Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Answers 3rd August 2020


Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Answers Updated, Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Contest All Answers Today, Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers, Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Answers Today – Play & Win Exciting Prizes :- Hello friends, I keep taking deals in a lot of things, but in the deals that I have brought today, you just have to answer some questions and you can win a very good prize.

today the name of the offer I am talking about is the Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Contest, in this you just have to answer their VIdeo questions and if the answer to your question is correct, then you get to win the free prize by winning Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Answers. You can comfortably win Top prize and I will tell you in my friends that I will help you in winning, I will bring these answers to your questions for you and you just have to participate in that contest. You have to win by giving my answer there.

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Top Rewards Prizes Today

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  • ₹1000 gift vouchers for 100 winners
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How To Play And Win Flipkart Kya Bolti Public

  • First of all, you have to download and login with Flipkart App
  • Your Flipkart app is updated or it will be kept, otherwise you will not show the option of quiz
  • Then you have to go to the Flipkart video section which is seen below.

  • There you will see a contest video of Flipkart Kya Bolti Public in the Play & win Lakhs Daily Sections

  • Then you have to start the video by click on play and win, all the questions will come inside the video, you just have to answer them, you have to watch the whole video

  • I have given the answer of all today’s questions to the bottom, just by joining the contest as much as possible.
  • You can check your prize by going to My Rewards option

All these questions depend on the audience’s poles, here only we have guessed and answered you.

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  3rd August 2020


Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  2nd August 2020

Q1. What do you like more about maniesh Paul?

Options – 1)   jokes           2) style

Q2. Who is your favourite superstar ?

Options –  1) rajanikanth         2) Amitabh Bachchan

Q3. What is favourite hobby of Indians ?

Options – 1)  dancing            2) singing

Q4. Which actress makes a better pair with varun Dhawan ?

Options – 1)     aliya Bhatt         2) shradha kapoor

Q5. What would you like to see more in kya bolti public season 3

Options – 1)   jokes            2) questions

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  1st August 2020

Q1. What is better way to make quick money ?

Options – 1)    share market          2) lottery ticket

Q2. Which actor would you prefer to cycle with ?

Options –  1)  salman khan          2) ranbir kapoor

Q3. Which martial arts technique do you like more ?

Options – 1)    karate          2) taekwondo

Q4. What do you prefer on birthdays ?

Options – 1)  surprise party             2) surprise gift

Q5. What is better mood lifter

Options – 1)  music             2) food

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  31th July 2020

Q. 1 what is more difficult for elderly people ?

Options – 1) smartphone              2) smart TV

Q2. Who has a better beach body ?

Options –  1)    Varun Dhawan         2) Ranbir Kapoor

Q3. How do you prefer working ?

Options – 1) in a  team        2) Alone

Q4. What is a better way to keep the romance alive ?

Options – 1)     praise each other         2) gift each other

Q5. Which sports is more difficult ?

Options – 1)    Cricket          2) tennis

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  30th July 2020

Q1. Whose movie are you excited to watch ?

Options – 1)   Salman Khan           2) Shahrukh Khan

Q2. Which international film series would Hritik Roshan be better in ?

Options –  1)   Fast & Furious          2) mission impossible

Q3. What would you rather make as a mask ?

Options – 1)    towel          2) muffler

Q4. Which actress do you think was a better student ?

Options – 1) tapasee Pannu             2) anuska sharma

Q5. When do people dislike working more ?

Options – 1)     late night         2) on holiday

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  29th July 2020

Q1. What kind of marriage do Indians prefer ?

Options – 1)    arranged marriage          2) love marriage

Q2. Which combination is India’s favourite ?

Options –  1)   tea & biscuits          2) paratha with pickle

Q3. What do you prefer ?

Options – 1)   job            2) own business

Q4. When do mother’s get most sentimental ?

Options – 1)  birth of grandchild            2) when their kids get married

Q5. What are people more excited about ?

Options – 1)   birthday           2) anniversary

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  28th July 2020

Q1.which kind of music you like more ?

Options – 1)   Indian           2) Western

Q2. What people believe more

Options –  1)      black cat crossing road        2) twinkling eyes

Q3.  Which bird is scarier ?

Options – 1)     Eagle         2) Vulture

Q4. Where do people enjoy watching cricket more ?

Options – 1)    Stadium          2) Home

Q5.  Which actrees looks better in fringe haircut

Options – 1)   Priyanka Chopra           2) Jacklin Fernandez

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  27th July 2020

Q1. What do people fear more in school ?

Options – 1)      exams        2) teachers

Q2.  In which occasion do people dance their hearts out more

Options –  1)   party           2) wedding procession

Q3. Who would you prefer to have a video chat with ?

Options – 1)   katrina kaif           2) deepika padukone

Q4. If salman khan weren’t an actor which profession would he be better at ?

Options – 1)    farmer          2) sportsperson

Q5. What attracts more take news

Options – 1)  corona virus            2) celebrities

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  26th July 2020

Q1. What do you like the most about Kangana Ranaut ?

Options – 1) her  movies            2) her interviews

Q2. which feature is more important while buying a phone ?

Options –  1)     battery life        2) camera

Q3. what do people do to be Environment friendly ?

Options – 1)    save water          2) use less plastic

Q4. What do you do when you are scared ?

Options – 1)  pray            2) talk to someone

Q5. which hairstyle suite MS Dhoni ?

Options – 1)   long hair           2) short hair

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  25th July 2020

Q1.which film are you more excited to watch

Options – 1)  salman khan  in radhe          2) Akshay Kumar in sooryavanshi

Q2. in this covid situation which place is better for haircut

Options –  1)    home         2) salon

Q3. what scares people the most

Options – 1)   going to dentist           2) getting injection

Q4. which actor makes a better pair with kiara advani

Options – 1)    diljit dosanjh          2) Shahid Kapoor

Q5. what photos people like to see on social media

Options – 1)      travel photos        2) food photos

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  24th July 2020

Q1. Which hairstyle do people prefer ?

Options – 1) long   hair            2) short hair

Q2. who would be a better stand up comedian ?

Options –  1)     Akshay Kumar        2) Shahrukh Khan

Q3. which is your favourite breed of dog?

Options – 1)    pomeranian          2) Labrador

Q4. Are indians excited about Himesh Reshammiya 300 songs ?

Options – 1)   yes           2) no

Q5.  whats more scary in horror film ?

Options – 1)    sounds effects          2) special effects

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  23th July 2020

Q1. what do we like the most about our contry ?

Options – 1)    food     2) tradition culture

Q2. What are people doing nowadays ?

Options –  1)      Stepping out        2) Staying Home

Q3. Which actress looks cooler in sunglasses ?

Options – 1)  Katrina Kaif            2) Kareena Kapoor Khan

Q4. Which type of Rohit Shetty films do you like?

Options – 1)     comedy         2) action

Q5. Who is India’s best dancer ?

Options – 1)     Prabhu Deva         2) hritik roshan

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  22th July 2020

Q1. where do people prefer shopping ?

Options – 1)     online       2) malls

Q2. Which couple is more entertaining on the internet ?

Options –  1)    Ritesh – Genelia Deshmukh       2) Raj Kundra – shilpa Shetty

Q3. What do people prefer doing on long bus rides ?

Options – 1)    play antakshari          2) sleep

Q4. Which celebrity must have been naughtier as a child ?

Options – 1)     Ranveer Singh         2) salman khan

Q5. Which animal is smarter ?

Options – 1) monkey             2) fox

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  21th July 2020

Q1. What would you do with a time machine ?

Options – 1)    travel to past          2) travel to future

Q2. Whose mask is cooler ?

Options –  1)      Krrish     2) Batman

Q3. Who would reach 100 million followers on instagram sooner ?

Options – 1)     Dipika Padukone         2) Shraddha kapoor

Q4. Who do kids flatter more ?

Options – 1)      mom        2) dad

Q5. What do you do with the last bite of food ?

Options – 1)     share it        2) eat it

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  20th July 2020

Q1. Who is better quarantine Cook?

Options – 1)   malaaika arora     2) Katrina Kaif     

Q2. Which is your favourite dance show ?

Options –  1)    dance India dance         2) dance plus

Q3. What do parents scold their children more for ?

Options – 1)   Scoring less marks        2) being mischievous

Q4. Who would be a better co star with Shahrukh Khan in don 3 ?

Options – 1)    priyanka chopr 2)dipika   padukone

Q5. Which sport event are you missing more ?

Options – 1)        t20 world cup      2) IPL

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  19th July 2020

Q1. what makes people happier

Options – 1)    spending time with friends          2) watching comedy films & movie

Q2. Who looks fitter now

Options –  1)      Anil Kapoor       2) Sunil Shetty

Q3. Apart from cricket which sports do indians like more ?

Options – 1)    football          2) badminton

Q4. Where do people like to exercise ?

Options – 1)        indoor     2)outdoor

Q5. Which food do mother’s make better

Options – 1)     khichadi         2) Paratha

Flipkart Kya Bolati Public Answers  18th July 2020

What do you miss the most about your office?

Options – 1) Gossiping            2) Working

Q2. Where do you want to see priyanka chopra more?

Options –  1)  Hollywood           2) Bollywood

Q3 Which team do you support?

Options – 1) team cheetah             2) team deer

Q4. Who do you think maintains a stricter diet?

Options – 1) virat Kohli       2) Tiger Shroff

Q5. Where Would you find more fake news?

Options – 1) Facebook       2) Whatsapp

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Answers – 17th July 2020

Q1. Which is a better way loose weight ?

Options – 1) exercising 2) Dieting

Answer – 1) exercising

Q2. What comes first ?

Options – 1) Egg 2) Chicken

Answer – 1) Egg 2

Q3. Which actor is better singer?

Options – 1) Farhan Akhtar 2) Ayushman khurana

Answer – 2) Ayushman khurana

Q4. Which friendship bond is stronger?

Options – 1) Girl Gang 2) Guy gang

Answer – 1) Girl Gang

Q5. Which is a more common excuse to get out of work?

Options – 1) Feeling unwell 2) Emergency at home

Answer – 1) Feeling unwell

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