Flipkart Fake Or Not Invite Loot Back Win Upto ₹1000 With Unlmited Refer Trick


Invite 5 Friends to Play Fake Or Not & Win Rs.1000 With Unlmited Refer Trick, Invite 5 Friends to Play Fake Or Not & Earn Guaranteed Reward :- Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about offer of Flipkart, in which you can get a lot of prices and free Flipkart E-Gift cards for free.

Flipkart fake or not fake Invite 5 friends and win upto 1000 With Unlmited Refer Trick

The offer I am talking about is new in Flipkart, within the Flipkart Fake and Not Fake Quiz, if you refer to this quiz with your any 5 Friends account, you can get a free gift card with a guarantee And you can win 1000 rupees by inviting 5 friends guaranteed in this offer today.

How To Win upto Rs.1000 From Flipkart Game

Note: Will work only for referral of new users of Flipkart videos games

  • First of all, you have to download and login with Flipkart App
  • Your Flipkart app is updated or it will be kept, otherwise you will not show the option of quiz
  • Then you have to go to the Flipkart video section which is seen below.
  • Then you have to click on the banner with flipkart fake and not fake
  • Then you have to scroll and click on the option Invite.
  • Then the share page will open in front of you, then you have to invite your friend to play this game on any of your social media handles.

  • As soon as your 5 friends play this game with the link given to you, you will get upto Rs.1000 and many free prizes too.
  • You have to take care of 1 thing that you refer your friends who have not played the Flipkart game yet. Only then will your referral count.

Tricks Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Invite 10 Friends & Earn Guaranteed Reward

Method 1st

  1. Copy Your Refer Link And Get 10 Clicks And You Will Get Assured Rs. 50 Gift Voucher.
  2. Cilck on link open & watch video for few minutes

Method 2nd

  1. First of all, you have to make your refer link and copy it.
  2. Then you have to clone Flipkart App :- Click here to Make App Clone
  3. You can use any app to make a clone, you will find a lot of apps on the Play Store that make an app a clone. And this method is inbuilt inside many mobiles.
  4. Then you have to install the second line app in your mobile :- Click Here 
  5. Download This App Using VPN
  6. Then you have to be registered in the second line app. You can use any fake gmail account to register ([email protected]) like this
  7. Then you will have the option to enter the PIN code of your area in this app, then you have to put ( 251 ) in the code.
  8. Then you will get 1 free number in this app, with the help of which you can bypass the Flipkart OTP.
  9. Then open the Flipkart app you cloned.
  10. Then you have to login to Flipkart through the number you had created.
  11. Then there will be a OTP in your second line app, then you have to login by putting that OTP
  12. Then you have to enter the referral link in Chrome and open the link in the clone app.
  13. Then you will get 1 refer automatically add After Watching 1 minute Flipkart Quiz Video.
  14. In this way, you can refer unlimited time by clearing the data of your application.

Method 3rd

  1. Copy your referral link from Flipkart main account
  2. create a Flipkart Clone app
  3. sign up using USA number And go through your main link and do your refers
  4. complete all 5 click and win collect your reward
  5. Verified by me #Try on your own risk


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