How to Transfer Freecharge, Mobikwik Supercash, Ola Money, Jio Money Cashback to Bank account [Full Guide]


How to Transfer Freecharge, Mobikwik Supercash, Jio money, Ola money Cashback to Bank account [Full Guide]. Finally here is post for those users who need Full Steps by Steps Guide to Convert Freecharge, Mobikwik Supercash, Ola Money, Jio Money Cashback to your Bank Account. Here we need to Become Instamojo Merchant to Collect the money from the wallet and transfer them into Bank account. In this Way you can Transfer your All Pending Money from Serveral wallet into Bank account !!

Note: By this method you can transfer your Mobikwik supercash to Bank account, we can utilize 10% supercash per transaction.. For example:- if you have 1000 supercash, Then you can use only Rs 100 and then you have 900, Then you can use only Rs 90 and so on !!

How to Transfer Freecharge, Mobikwik, Ola Money, Jio Money to Bank:-

1) First of all Visit Here and Sign up on InstaMojo  

2) Sign up for your account.

Note:- It will take 10 minutes to setup Payment link.

3) Enter your Mobile number and Verify it via Mobile Number.

4) Enter your Pan card number and on Next Page enter Bank account number & IFSC code to recieve Payments.

5) Now make your Payment link and copy it.

6) Now Open the Payment link in Chrome browser Incognito Tab or use other browser.

7) Now Enter any mobile number, email & amount.

8) Now Make the Payment using any of Wallet Like:- Freecharge, Mobikwik, Jio Money, Ola Money (which is showing in below Screenshot)

Transfer Freecharge Cashback, Mobikwik Cashback to Bank account.

9) After Making payment wait 3 days because after 3 days you will receive your Payments to your bank account which you have paid on payment link.

10) Enjoy !! Your Freecharge, Mobikwik supercash, Ola money, Jio Money Cashback is now Transferred to your Bank account.

About Charges:-

1) They charge you 3% for e-wallet transaction such as Freecharge, Mobikwik, Ola money, Jio Money + flat Rs 3 fee for each transaction.

For example:- if you pay Rs 1000 then 3% + Rs 3 will be charged = Rs 33 and remaining you will get in your Bank account.

Features of InstaMojo:-

  • Simple to create, easy to share, collect payments quickly
  • Collect ad-hoc payments with a link.
    Send via email, sms, whatsapp, etc.
  • Embed payment buttons on your website/blog.
  • Create Payment Link Products & Store
Create E-commerce store:-
  • Build your e-commerce enabled online store without coding or hosting hassles.
  • Attractive Product Landing pages, with images & text.
  • No website/coding knowledge needed.
    Showcase all your products on your online store.
  • Give discounts, collect shipping, tune SEO settings.

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  1. Hii bro, I have 16 freecharge accounts. So through this site can I collect all cashback balance from all my freecharge id’s and then transfer it to bank in one transaction or for evry id I have to do separate transaction to bank?

    Please clear it soon because I have total 900-1000 rs in all my wallet… 😉

  2. Today I got msg from instamojo saying 962.05 rs paid out to your bank account….but amount is still not credited……please tell me how much time it took to credit in bank account after got the paid out msg??? May be its because they use NEFT

  3. Hi bro,
    Maine instamojo pr account bna liya h n apna PAN card no. and bank account details b add kr di h. AFter following ur steps, maine payment link generate kiya bt mujhe ye ni smjh aa ra k payment link bnate time kitna balance likhna? Jitna mere fc account me h vo likhna h ya jitna max bank me transfr krna h vo likhna h, e.g. mere fc account me 50 rs h 4 acount me to mai payment link bnate time kitna balance bharu?
    or fr payment link copy kr k ignito mode pr opn krne k bad vo balance to mai fc se pay kr dunga bt mujhe ye janna h k hr 1 fc account ka separate transaction hoga mere bank account me ya sare fc account ka balance 1 bar me instamojo transfr krega?

    qki agr hr transaction ka separate bank me gya to to mere hr fc account k 50 rs bhejne me 3 rs transaction chrg + 1.5 rs servc chrg kt k mere account me jayga.

    I have 14 fc accounts in each account I have 50 rs. So all 700 rs will transwer to my bank account once or instamojo will separately send 50 50 rs to my bank account for each transaction.

    Bhai dimag ka dahi ho gya shyd tmhara b ho jayga itna bda cmmnt pdh k. I am so so confused in this. 🙁

    • or fr payment link copy kr k ignito mode pr opn krne k bad vo balance to mai fc se

      Yes, You have to do this.

      Also Note:- They charge 3% + Rs 3 for each transaction through your payment link if you use 10 Freecharge account and doing 10 transfer then you will be charged 3% + Rs 3 for each transaction. Its not depend on Bank transfer.

  4. Hii bro,
    I want to know about instamojo refer & earn progrram. For getting referral reward first I need to upgrade my instanojo account from trial. For that, it is required to send my PAN card photo and also bank statement or passbook 1st page.

    I would like to ask, is it safe to give them required docs and avail referral reward? Or this referral program is not secure to avail?

    Please suggest as soon as possible.


  5. How to add all freecharge wallet balance in one instamojo account for transfering to bank account in one attempted….so answer step by step.
    Means if i have 4 fc account and in every account has 50 rs wallet balance then how i can send 200 rs in one transcation means charge deducted (3 +3.33) rupess.or only i send 4 times means charges are (12+3.33)rupess

  6. I got this message today..

    Unfortunately, your business is not compliant with our terms. You cannot collect payments through Instamojo, please check your email for more info.

    Dont know whats the problem but it is a flop way to transfer balance

  7. Dude I have this error massage after 3 day “You cannot collect payments through Instamojo. Unfortunately, your business is not compliant with our terms.”. What about my money..

    Please reply

  8. Please yash bhai ..if you post such tricks. Also post some methods so that we also become valid fot making transaction on these portal. I really appreciate your effort. Find some way so that instamojo do not reject us

  9. I used ur referal link….i have done all the needed procedure…. Upgraded my account..
    Now will we both get rs. 500 as they have mentioned..?

  10. Unfortunately, your business is not compliant with our terms. You cannot collect payments through Instamojo, please check your email for more info.
    The same error I got

  11. I got my money back in freecharge. I request you to update this post and tell not to use this method as it is a flop one or else come up with some decent methods.

  12. Hi,
    Don’t use it as they are doing a lot investigation.

    My primary account has been suspended by them so i had created a new one and i have done 8 Txn out of them 3 Txn from snapdeal Rs 200 Cashback account but now these 3 Txn gone under investigation and my amount is on hold.

    They are saying that after out come either will be transferred to your account OR Refunded to buyers.

    So guys find a new way to bank transfer for FC balance.


    If i create merchant account to receive payment then will i be eligible to receive Cashback money from another wallet using QR code?

      • Hi,
        First of all you have create merchant account from Account option Eg Shoes store, Tea stall etc (minor process) on FC app.

        After creation of Merchant account a new option Will be appear: “Switch to merchant view” here you will see your QR code just click on it opened on screen OR you can mail it to print.

        I have tested it last night but it ia not working because you can pay through QR code only main balance not cashback balance.

        Before doing it i had asked to you you didn’t replied so i checked it personally.

  13. Instamojo is fake site i am paid Rs.630 using freecharge to instamojo site they not sent amount to my bank account as well as not returned amount to my freecharge wallet also. Its totally fake site i lose Rs.630 🙁

  14. i contact Instmojo they saying

    Shruti Tandon (Instamojo)
    Jan 16, 13:16 IST


    Thank you for writing in.

    On 4th Jan 2017 we paid 635.79 INR to your account by mistake due error at our end and bank’s end. We request you to transfer the amount.

    Our co-founder has sent an email regarding the same.

    Below are the details:

    Account number: 002261100000108
    IFSC code: YESB0000022

  15. i am transfering rs 146 to my bank account.. i have supercash in mobikwik worth rs 1460.. but it shows rs 0 in my supercash account.. pls help

  16. Hey,
    Is this trick still working or are they doing investigation bfr transferring money And keeping it on hold?

    Pls reply fast… I have recently transferred using freecharge wallet balance… If its going to be on hold thn i will return it now from instamojo…

    I dont want to get it blocked..

    Reply fast, Thank you

  17. Ok, u talking about paytm loot offer (30 Cashback on 30 payments)?
    Or is thr any trick to trf freecharge balance bank by paytm..

  18. You cannot collect payments through Instamojo. Unfortunately, your business is not compliant with our terms. How can get back my money. Please help me


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