10 Stunning WhatsApp Tricks You Probably Don’t Know


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Howdy everyone! As we all know, over millions of people now use WhatsApp everyday. It just now our habit which is hard to get shattered. Today, we gonna share 7 WhatsApp Tricks & Tips which you probably don’t know.

WhatsApp Tricks

We all use WhatsApp steading as is it and use its littile features which are well-known. So, why not to use WhatsApp as a cool person by knowing few of the easy WhatsApp Tricks & Tips.

WhatsApp recently announced WhatsApp video calling feature for all users. Firstly, it’s available in Windows and then in Android using beta version (Not sure for IOS).

7 WhatsApp Tricks & Tips For All:-

These all tricks are best working in Android version of WhatsApp, but it never ensures that it will not work in other OS like, windows and IOS.

1) Different Fonts – Bold, Italics, Strike, Teletype

You can change your font style in WhatsApp anytime when you need or want. There’s no need to install any app for changing your font style. How to change font style, follow below steps.

  • Bold – *I’m Bold Text* (Texts between this star symbol are automatically get bold).
  • Italics – _I’m Italics Text_ (Texts between (_) symbol are automatically get italics).
  • Strike – ~I’m Strike~ (Text between symbol (~) are automatically get Strike.
  • Teletype – “`I'm Teletype text “` (Text between  (“`) symbol are automatically get written as Typewriter.

Start implementing this in your messages now, and be a Smart WhatsApp User. ☺

2) Mute Chats (Groups,etc.)

When using WhatsApp, you must have been joined or added in groups. Some of them are useful for you and some of them are just damn irksome.

No probelm!

Just select the Chat or Group you don’t to receive message from, and click on ? (mute) icon from there. Also select don’t show notification option, otherwise you will get pinged everytime when new message arrives.

Got one more from WhatsApp Tricks…

3) Replying single message by quoting it

You know, you can reply to a single message on WhatsApp by quoting it. Basically, used in groups or chats where you receive messages in bulk.

So, without the chance of getting confusing; you can easily implement this way.

WhatsApp Tricks

See above image. After click on that icon, message will be quoted and then you can reply to that message only.

4) Create Group Invitation Link

Yes! you can easily a group invitation link and share it. It will helpful for those who want to get in touch with people with another countries. You can share something them which seems beneficial to you or for your business.

So, How you can create a Group invitation link in WhatsApp?

Eloquently, WhatsApp not allows to create any link but you can do this by GB WhatsApp. Follow below steps:-

  • First download GBWhatsapp apk from here
  • Then install app and open it.
  • Now enter your original WhatsApp number and verify it with otp.]
  • Go to the Group in which you want to add your friends.
  • Then click on group info and click on add participant.
  • You will see your invite link and send it desired members via whatsapp.
  • That’s it when they click the link in whatsapp they will be automatically added into your group.
  • Have fun!
5) Send Blank WhatsApp Message

You can prank your friends by sending blank message on WhatsApp. You can use “No message” app for doing this or you have to follow below steps.

  • Just copy this text ” ﱞ”
  • Remove ” icon from both end and send.
  • Your message will be blank
  • This is a type of text which WhatsApp isn’t able to understand.
6) Run WhatsApp in your PC

You can run WhatsApp in your PC or chrome browser by using WhatsApp web.

To do this, Follow below steps.

  • Open chrome browser.
  • Access web.whatsapp.com
  • You will find an barcode on your screen.
  • Then open you app 》settings 》WhatsApp web and scan the barcode with your smartphone.
  • After that, all your chats and messages will be available in your PC as well as Smartphone.
7) Send Messages in Bulk

You can send messages in bulk to your friends. This is helpful for someone who own a blog or website and want to create a broadcast list.

Once you create WhatsApp broadcast lost and add members in it, the single message you send there is automatically sent to all members in one click.

Enjoy these WhatsApp Tricks and be a cool WhatsApp user. Any more trick in mind, share in comments below.

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