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Hey Looters, rechargetricks is back with List of All the important Trick Nikon Free Unlimited Product Offer by Nikon, hope you are doing well and enjoyed our previous offer/trick/deals. OK let’s explore Today’s Offers. Stay Home Stay Safe and keep looting.

Nikon Free unlmited Product Trick Offer

Hello Friends, today I am going to tell you only good trick, in which you will benefit immensely, the trick that I am talking about is very much from the company of Nikon, in which you can take Nikon products for free. You know that Nikon company is very big and there is lentil to make camera. So right now this company has given 1 offer, in which you can take free product. But at the same time, I will tell you some tricks by which you can take this trick and get unlimited products for free.


How To Get Free Unlimited Product From Nikon 

  • So first you have to go to the link given below and register it.

Nikon Offer Page

  • Then you have to fill some of your details like email and new password.
  • Then you will be asked 1 question. Do you have any Nikon items. So you have to click on the no button
  • Then you have to put in the camera model ( Nikon  Coolpix 8500 )
  • Then you have to enter all your correct details. Keep in mind that you have to enter the correct details, otherwise there may be problems later.
  • Then you have to click on the registered
  • Then a confirmed email will be sent to your Gmail to activate your account. So you have to go to your Gamil account and confirm it.
  • Then you have to login with the link provided on direct email, if you want, you can also login directly.
  • As soon as you login first time, you will get free 70 points.
  • Then you have to click on Redeem Goodies.
  • And now all the products you see here, you can buy them all through your point, but for that you will have to earn points.

How To Refer And Get Free Nikon Product

  • Then you first have to click on the menu >> Then Click On Profile >> Then Click on Refer And Earn

Note: I will advise you here that you do this page on desktop mode so that you can see everything clearly

  • You will not find a direct refer link on this. Then you see the icons of social media below. By clicking there, you have to share your refer link on any of your social media.
  • Then you go to your social media post and copy that link and you will get your refer link.

Proof Added 

Unlimited Nikon Refer And Earn Trick 

I will tell you a few points, you have to follow everything, only then you will be able to refer Unlimited

  1. First of all, you have to copy your referral link from your social media post.
  2. Then you have to open the same link in any of your secondary browsers. You can also use another device if you want
  3. You have to use any VPN or IP-changer, while doing this process
  4. Then you have to open your link in the browser. And just like you registered your first time, you still have to be registered.
  5. Here you should not use any similar details while registering. You can fill any fake details
  6. You also have to enter the mobile number incorrectly, because in this website your number is not verified.
  7. Here you have to use ( 10minutemail.com ) while entering email, you can take unlimited mail from here for free.
  8. Then you have to verify the account by going to the 10minutemail.com and you will get free points added to your 1st account to refer
  9. You can earn Unlimited Point by refer it in the same way in your account

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