individual in a comfortable position essential in the negotiation for a higher salary with his or her prospective employer. For instance, Cloudera Hadoop certification is very important to an individual as it concentrates on the most critical fundamental principles and concepts regarding Apache Hadoop as well as Apache Spark environments. This certification is very crucial as it puts individual’s skills regarding Hadoop to evaluation irrespective of the distribution of Hadoop that the person uses.In many job postings regarding Hadoop, the Cloudera Hadoop certification is the main requirement. Generally, Cloudera certifications will enrich individual’s resume thus saving him or her many questions as well as negotiations during employment offers.Cloudera certifications should be sought for as they are known to increase individual’s salary compared to that of his or her peers who are not Cloudera certified. Cloudera certifications like Hadoop certification enable an individual to promote his or her skills and also offers a fair opportunity to validate the experience one holds.
Guidelines for Passing Cloudera Certification Exams
Sometimes it is difficult for those individuals waiting to sit for Cloudera certification examsto determine how to effectively prepare for them. Every candidate who registers for these exams has a great expectation of performing excellently. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Some candidates sit the exams and pass while others fail unexpectedly. In most cases, candidates of Cloudera certification exams are not updated concerning the guidelines for preparing for these exams in an excellent manner. Some of the guidelines on how to prepare adequately for the Cloudera exams include the following:
Candidates are encouraged to manage their time properly. The scholars waiting to sit Cloudera certification exams need to plan their time well and formulate a study timetable. They should ensure that they adhere to the timetable so that they may be able to cover all the contents of the exam objectives.
Candidates should look for the best training materials for Cloudera certification exams they are taking. There are plenty of materials such as online training courses, videos, exam dumps, books, containing information for Cloudera certification exams are available in the internet. The candidates should study the materials intensively in order to ensure they have information tested in the exams in their figure tips.
Candidates should engage in hands-on practices as they play a big role in enabling them to comprehend the contents measured in the exam. Hands-on practices also offer an individual a chance to exercise what he or she is expected to implement in the field.
Candidates should be conversant with the course outline of the exam they are intending to take. It enables the scholars to track what they are expected to learn in order to clear the real examsuccessfully. It actually enables scholars to study what is expected and avoid other contents which are irreverent to Cloudera certification exams.
Candidates should ensure they register for the right exam which suits their qualification. Otherwise, they will have a very narrow chance of excelling in Cloudera certification exams.


Cloudera certifications have truly transformed the world of Big Data. They have offered solutions to all problems related to data science and big data. Candidates who succeed in Cloudera exams pave their way towards high paying jobs in the big businesses.

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