Droom Monsoon Mania Offer – Complete Car Service Package at Rs 149 only


Droom Monsoon Mania Offer – Complete Car Service Package at Rs 149 only. Droom is offering Complete car package includes Car Wash, Wheel Alignment, Wheel balancing, 60 point car inspection at just Rs 149 under Monsoon Mania Offer. This deal can be availed only on pre-appointment booking. So Hurry up and avail this offer now !!

How to Get Complete Car Service Package at Rs 149:-

1) First of all, Sign up on Droom

2) Now Visit Droom Monsoon Mania Page Here

3) Place the service order by selecting your State, City, MFC outlet and preferred date

4) The service provider will contact for appointment confirmation

5) Avail the services by taking your vehicle to the nearest MFC outlet

6) Note : Service Delivery date is subject to change. You have to redeem the service on or before 14th August, 2017.

7) You pay Rs 149 (100%) booking amount online and pay rest ₹ 0 (0%) to seller offline

8) This package includes the below services

Car Wash:-
  • Removes Dirt Which Causes Damages to the Vehicle Paint
  • Safer Driving by Improving Visibility
  • Keeps the Vehicle Hygienic
  • Prevents Rusting and Corrosion
  • Longer Vehicle Life and Improves Resale Value
Wheel Alignment:-
  • Improve Vehicle Safety
  • Experience Smoother Driving
  • Reduce Expensive Auto Repairs
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Increase the Life of Tyres
Wheel Balancing:-
  • Eliminate Vibration in Steering Wheel and other Parts
  • Smoother Ride on Highway Speeds
  • Reduce Wear and Tear of Tyres
  • Improve Vehicle Safety
  • Increase the Life of Tyres
60 Points Car Inspection:-
  • Engine Oil, Filters, Battery, Throttle, Brakes, Clutch, Gear Box, Suspension, Lights, Air Conditioning and many more
  • Improve Vehicle Safety
  • Reduces Overall Maintenance Cost
  • Keeps it Environment Friendly
  • Improves Resale Value
Inspection Check Points:-

Check & Top Up Engine Oil, Check & Top Up Gear Box Oil, Check & Top Differential Oil, Check & Top Up Battery Electrolyte, Check & Top Up Brake Reservoir Fluid, Check & Top Up Clutch Slave Cylinder, Check Clutch Pedal Play, Check Brake Pedal Play, Check Park Brake, Check Wheel Bearing Play – Front – Lhs, Check Wheel Bearing Play – Front – Rhs, Check Wheel Bearing Play – Rear – Lhs, Check Wheel Bearing Play – Rear – Rhs, Check Horn, Check Lhs Indicator Light, Check Rhs Indicator Light, Check Hazard Warning Lights, Check Brake Binding Front Lhs, Check Brake Binding Front Rhs, Check Brake Binding Rear Lhs, Check Brake Binding Rear Rhs, Check Tyre Pressure ( All Wheels ) Including Stepnee, Check Front Lhs Door Winding Mechanism, Check Front Rhs Door Winding Mechanism, Check Rear Lhs Door Winding Mechanism, Check Rear Rhs Door Winding Mechanism, Check Brake Lights, Check Head Light Low Beam, Check Head Light High Beam, Check Head Light Flashing, Check Head Lights Levelling, Check Front Wiper Function, Check Rear Wiper Function, Check Wiper Tank Water / Soap Solution & Top Up, Check Radiator Coolant & Top Up, Check Door Lock Front Lhs, Check Door Lock Front Rhs, Check Door Lock Rear Lhs, Check Door Lock Rear Rhs, Check Hatch Back Lock, Check Bonnet Lock, Check Fuel Tank Lid Opening / Lock, Check Fan Belt Tension, Check Accessories Belt Tension, Check Power Steering Oil & Top Up, Check Power Steering Pump Belt Tension, Check Warning Lamps- A) Battery / Alternator, B) Oil Warning, Check C.V. Joint Bellows Lhs / Rhs, Greasing Of All Grease Nipple Points, Check Suspension Buffers, Check Body Mounting Bushes, Check Steering Gear Box Mounting bolts Torque, Check Engine Foundation, Check Gear Box Foundation, Check Ball Joints Play, Check Tie Rod End Play / Bellows, Check Shock Absorbers Bush / Leakages, Check Air Conditioning Equipment, Check Air Cleaner, Check Speedometer Functioning.

Terms & Conditions:-

1) This deal can be availed only on pre-appointment booking.

2) The service can be availed only till 14th Aug after the order is placed.

3) This offer is limited to only one order per Customer, orders which exceed the quantity limit will be cancelled.

4) The offer stands valid only for one vehicle and is non-transferable.

5) Carwash only includes Topwash of the car.

6) Wheel Balancing – weights will be charged additionally as per actuals.

7) The services rendered through this offer are not covered under any warranty.

8) All the services carried out in Mahindra first Choice outlets are at the vehicle owner’s risk and MFCs shall not be liable for any loss, damages or consequential damages caused while rendering the services offered under this scheme.

9) In the case of any dispute whatsoever, the mutual decision of the Droom & MFCs will be final & binding.

10) Offer is restricted to hatchbacks, sedans & SUVs only.

11) Parts & consumables will be priced at actuals.


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