Flipkart Super Fan Taapsee Pannu Quiz Answers 31th July 2020


Flipkart Super Sara Ali Khan Quiz Answers

Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Answers, flipkart super fan Taapsee Pannuquiz answers today :-  Hello friends, I keep taking deals in a lot of things, but in the deals that I have brought today, you just have to answer some questions and you can win a very good prize.

today the name of the offer I am talking about is the Flipkart Super Fan Taapsee Pannu Quiz Contest, in this you just have to answer their VIdeo questions and if the answer to your question is correct, then you get to win the free prize by winning Flipkart Super Fan Taapsee Pannu Answers. You can comfortably win Top prize and I will tell you in my friends that I will help you in winning, I will bring these answers to your questions for you and you just have to participate in that contest. You have to win by giving my answer there.

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Top Rewards Prizes Today

  • ₹1000 gift vouchers for 100 winners
  • 1 Super Fan
  • Supercoins for remaining winners

How To Play And Win Flipkart Super Fan Taapsee Pannu Quiz

  • First of all, you have to download and login with Flipkart App
  • Your Flipkart app is updated or it will be kept, otherwise you will not show the option of quiz
  • Then you have to go to the Flipkart video section which is seen below.

  • There you will see a contest video of Flipkart Super Fan Taapsee Pannu Quiz in the Play & win Lakhs Daily Sections

  • Then you have to start the video by click on play and win, all the questions will come inside the video, you just have to answer them, you have to watch the whole video

  • I have given the answer of all today’s questions to the bottom, just by joining the contest as much as possible.
  • You can check your prize by going to My Rewards option

Flipkart Super Fan Taapsee Pannu Quiz Answers – 31th July 2020

) The first poster I ever put in my room was of which actor?
John Abrahim

2) Who am I more scared of ?
My Dad

3) What is the one habit I just cant rid of?
Nail Bitting

4) If o were to get a third tattoo what would the tattoo be?
My birth date

5) Which Delhi street food do i miss the most?
Cholae Bhoturae

6) I am a
Morning person

7) in college I developed an app called Fontswap

8) Once while playing Batmitton I hit my younger so hard in the head she had to go to hospital

9) the first film I saw in movie theatre was——-
Chotta chetan

10) I can speak  languages

Flipkart Super Fan Sara Ali Khan Quiz Answers – 24th July 2020

1) What is my Favourite holiday Destination in India?
Himachal Pradesh

2) Whai sis my favourite cheat meal?

3) Which classical form dance I am more trained for?

4) What is the name of my pet turtle

5) What is my favourite type of Atta

6) I have a fake twitter account

7) I lost weight during the Kedarnath shoot

8) My favourite form of exercise is weight training

9)My favourite karan Johar film
Kabhi Kushi Khabi Gham

10)Out of all moms films my favourite film
Chameli Kishadi

Flipkart Super Fan Jacqueline Fernandez Quiz Answers – 17th July 2020


1. Pray.

2. Rasgulla.

3. Karela.

4. Challenges.

5. My Mom.

6. Dates.

7. True.

8. False.

9. Devdas.

10. Salman Khan


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