(Winner Announced) SUMMER SUNDAY SURPRISE Giveaway – Answer simple questions and win upto Rs 2000 Paytm Cash


After a long time, we are now here with an amazing Giveaway for all our dear visitors. Presenting SUMMER SUNDAY SURPRISE Giveaway in which we will be asking you some simple, very simple questions and on answering them you can win upto Paytm Cash worth upto Rs 2000. Isn’t great. So what are you waiting for, join this awesome contest and win free Paytm Cash now.

SUMMER SUNDAY SURPRISE Giveaway - Answer simple questions and win upto Rs 1000 Paytm Cash

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Note – Prizes sent to all users who mailed us if you didn’t get till now then Check the winner list and send us detail. Thankyou!

How to participate in SUMMER SUNDAY SURPRISE Giveaway :-

1) SUMMER SUNDAY SURPRISE Giveaway Contest will start from 6 PM till 11 PM on 12th June 2016. So you have to be ready at this time.

2) We will be asking a total of 10 questions in every 30 minutes.

3) Questions which are asked will have their answers on our new site Dealscoupon.in and you will have to search down the answers from there only.

4) After you get your answer, you need to copy paste the link of your answer here in this post as fast as you can.

5) We will choosing 10 fastest lucky winners for each question who will win Rs 20 for each correct answer.

How to search the answers from Dealscoupon.in :-

For example, we asked you a question – “We all love the 2 minute Noodles.. What will you buy if Snapdeal is selling Chicken.?

1) Read the question carefully and figure out the hints given in the question like 2 minute Noodles, Snapdeal, Chicken.

2) Visit Dealscoupon.in from here quickly and look for the Search box given on our site.

3) Type the hints on the Search box and hit search.

4) Search for the post of the product or offer like Snapdeal Chicken Maggi.

5) You will get this link – http://www.dealscoupon.in/snapdeal-buy-maggi-chicken-noodles-284g-x-2-packs-rs-108/

6) Copy the URL link from there and come back here.

7) Quickly paste your link here in the comments and that’s it.

8) If you are one of the fastest 10 people to give the correct link, then you will win Rs 20 Paytm Cash.

Here is Winners Lists:-
Question 1 :- VR Headset is the new innovative technology for our phones. Don’t know why an e-commerce giant is selling it at Re 1 only?
Winners – Vishal (vishal.ico***@gmail), Aman (amanty***@gmail.com), Baizul (baizulkh***@gmail.com), Gaurav (GAURAV.IG***@gmail), mubeen (mubeenn7***@gmail.com), Nikith (nikithnareshn***gmail.com), Santosh saini (ss77552***@gmail.com), Bablu Beniwal (bablucen***@gmail.com), Aditya Purohit (adityapur***@gmail.com), Immy (Lalitsaini47***@gmail.com)
Question 2 :- A famous Coffee brand wants Rs 60 from Paytm for free.
Winners – Nikith, kunal, Amol kedia, Devesh, vishal, cb pathak, Badal Roy, venumain, immy, Aman.
Question 3 :- He woke in the morning, washed his face with Clean & Clear and went for a movie.
Winners – kunal, Baizul, Aman, Aditya Purohit, Nikith, Amol kedia, Sanchit Manchanda, suraj, abhi mishra, lalit.
Question 4 :- Suddenly i got an Idea to recharge my phone with Rs 50 with a coupon of Rs 5 only.
Winners – romil shrivas, Nikith, aman, kunal, neeraj, Ayush somani, abhi mishra, Sanchit Manchanda, amol kedia, Chandra Murthy.
Question 5 :- I want Freedom from my 251 phones because they ring bells all the time.
Winners – Nikith, aman, kunal, abhi mishra, ayush gupta, neeraj, Baizul, santosh saini, rahul, namit gupta.
Question 6 :- Amazon tried to hike Rs 50 for their new Users.
Winners – neeraj, Nikith, vikas kumar, Aayush gupta, aman, ABHI MISHRA, rahul, Ayush Somani, Chandra Murthy, kunal.
Question 7 :- Those 300 people are now searching for Re 1 phone at LeMall.
Winners – romil shrivas, bhai, kunal, nikith, Namit Gupta, neeraj, Aayush gupta, aditya purohit, Abhi mishra, Chandra Murthy.
Question 8 :- A horse with a horn on his head flipped his kart and found a phone.
Winners – aditya purohit, Abhi mishra, Sanchit Manchanda, Aman, Kifayat, Ravi, Aayush Gupta, shubham, Mitasha Gupta, venumain.
Question 9 :- I recharged with Rs 100 and got only Rs 84 balance. Rest Rs 16 went in vain with tax. How to get this tax back on my next recharge?
Winners – Abhi mishra, Aditya Purohit, Ravi, neeraj, rahul, Chandra Murthy, santosh saini, Kifayat, devesh, Badal roy.
Question 10 :- Snapdeal’s Partner went to Cafe Coffee Day and got 100% cash return on it’s bill.
Winners – nikith, neeraj, aditya purohit, abhi mishra, Aanuj Mallick, Kifayat, ANMOL KEDIA, Bhai, lalit, devesh.

How to Claim Prizes ?

1) Firstly count how much times you wins and note down winning Question no. And send you Paytm number at [email protected] we will do money transfer within 24 hours or if you want directly recharge then ask for Recharge in email.

2) Some user already send us email.. So please send again with proper detail and same email which you used for commenting.

Terms & Conditions :-

1) Only fastest 10 people to give correct answers will be chosen for each question.

2) We reserve the right to disqualify you if we found you violating any rules of the contest.

3) Winners selected by us will be done on the basis of timing and will be final.

4) Winners will need to email their Paytm number with the same email id with which they commented the correct answer to [email protected]

5) Eligible Winners will soon receive their prizes in their respective Paytm Accounts within 1 day.

6) We will only accept the post links from Dealscoupon.in as the correct answers. The answer without the links will not be eligible to win any prize.

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    • Bro that’s not the first question. Please read the whole post carefully. We just gave you an example on how to play this game. This game will start from 6PM Today. So be ready. All the best.

    • We will announce the Winners list. Winners will need to email their Paytm number with the same email id with which they commented the correct answer to [email protected] They will soon receive their prizes in their respective Paytm Accounts within 1 day.

    • In this post only. We will update the question at 6 PM above in this post. And every 30 minutes you will get a new question till 11 PM.

    • In any case, that won’t happen. πŸ™‚ However if it happens then we have our tool to judge the answers even on the basis of NANOSECONDS. πŸ˜‰ So don’t worry. πŸ˜€

    • Yes… you are eligible for free Rs 20 Paytm cash..

      wait for winner list.. Winner list might be different because some comment are going in spam section not approved directly…

      Note- i am approving spam comment also within 20-30 minutes..

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      DealsCoupon is available in Small server and i think dealscoupon handle this small traffic..

      we can’t do anything in server, Server is depend on RAM & Resources which is possible after upgrade..

      we can’t do anything today.

  1. Really enjoying the giveaway, its a nice and entertaining giveaway.. :D.. It refreshed me.. πŸ˜€ .. Thanx a lot for holding the giveaway.. πŸ˜€


  2. it is not so easy you have to choose aprox 50 winers not to be 10, it is like paytm DHAMAKA coupon its over after 20 seconds.

  3. 6http://www.dealscoupon.in/free-movie-voucher-worth-rs-150-purchasing-cleanclear-100-ml-morning-energy-face-wash/

  4. googleweblight.com/?lite_url=http://www.dealscoupon.in/free-movie-voucher-worth-rs-150-purchasing-cleanclear-100-ml-morning-energy-face-wash/&ei=AqnavNQA&lc=en-IN&s=1&m=906&host=www.google.co.in&ts=1465738475&sig=APY536zL4IgiBF5KRca5UQkP5k1btHgYhQ

      • Haha andolan :P.. Bro, If you are talking about me then its not fixed anything.. I am just a normal visitor like you of rechargetricks.in. I just come on the right time and do the task. Dont worry, nothing is fixed. Thats it! πŸ˜€

  5. admin mera comment kha h yr… maine bi fast kiya h… or dubara krne pr duplicate comments bta rha h…. but mera 1st comment show ni ho rha h….

      • Haha not at all bro, I dont why some people are thinking like that.. I just come on the right time using PC and do the task. Thats it! :D.. Dont worry, everything is safe! πŸ˜€

  6. I think mostly fixed. See first 10 comments….out of them…around 7 have manually went to dealscoupon.in and directly searched without typing any hints as keywords. This is impossible to do within 1 second. I can only Trust Yash for this.