(Last day) IOST Airdrop – Get 68 Tokens worth $6 Per Referral


IOST Airdrop – Get 68 Tokens worth $6 Per Referral.

Note: Today is last day of Refer and Earn, it will be expired around 09:00PM Sunday – 28th Jan 2018 as per Indian standard time !!

How to Get 68 Tokens worth $6 per referral:-

1. First of all, You have to create ERC20 wallet address.

2. So goto Myetherwallet.com

3. Now Enter the password of your choice and click on “Create wallet“.

Note: This password encrypts your private key. This does not act as a seed to generate your keys. You will need this password + your private key to unlock your wallet.

4. Now Click on “Download Keystore File UTC/JSON”. I suggest you to immediately upload it to drive.google.com/drive/my-drive So if you lost your phone or its data, you can recover it from your email.

**Do not lose it!** It cannot be recovered if you lose it.

**Do not share it!** Your funds will be stolen if you use this file on a malicious/phishing site.

5. Click on “I understand Continue” and on Next Page your Private Key will be visible, Save it and also click on “Print Paper wallet and save file as PDF.

6. Now your Ethereum ERC20 wallet address is Ready, where we can receive Free Tokens/Airdrops.

7. Now Access your wallet by Private key or Keystore / JSON File.

8. Now you will see your “Account address” starting with 0x2… (This is your ERC20 wallet address)

9. So its time to get 68 IOST Tokens !!

How to Get 68 IOST Tokens per Referral:-

1. First of all, Visit IOST Token Page

2. Enter your Ethereum ERC20 wallet address and submit it.

3. Now on Next Page Tweet and share the Link (Do it properly and come back at same session).

4. Now Click on Follow as well (Do it properly and come back at same session)

5. Now You will get your IOST Referral code, Share it with your friends.

6. You will get the Free 68 IOST Tokens for each referral soon in February, Trading is already start @ 0.1$ price per token (coin) and now price is 0.09$ (800 satoshi).

7. So Hurry up and Refer your friends and earn 68 Free IOST Tokens per referral. Enjoy !!

8. Now Make Account on Binance and Bittrex

9. We will update this article with more details soon.

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    • why you need to open this file?? You just have to have to upload it to myetherwallet to unlock your wallet..

      Btw, our phones and laptop do not support this format, that’s why we are unable to open the file.

  1. Yashveer bro I earned 408 iost coins ( invited 6 people) ; please tell how to redeem/use them ????
    Also please keep us updated on posts regarding crypto coins & how to earn through them ( as u mentioned in earlier comments that you are TRADING since last 4-5 months & earned 3 BTC )

    • in mid of february you will get it on your ethereum ERC-20 address.

      Note: i didn’t earn 3 btc, i bought 3 btc which is sold out 11lakh per btc,,,,,,, and quantitiy of btc was left 2.2 after loss of 0.8 btc.


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