Recharge Now Pay Later Using LazyPay


Friends, whenever we get recharged, you always have to pay money first, then you will know this thing, but if I ask you to recharge first and give the money when you have it, then after listening to it, we will feel like this. The man is joking. But it is true

Jio has launched 1 such offer in which we can get recharge of Jio first through Lajipay App. And when you have money, then you can give him recharge money. So, if you also need to recharge first And if you want to pay money later then you can do this. So let’s start this trick

Do Jio Recharge Using LazyPay – PayLater

  • So first you have to open your My Jio app
  • Then you should go to the recharge section and choose your recharge

Suggestion: I would like to give you 1 opinion on this, please choose a recharge under 500 rupees, so that you can use this trick to Increase your chances.

  • Then you have to click on Buy Now
  • Then you will get to the Pay Payment Page.

  • Then 1 option show will be happening in front of you. If you see that option of Lazypay, then be eligible for this trick. Otherwise this trick will not working in your mobile
  • Then you have to minimize this page and you have to download Lazypay App from Play Store.

Download Link Of LazyPay App

  • Then you have to register in your LazyPay app by your mobile number.

  • Then when you are fully registered, you will be asked for some details, then you have to give that too.
  • Then you will get 1 unique id, through which you can go to Jio App and add id and pay
  • Enjoy Your Recharge Is Successful.
  • Trams And Conditions of LazyPay Please Read Also

Now whenever you have money, you can Pay lazypaye very easily.

And on which app does Lazypay work?

You can use Lajipay App on many apps, you will get a show in the list below. Where you can take anything first. And you can give money later when you feel like it.

List Here TO Use Lazypay App


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