Top Paid Android Utility Apps Worth Rs.2100 For FREE


Hey Looters, rechargetricks is back with List of All the important Offer Top Paid Android Utility Apps by Play store, hope you are doing well and enjoyed our previous offer/trick/deals. OK let’s explore Today’s Offers. Stay Home Stay Safe and keep looting.

Hello Friends, today I will share with you about such paid utility app which is paid at the Play Store. But in today’s post, you can download the top paid utility app for free very easily. Today I am going to tell you the trick, this is the official way to download paid apps for free. I will not talk about any hack and Modded app today.

You will know that many paid apps sometimes come in free download offers. But you do not know that which paid apps can be downloaded for free now. So I will keep bringing you daily updates on this post. As soon as any app is running in free offer, then I will immediately update here so that you can download for free. Right now, you can download some apps for free, I have given their link below.

Some Free Android Apps For Today For FREE Updated 15th September 2020

  1. Metatag Analyzer – Download Free Now
  2. Video Board – Download Free Now
  3. Qr and barcode scanner – Download Free Now
  4. 90 X share App – Download Free Now
  5. Elements live wallpaper – Download Free Now
  6. Marks life – Download Free Now
  7. Dr panda school – Download Free Now
  8. Ergon icon pack – Download Free Now

22+ Paid Android Utilities For FREE Updated 6th September 2020

  1. Brightness Manager – brightness per app manager :- Get Free Download
  2. Travel Tracker Pro – GPS tracker :- Get Free Download
  3. NT Calculator – Extensive Calculator Pro :- Get Free Download
  4. Auto-rotate Control Pro :- Get Free Download
  5. English for all! Pro :- Get Free Download
  6. Blue Light Filter Pro :- Get Free Download
  7. NOAA Marine Weather Forecast :- Get Free Download
  8. Kamikazee Dice Score Card :- Get Free Download
  9. Simple Draw Pad (No Advertisement) :- Get Free Download
  10. Ray Watermark – Watermark with QR, Logo, Text :- Get Free Download
  11. Indian AppLock & Gallery Vault :- Get Free Download
  12. Snipback – Lifehacker smart voice recorder PRO HD :- Get Free Download
  13. RubikCalcPRO: Programmable Calculator (PRO) :- Get Free Download
  14. Launcher XP – Android Launcher :- Get Free Download
  15. Phocus : Portrait Mode & Portrait Lighting Editor :- Get Free Download
  16. Currency Converter Easily+ :- Get Free Download
  17. Learn French with MosaLingua :- Get Free Download
  18. Phone Booster Pro – Force Stop, Speed Booster :- Get Free Download
  19. Note Recognition – Convert Music into Sheet Music :- Get Free Download
  20. Gallery No Ads- Photo Manager, Gallery 2020 :- Get Free Download
  21. Matrix Determinant Pro :- Get Free Download
  22. Decimal to Fraction Pro :- Get Free Download

22+ Paid Android Utilities For FREE Updated 23th August 2020

  1. Top Scanner Pro – Document Scanner :- For Free Download
  2. JETZ :- For Free Download
  3. Volume Slider Like Android P Volume Control :- For Free Download
  4. Game Accelerator ⚡Play games without lag⚡ :- For Free Download
  5. Clock Yourself :- For Free Download
  6. Cartogram – Live Map Wallpapers & Backgrounds :- For Free Download
  7. Sticky Notes Widget :- For Free Download
  8. World Clock Widget + :- For Free Download
  9. Photo Widget + :- For Free Download
  10. File Manager Pro (No Ads) – File Explorer :- For Free Download
  11. Black & White Photo Filters :- For Free Download
  12. Body Massage Vibration Pro :- For Free Download
  13. Drums Engineer :- For Free Download
  14. Word Resume Creator Pro :- For Free Download
  15. Simple Quote Widget – Quote of the day widget :- For Free Download
  16. Prometheus News Feeds :- For Free Download
  17. PPSSXX – PS1 Emulator for Android :- For Free Download
  18. The Artificial Intelligence Project (A.I. Chat) :- For Free Download
  19. Your Ram Booster Pro :- For Free Download
  20. VR Time Machine Dinosaur Park ( Cardboard) :- For Free Download
  21. Screenshot Pro 2 :- For Free Download
  22. Reminder Pro :- For Free Download

16+ Paid Android Utilities For FREE Updated 11th August 2020

  1. Home Workouts Gym Pro (No ad) :- For Free
  2. Reminder – Pro :- For Free
  3. Total Media Player Pro :- For Free
  4. File Manager by Augustro (67% OFF) :- For Free
  5. ABC Cleaner Pro :- For Free
  6. Uciana :- For Free
  7. 90s Music Radio Pro :- For Free
  8. Temperature Converter Pro :- For Free
  9. Binary Calculator Pro :- For Free
  10. 80s Music Radio Pro :- For Free
  11. WiFi Mouse HD :- For Free
  12. WOW Volume Manager – App volume control :- For Free
  13. Screen On – Keep Screen awake – Keep Screen ON :- For Free
  14. DJ FX Custom Soundboard :- For Free
  15. Split Apps – Multi Window apps – Dual Screen apps :- For Free
  16. Genetic Helper :- For Free

10+ Top Paid Android Utility Apps Worth Rs.2100 For FREE Updated 5th August 2020

  1. CPU Identifier Pro – Apps Free on Google Play
  2. Game Booster Pro | Bug Fix & Lag Fix – Apps Free on Google Play
  3. Widgets – CPU | RAM | Battery – Apps Free on Google Play
  4. PowerAudio Pro – Apps Free on Google Play
  5. PowerAudio Plus – Apps Free on Google Play
  6. audioPro™ – Apps Free on Google Play
  7. Speed View GPS Pro – Apps Free on Google Play
  8. Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram -Repost App – Apps Free on Google Play
  9. Battery Widget – Apps Free on Google Play
  10. Strive Intervals – Apps Free on Google Play

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