Top 5 Best Launcher Apps for Android Phones


I want to tell you something related to my android phone. Are you bored using default launcher of android phone.

You will definitely find 100 launchers on android phone in playstore but not 1000. Some of them are top launchers or downloading or installing rest of the launchers both waste time or internet data.

Try All Launcher You can’t decide which launcher apk is best for android phone. That’s why I am telling you about 5 top Android Launchers. This Launcher will change the look of your phone or enhance the features of your phone. All these apps can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store. Must try all launchers.

List of Best Launchers for Android Phones

1. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Few days back Yahoo has made its own Android Launcher named Aviate. Just like its name, this launcher is cool or gives extraordinary features. Aviate Launcher is easy for me to use. in the Launcher you will get 4 sliding screens – Home screen, Important apps, Settings options, All apps alphabetical arrangement. When you plug the headphones into your mobile, your phone’s music app will be launched automatically. Is the launcher already has wallpaper gallery so I am very impressed. This is a sleek or lightweight launcher.

2. Buzz Launcher

This launcher is the best launcher for android phone. You can never get bored using Buzz Launcher. The biggest feature of Launcher is that hare has 1000+ types of home screen, which can be changed from time to time and give a new look to yourself. You can download many icons from internet in launcher or choose picture from galley and put on home screen. Buzz Launcher is a super customizable or intuitive launcher.

3. Google Now Launcher

Google Now is not good looking like above launcher but using launcher can give voice power to your phone. All you have to do is say ‘Ok Google’ or this launcher will act on your voice from the James Bond movie star. If you say ‘call pooja’ then this launcher will directly call any pooja in your phone. Remember if you say ‘Let me go to New Delhi’ then this launcher app will show the location of New Delhi through the map of Android phone. There are many commands using which you can use your Android phone with your voice.

4. Themer Launcher

Themer is also a good looking launcher, although this launcher is very similar to Buzz Launcher. But it has the facility to upload your own theme. You can upload or use a lot of your own custom themes here. It also has some negative points like this launcher doesn’t work sometimes but I found out that my phone is already installed Mi Aviate or Buzz Launcher due to which it is not working. Then I uninstalled Aviate or Buzz Launcher then see Launcher is working fine.

5. Smart Launcher

This is the cutest Launcher, Smart Launcher has many app drawer which make it Smart Launcher. The All app category is set from the history of the app drawer. Games are one world, internet apps are one world, Music, Video App everything is in different category. This launcher is best for easy navigation. in the Smart Launcher Like Google Now OK Google Features Available.

Last word

There are many launchers available on play store but I have told you about top 5 launchers. Select your favorite launcher and install it. This all launcher app will be available for free on play store.

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