Sisters who are helping students in need in Chennai with laptops


Many students who have been underprivileged in Chennai have been under the mountain of massive consequences over the past few years. Be it attending the schools physically, Bearing the cost of books and transportation, and many other problems, This was not enough until Covid -19 increased the challenges higher. The next problem these students had to face in Pandemic was getting the digital exploration of the classes through various devices, which was scarce to them for multiple and obvious reasons. Many of them were unable to afford such an expense when the jobs of their earning members were at stake. 

The students also fear being backward in contrast to the ones who could easily afford this advancement. Still, due to the unavailability of digital devices, they feared failing with low grades causing further trouble to their academic life. This trouble was expected once schools reopened after the holiday season. However, some people are trying to help them out by providing the students with essentials for completing their coursework.

Aggarwal Sisters and her Objectives to fill the Digital Gap for the Students in Chennai. 

Arshita and Gunisha Aggarwal, 12th standard student herself, are on track to supply laptops and devices to underprivileged students. However, the latter cannot shower themselves with enough digital resources or get themself visible in the Digital classrooms. Arshita and Gunisha have gone through the same in the past year and analyze the need for laptops for the students as mandatory. Her efforts were highly appreciated by the locals, much to the extent that they got recognized by the local NGOs in Chennai who joined her in her journey and helped her to arrange 25 laptops and many other mobile devices to bridge a digital gap for the students. 

Later with the help of the Rotary Club of Chennai and many other sponsors, Arshita and Gunisha were able to arrange 100+ tablets and smartphones. Leading towards her objective, Arshita and Gunisha had faced various criticism by the locals and people with stereotypical mentality. But her dedication didn’t get faded by such negative and irrelevant responses from society. 

“Charity begins at Home “Helped us to move ahead.

This is what Arshita and Gunisha had to say when asked about a source of getting a core motivation for such change. They claimed that during Pandemic, they saw her mother giving away her used Laptop to the maid for her daughter so that they could cope up with her studies. But Kelvina (Maid’s Daughter) finds it quite challenging to operate the device without any prior counseling, which compelled me to be a guiding light for her. And being a fellow human being, it’s my responsibility to make her and many others pass through the bridge this Pandemic had created between the ones with high resources and the underprivileged. 

Arshita and Gunisha had been an inspiration for thousands of other influencers in Chennai. Although they don’t have a stable financial background, Neither do they earn through giving tuitions , but their contribution is highly remarkable and should be appreciated.With such consideration they are rewarded with 1 lac rupees and an award of  Aaj ka Sitara by Lottoland

While Gunisha manages all the operations being a front face and Arshita has taken over being a guide for the online presence of their website ( 

What benefits the Aggarwal sisters as they have got a huge fan following among their circle, which might help them to get valuable recognition in the future. 

The reason social services are so great is that they provide for almost every area of need that might arise in your life. This ranges anywhere from providing food, shelter, education, and clothing to helping with educational costs or even finding you a job.

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