The Most Important Things to Know About Facebook’s Dating App 


Facebook is preparing its own dating service which will be not a separate application but a feature within the social network. Mark Zuckerberg told about this at the F8 conference earlier in May. The feature is still not ready, but within the company, it is being actively tested. Of course, without going beyond work responsibilities.

The first screenshots of the upcoming feature were posted by blogger Jane Wong on her Twitter account. On her screenshots, you can see how the process of Facebook Dating works. Jane notes that the registration function did not let her sign in because she is not a Facebook employee.

As you can see from the screenshots, Facebook Dating can be configured so that it won’t show your profile to those users who are your friends. This way you can avoid embarrassment. But strangers registered on the social network or those who have common contacts with you will be able to see you there, so keep that in mind.

Also, in the Facebook Dating app, there are more than two options for gender. In fact, there are five of them. You can also customize what genders you would like your profile to show to.

Only those users who also activated Facebook Dating in their settings will see the profile. It won’t affect your feed page, which is a good thing. Yet it is still connected to your Facebook account in many ways. If you don’t want someone else to find out about your activities, visit It is a popular and well-established dating service. There is no other service like OkCupid, so be sure to check it out.

The feature will identify potential partners based on information that Facebook knows about you. If two people are interested in each other, they will have the ability to start communicating using Messenger or WhatsApp.

While Facebook Dating will be convenient and all that, it is still not the best fit for a lot of people. They need a separate site or app to pursue their dating needs, which is fair and logical, as you don’t want any other person you know to be aware that you are looking for someone. While everyone does this at one point or another, it still feels like a weird thing. “Oh, you are using a dating website? What a pervert you are!” So that’s why the “regular” dating websites are still around and not going anywhere. And, while we are at it, if you are interested in meeting some of the hottest Russian brides, visit the website. You won’t be disappointed.

Some more details of the feature became known. Among other things, Facebook is considering the possibility of limiting the number of people you can like to avoid spamming and quick approval of everyone you see. Also, if you block someone when using the Dating feature, it does not mean that he/she will not be able to connect with you the old-fashioned way – through Facebook.

Currently, Facebook does not plan to introduce paid subscriptions or premium features in the feature. Automatic ad pop-ups aren’t there for now, but they may be added later on, which is a shame., however, provides you with a full no-ad experience. No ads, no pop-ups, nothing. won’t bother you with them as well, whether you are using the website or the app. These are two great alternatives to Facebook’s dating app.

Only people over 18 in the United States will be allowed to use the feature. In other countries, it will be governed by domestic laws. So, at least for some time after its launch, you won’t be able to use it, if you are not a US citizen. 

And that about wraps it up. We will keep you updated on any future details on this topic and many others, so stay tuned!

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