How to Link Aadhaar Card to Vodafone Number [OTP & Offline Method]

How To Link Aadhaar Card To Vodafone Number

How to Link Aadhaar Card to Vodafone Mobile Number Online using OTP Method,  From 1st December all customers can links their aadhar card with mobile number by using otp, yes you listen right, As per New Government rules and regulation DOT, Government prescribed all telecom operators to re-verify all SIM card by Aadhaar card, Otherwise they will discounted service those who have not linked their Aadhaar card to SIM Card. So readers, Here we will add all procedure, How you can Re-verify your SIM Card using Aadhar Card Online with OTP process.

How To Link Aadhaar Card To Vodafone Number:-

#1) Link Aadhar Card To Vodafone Number Offline

  1. First of all, Visit your Nearest Vodafone retailers or Vodafone outlets.
  2. Ask him for Vodafone Aadhaar Upgradation for existing user.
  3. Tell him your Mobile number & Aadhaar card number for verification.
  4. Now verify your fingerprint in a biometric scanner.
  5. That’s it, You will shortly receive a message from Vodafone that you have successfully verified your Vodafone Sim.

#2) Link Aadhar Card To Vodafone Number Online Using OTP Method

1). First of all send your 12Digit Unique Aadhar Number to UID Recipient Number by your Number which you want to Link. (We will Update UID Recipient Number of Every Operator, when it officially started).

Note:- UID Recipient Number is Provided By Your Sim Card Operator.

2). Now your operator will do All verification process of your number.

3). After all verification process complete, Telecomm operator will send you a OTP Request.

4). You will Receive an OTP from UIDAI to your registered Aadhar Card Number.

5). Now Put the OTP and now confirmed it.

6). Voila!! You will all be done, Your Mobile Number Is Now Linked with Aadhar Card without any Penny.

Link Aadhar Card to Your Mobile Number: Why is it Necessary?

As per New Government Rules & Regulation (DOT), Government prescribed all the telecom operators to re-verify all SIM card by Aadhaar Card, Otherwise telecom companies will discounted all SIM Card those who have not verify, This rules will banned all frauder those who have kept many SIM card for making fraud call.

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