Paytm – Get Rs 30 Free Paytm Cash on Purchase of 1Kg Tide Detergent Pack


Paytm Tide offer – Get Free Rs 30 Paytm Cash on Pack of Tide Plus 1kg Pack. Paytm Tide offer – Get Rs 30 Free Paytm Cash on Tide Plus Pack of 1KG. Offer valid for 1 Times per Paytm account. This Offer is valid in India for 1Kg pack is 1st May 2017 to 31st August 2017 and for 500gm validity is 30th September 2017. So Hurry up and Buy Tide Plus pack of 1KG and Get Rs 30 Paytm Cash on it !!

Paytm Tide Plus Offer -

How to Get Rs 30 Free Paytm Cash from Tide Plus Pack ?

1) First of all, Visit on your Nearest General Store which has new packs of Tide Plus 1Kg. 

2) Buy a Tide Plus Pack of 1Kg (Make sure Paytm Tide offer is mentioned on it (See screenshot below).

Paytm Tide Offer -

3) Buy Tide Plus and Open the Pack.

4) Look for a Promocode inside the Pack.

5) ?? Now Visit Paytm Website Here –

6) Enter your Promo code (which you got from Tide Plus Pack).

7) Login/Sign up on Paytm.

8) That’s it, Rs 30 will be credited to your Paytm wallet Instantly.

9) Now You can use it for Mobile Recharge or Bill Payments.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

2. Which packs of Tide are running the Paytm Offer? Paytm Tide offer –

Only select packs of Tide Plus 1kg and are running this offer. You can see the promo band on the front of packs announcing the offer. Packs without the offer may also be available in the market.

3. Where can I find the code on a Parle Tide pack. Paytm Tide offer –

For Tide Plus the promo code is printed on the inner surface of the pack. Please tear the pack from the crimp carefully to reveal the code inside. Do not damage the front panel.

4. How many times can I use a promo code?

Each promo code is unique and can be used only once.

5. I bought 4 pcs of Parle Tide 1kg pack and I can only redeem three, I want to return the fourth pack since it had the promo flash on the pack, but I did not know about the 3 limit. Paytm Tide offer –

First of all, thank you for purchasing Parle Tide. Unfortunately, this consumer promotion has a limit of only one unique redemptions per mobile number which is mentioned on the pack as well. We suggest you to redeem the fourth promo code on any of your family or friends mobile number.

6. How and where can I shop using my Paytm Cash?

You can shop across categories of Men, Women, Electronics, Home, Sports & more, right here at Paytm! You can recharge you mobile, DTH and much more. You can shop at the website here or on your Paytm App.

8. How many cash codes can I redeem? Paytm Tide offer –

You can redeem only 1 unique promo codes per wallet account (identified by a mobile number) in total during the length of the promotion. The promo code can be redeemed until 31st September 2017.

9. I have purchased a Parle Tide pack. It does not have a code. Why?

The Tide Paytm promotion is applicable on select Parle Tide 1kg packs only on which the Paytm offer band is displayed. This promotion is not available on any other pack of Parle Tide.

10. I have purchased many Parle Tide 1kg packs. I’m not able to recharge my Paytm account? Paytm Tide offer –

Please follow the procedure mentioned in Q7 to redeem the code. You can redeem a maximum of 1 promo codes from the same mobile number. Please note that once the code is applied it will take 24 hours for the balance to reflect in your Paytm wallet. In case you have not received the full amount as stated on the front of the pack please email at [email protected]

11. Till when can I get Paytm cashback?

Paytm Tide Promotion is valid till 31st Aug 2017 for 1Kg pack & till 30th September for 500gm pack.

Terms & Conditions:-

1) This Offer is being conducted by Procter & Gamble Home Products Private Limited (herein after referred to as ‘P&G’) in association with One97 Communications Ltd. (‘One97’ or Paytm’, collectively referred to as ‘the Organizer’) on One97’s platform, namely (‘website’).

2) This Offer is valid in India from 1st May 2017 to 31st August 2017 for 1 KG Pack pack and 1st June 2017 to 30th September 2017 for 500 gm pack (‘Offer Period’) on purchase of Tide Plus Packs referred to as “Products” and on limited stocks only.

3) User would not be able to avail the offer after that, even if the product is available and within the product shelf life as mentioned on the individual packet itself.

4) The promo code cannot be redeemed after the expiry of the Offer Period and you agree to waive off right of redemption on the date of expiry of the Offer Period.

5) The Offer is valid for the citizens of India (except the employees and family members of P&G and the organizer, their associate companies, their joint venture partners, its co-packers, their distributors, their agents, their advertising and promotional agencies and their auditors.)

6) To avail benefits of the offer, a Customer needs to buy a pack of Tide Plus. The offer is available on the 500 gm and 1 Kg pack of Tide Plus only.

7) After purchasing the Products, the Customer will get a unique promo code (“Code”) on the inner surface of the product packet. After getting this promo Code, the participant can participate in the Offer and avail Paytm Cash. Paytm cash is the term used to define Paytm cash that the Customer gets when he/she applies the promo code on Paytm website/app. The cash earned this way will be ‘credited’ in the Paytm wallet and can be redeemed against any purchases from the vendors accepting paytm cash or the same can be redeemed on the paytm website/app. No cash would be given in lieu of Paytm cash.

8) On successful application of the promo code Rs 15 for 500 gm and Rs 30 for 1 Kg would be added to user’s Paytm wallet within 24 hours. Although, neither P&G nor the Organiser will be liable for any delay in actual redemption, under this Offer, reflecting in the customers’ account due to any unforeseen circumstances.

9) It is the sole responsibility of the Organiser to deliver the added money to the Customer’s Paytm wallet. Due to any reason if the Customer is not able to add money, he/she has to approach the Paytm customer care.

10) All customer related queries for this Offer can be addressed to [email protected]

11) Each promo code can be used once.
One user/mobile No. can avail this offer only once.

12) In case of any conflict between terms and conditions/ instructions printed on the pack/mobile message/ insert/ voucher and the website, terms and conditions printed on website.

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  1. Aap mujay link snd karo iski Jab main add karta hoon toh nhi hota hai yeh dekharaha hai only offer for likan phir nhi ho raha hai

  2. wahan par nhi ho raha hai maine check kia sir likan woh par add kar ke dekha raha hain only offer for

        • I am also getting the same error since 2 weeks now.
          If you try to enter a wrong code, the error come fine saying that “Please check the Code” but when we try to enter the correct code we get the same message as your “Please try after somtime.”
          Paytm is cheating. They have intentionally blocked this.

  3. wahan par nhi ho raha hai maine check kia sir likan woh par add kar ke dekha raha hain only offer for

  4. wahan link par nhi ho raha hai maine check kia sir likan woh par add kar ke dekha raha hain only offer for
    Please send me a link for redeeme tide vouchers…

  5. I purchased 1. Kg tide but I din’t got any promo code . I purchased new tide where mentioned free 30 cash on paytm

      • I agree with Banuprakash b r..
        Even i tried and it does not accept the referral code given on the pack..
        It shows the pop up message stating to visit website.. now is there any specific browser you people are merged with bcoz even after visiting the given website on Chrome browser it is asking to go to same site again it really sound funny isn’t it…

        P.S: Paytm Are you low on funds.. LOL..

      • Just try inside the pack on reverse point where Tide is written. Try to see though a lens if you do not find it. It is written with very light colour.

    • Same Here,
      No promo code inside 500 gm pack in spite of offer written on the pack.
      Fraudulent marketing gimmick in part of P&G.

  6. How should i log in to to get rs30 cashback. I have paytm account. But there is not a option of code.

  7. What bullshit!! For every product you provide a code but couldn’t get cash back due to your illogical link which every time says you need to go to that particular product page. Why have you made this process so irritating? Dont you have an easy method so that customer could have trust on your offers. Really pissed off as couldn’t find any such page. Please respect customer’s time.

  8. I have tried to apply promo code but after writing a promo code and click on apply button one notification will come”THIS OFFER IS ONLY APPLICABLE ON PAYTM.COM/TIDE”. I have tried many times

  9. Paytm. Com please try this offer on paytm. Com//tideplus but on this site they do not have any recharge section so please help me to redeem my tide promo code

  10. Fake promo, fooling thousands of customers. No proper link is working to add Rs30 to Paytm. Can’t believe such big companies fool us so easily.

  11. Hi

    I bought Tide Plus (Jasmine & Rose) 1KG pack which said “Free Rs. 30 Cash* on PayTm”
    But unfortunately I cannot find any paytm code inside the tide pack.

    Even if there is Paytm code, I think it is easy to hack & steal without buying from super market.
    But I’m unlucky both ways.

  12. भाई कोई बतायेगा tide puls रस 30rs कैसे मिलेंगे all out के तो मिल गए है tide के नही pls help

  13. Sir.,
    Is it patron walker cash backorder the normal one.when I was using this in the normal one it was not happening.

  14. I have purchased 5 packs of 1 kg tide plus. Mentioned the scheme of paytm cash of 30. But when i open the pack none of the pack has any code inside it. How can i get the code now?

  15. I didn’t get any cash back on this offer ,it’s showing that please try after sometime,i think it may be fake report

  16. Tide plus offer are making fool to all. Already mob registered can’t use this offer. I have already mail to Paytm with screenshot they are also unable to help. Don’t buy Tide Paytm offer is to make fool and wastage of money.

  17. i bought 2 tide pack of 1 kg it has printed that the offer of paytm cashback is valid on this pack but i didn’t find any promocode inside the pack it is not printed on both the packs

    the printed thing on outside the pack is C 06/2017 TE 7153B095B J3F B.NO.223


  19. I have purchased a Tide 1kg pack. It does not have inside a promocode. Already on pack paytm skim is printed, but i not got promocode.Why?

  20. I think u r making fool to everyone.. U are only doing promotions of ur prdct so tht all buy n try ths bullshit offer..

  21. टाइड सर्फ़ पर जो 30 रुपये पेटीएम कैशबैक की स्कीम है वह बिल्कुल बकवास स्कीम है मैंने दो पैकेट खरीदे थे लेकिन किसी पर कैशबैक नहीं आया जो पैकेट के अंदर नंबर दिया हुआ है वह paytm पर डल नहीं रहा । बार-बार Paytm कस्टमर नंबर पर फोन करने के बावजूद भी कोई समाधान नहीं हुआ ऐसी लोग लुभाने वाली स्किम न दे तो ही ठीक है ऐसी स्कीम लोगों को गुमराह कर रही है अब तो paytm वाले बात नही करते फ़ोन होल्ड पर रख देते ह

  22. Tide making fool of people. New marketing technique to fool people.
    Bought 2 packs, opened both but none has the code.

  23. A packet of Tide detergent powder is purchased by me on 2/7/2017.On the front of packet there is offer of free Rs.30 cash on Paytm.there is instruction 2-Enter your Rs.30Paytm cash code printed inside of pack.But after opening the Tide packet carefully by me,but there is neither any coupon nor any Rs.30 Paytm cash code inside the Tide Packet.Information on the outside of Tide Packet are-B 05/2017 D. 71499302B B No. TE 4811. Thus customer is deceived in the absence of any input of Paytm recharge offer.(Date 04/7/2017).Facts are brought to your knowledge for information and remedial action please.Empty Tide packet is kept by me for your examination if necessary.

  24. Bad ,offer is good but unable to redeem…,it says pls try again after sometimes . tried so many times but dint got any paytm cash on tide offer

  25. i am not getting the website …the page is not opening for me..”you are lost in space” its coming like this

  26. Same here. Couldn’t find the promo code on buying a Tide plus 1kg packet with the band written :free 30/- cash on paytm”Making fool of public. Hope you will look into it and credit RS 30 in my payTM a/c .

  27. M 30 rs aad nhi ho rhe tide pe jo offer cl rha hen i trying to reedeem coupon its seen please try again some time later what is this i m very angry

  28. Yes, it is right. Paytm is a fraud portal. I have the code and have been trying it since past 15 days. Every time the website gives an error. Try calling their helpline no. and nobody will answer the calls. When you write an email, you will get useless reply. Every time they advise you to go the same non working link. Even if you clarify that the link is not working, they will still throw the same reply.

  29. I bought the Tide Plus Packet where I got the Coupon Code but whenever i try with paytm login which display the message as try again sometime later.

    Please provide your advice

  30. Today i bought 2 packets of 1kg tide surf.
    when i enter the code it says enter a valid code.
    Both time code is not working.
    This is making fool of people.


    • same here… the promo code is not working… it is showing “Please try after some time”.
      It’s a fake deal..!!!!!!

  32. U r making fool to people because there is no code inside the tide plus. Even there is writ ten free 30 cash on paytm in the pack. I can’t find any code in the cover inside and outside.

  33. Todays date is 1 August 17 and i buy a pack of 1kg tide plus pack. 30 rs paytm it is written on it. I tried fr several times but it is not coming. Now what to do the offer is till 31st August 17. I tried using paytm app and plz help me out as fast as u can

  34. Hello guys,just don’t be a fool by buying tide pack,cause tide company is baffling its consumers in the name of ₹30 Paytm cash.

  35. Todays date is 1 August 17 and i buy a pack of 1kg tide plus pack. 30 rs paytm it is written on it. I tried fr several times but it is not coming. Now what to do the offer is till 31st August 17. I tried using paytm app and plz help me out as fast as u can. It is still not happening. And it always says try after some time.

  36. I brought Tide plus 1 kg pack on 30 july I opened yesterday but I haven’t find any code or redeem inside it
    Is this is new way of fooling your coustumer ????
    I wasted mine almost 2 hours in searching.


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