(Exchange with us) Tez App Scratch & Win – Send Rs 50 to your Friend and win upto Rs 1000


Tez App Scratch & Win Offer – Send Rs 50 to your Friend and win upto Rs 1000, Tez Scratch Card Offer. Hey Guys, Now Exchange Rs 50 with us and get 1 scratch card to win upto Rs 1000. We will Revert your Money in next few hours. So Hurry up and exchange with us now !!

How to Scratch and Win upto Rs 1000 from Tez App:-

1) First of all, Send us Rs 50 to our UPI id- Please don’t send us money now. We are facing some problems. Who Send us before will get their money soon. I reached UPI limit

Note:- This Exchange is for Those who are unable to get scratch card because of less friend. Only 5 cards can be win in a Week

3) You will get the Scratch card under “Rewards” section.

4) Scratch the Card and you will get upto Rs 1000 amount directly to your Bank Account.

5) We will Refund your Amount in next 12-24 hours (Please Keep patience). (Email us at [email protected] if you will not get in 48 hours).

6) Scratch Card Offer is valid till- 31st October 2017.

i Got Rs 25, blank, Rs 24,  Rs 85, Blank.. Total Rs 134 from 5 Cards, Hope our users win Above Rs 900+ 🙂

Tez Scratch Cards Offer Terms & Conditions:-

1) You must successfully send at least Indian Rupees Fifty (INR 50) to another Tez user or receive at least Indian Rupees Fifty (INR 50) from another Tez user.

2) Payments sent to a non-Tez UPI ID do not qualify for this offer.

3) Each sender-recipient pair can only earn one reward each per week. For each reward that you earn, you are eligible to win up to Indian Rupees One Thousand (INR 1,000).

4) You can earn a maximum of 5 Tez rewards per week, up to a total of Indian Rupees Nine Thousand (INR 9,000) per financial year (1 April to 31 March), across all Tez offers.

5) If you win a prize, your prize money will be deposited into your bank account. As such, you must have a UPI-enabled savings account attached to your Tez account to receive payment from Google.

6) Employees, interns, contractors and office-holders, as well as their immediate families (parents, siblings, children, spouses and life partners of each, regardless of where they live) of Google Inc, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and any representatives or agencies of Google or other persons professionally connected with the offer, are not eligible to participate.

7) This offer is not available to residents of the state of Tamil Nadu (as per Tamil Nadu Prize Scheme (Prohibition) Act 1979) and wherever else prohibited by Law. Residents of these states should not participate in this offer.

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  1. Already I sent 1 rupee to your Tej app after its launch, But you didn’t resent back to me…is this is the way to cheat friends like us..

  2. i send you rs. 50 by my 3 tez account but after send you money my 1 tez account’s bank account is disable ,now you where send my 50 rs.?i am very said,can you send rs.50 in my other upi address?

  3. bhai,isme aapki kamai to lakho rupay mei ho gayi kyoki hazoro nayi upi id se money aane par aapko to tez app se card scratch karne par reward ki barsaat ho gayi hogi.

  4. I got better luck next time, better luck next time, better luck next time, better luck next time, better luck next time. Pissed off!!!

    • from Tez App 20 times (don’t know day or monthly)
      from Axis pay/phonepe 10 times a day.
      Only these are confirmed by me as of now.

      I think bank allow 20 upi txn in a month.

      Mine accounts are ICICI, HDFC, AXIS

    • No not possible, as if you clear data of tez app,your bank account will be freezed automatically by tez.After that you will again have to restore the account to use it.So please don’t try in phone.

    • You can do it. I had done. After clearing data of app. If you want to relogin. You have to send SMS again to regain bank account.I won ₹39 with Tez! It’s a simple and secure payments app by Google. Use Tez with me, and we both get rewarded. http://g.co/tez/of6Bp.
      Send me 50 Rs. I will send you back within a minute.


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